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Reviews of the Best Translation Services

Best translation services are hard to find. There are many companies, but which one should you trust? Only a few of them provide top services by the best experts. That's why we at TranslationReport researched the market to determine top agencies. Our localization specialists and language experts carefully estimated and tested each best company. They checked feedback, placed orders, and tested features to provide unbiased, honest reviews. Read below to see our top 10 selection of best translation services.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

Without hesitation, we gave TheWordPoint first place on our list. If you wonder why we have a simple answer. When we estimated this company, we looked at many factors and TheWordPoint scored the most points considering the quality of translation, speed, and price. This company uses human translators, has a clear website with listed services, and provides superb quality. Our experts say TheWord Point is among top language companies because translation they provided came quickly and was error-free. “It’s done by a native who knows both languages and has lots of experience in the field,” - said our specialist about the final document we got. All encounters with customer support were pleasant and informative, so no wonder that this company has great reviews online. TheWordPoint is our number one choice.
Quick delivery
Native experts
Human translation
Affordable costs
Extra pay for urgent delivery

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.17

Ulatus is a company that specializes in Asian languages. It has been on the market for 15 years and deserved an honorable second place in our best list. You cannot translate all popular languages on this website, but if you need Asian language translation like Korean or Japanese, it’s one of the best places for you. Their services are rather expensive for $0.17 a word, so we can’t say it is the best translation website. But we have many reasons to include it in 5 best services on our list. First, they deliver documents on time, and second, they have reliable, accurate work. Our experts found no traces of machine work, and all definitions and intricate passages were correct. There were several minor typos, but we don’t think it’s a great deal, as you can have a swift revision that we got in the blink of an eye.
Quick service and revisions
Error-free papers
Good website
Strong Asian languages translators
Poor language choice
Expensive services
Minor typos are possible

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.12

Gengo is a crowdsourcing company that connects language experts to available orders. We understand that this model doesn’t fit all, so it’s in third place on our best list. This model has certain limitations, for example, there are only translations available. You cannot order video, audio, or subtitling services. We think that top translation agencies should give average pricing, which was the case with Gengo. The costs they have are only slightly above the market average, so you won’t spend a fortune ordering at Gengo. While it’s not the best service of all, it’s good enough as long as their crowdsourcing model fits your needs. They provide good quality with only minor mistakes. Documents they produce are usable and readable.
Upfront pricing
Easy order placement system
Great customer support
Clear website
Not many languages
Minimal services available

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

TransPerfect offers a large number of various services. That doesn’t limit to translating only as they give some of the best certified document translation services. Still, we were rather surprised with their low ranking among former customers, but we think that this company might change. We didn’t like that this company had no prices on their website. Later, we were surprised by the extremely high cost of their services. Regardless, their quality was fine. We cannot say it was perfect, as there were several mistakes, but it was overall very good. Our order didn’t come very fast but it came before the deadline, so the company keeps its promises. Considering bad customer reviews and expensive documents, we couldn’t name TransPerfect the best service, but it’s still worth your attention.
Overall good quality
Delivery on time
Many services to offer
Very expensive
No upfront pricing
Negative customer reviews

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.11

As their name suggests, key point of this service is delivery speed. It promises to deliver documents in record time. This agency is affordable, with 8 cents per word. OneHour provides translation, editing, transcription, and proofreading. Their cost might be a bit more expensive if you order add-ons. Still, the most interesting thing to us was order quality, and we wondered if this company uses human translation services. Our evaluation experts said that sadly, there were signs of machine translation. It was surely edited by a human expert, and it was well-edited, but it’s always visible if the machine had done the initial translation. So, it’s not the best quality we’ve experienced. But service is indeed very fast - we got our completed project the following day.
Very fast service speed
Low prices
Modern website
Machine translation
Average quality
Limited services

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.17

This company is large and can offer translation to 177 languages and 40 industries. This is impressive. Of course, everything comes for a price, and their average cost is $0.17 per word. If you order a lot or are on a budget, this service might not be the best for you. We liked their informative website and quick customer support. Key product of Translated is its automation translation tools that fit large companies. Still, for individuals, they won’t be top translation services. First, the price for our order was very high, and second, our experts saw signs of machine translation in our order. For some categories of documents like blogs, legal, or industry-specific orders, machine translation is not best.
Many services and languages
Powerful automation tools for companies
Great website and customer support
Prices aren’t best
Machine translation

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

RushTranslate has a great website and over 52 languages to choose from. Their reviews are mixed, there are both positive and negative reviews, so we wondered what kind of service we’ll get. For a simple document, we got a flat rate of almost $25 per page, which is quite affordable. This was a good sign for us. One of the key features of this service is speedy translation, as they promise delivery within 1-3 days. Unluckily, we got our document two days later. We concluded that you cannot trust this company with urgent deadlines. Still, when it comes to quality, they were some of the best. Our experts said it was done by natives and the number of mistakes was pretty low. Still, the quality didn’t make up for the failed deadline, so we can’t say it’s the best one in our translation services reviews.
Affordable prices
Great quality
Upfront pricing and informative website
Mixed reviews
Failed deadline

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

AltaLang is a quite popular company with a great selection of services and languages. They include legal, business, website, or technical assistance. We were a bit disappointed as we couldn’t find any prices on their website and many informative links there were broken. For a potential customer, such a website would be inconvenient, so we took points off when we evaluated AltaLang. In addition, our experts found many errors in our order. They weren’t typical for a human, so they concluded that AltaLang is machine-based. This is not a good practice for professional online translation services. Our document came by the deadline, but we can’t say AltaLang is among the best agencies because of their poor quality.
Good selection of languages
Delivery on time
Outdated website with broken links
No upfront pricing
Unedited machine translation

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.12

DynamicLanguage is an online translation company that has been around for 30 years. Their reviews are mostly positive, so we couldn’t wait to test them by ourselves. They offer a wide array of services like localization, transcription, translation, interpretation, and even graphic design. We wondered how they managed to cover all these industries. They have 150 languages to choose from, so this company is a really large and reputable one. No wonder that their pricing is above average. To our regret, our document was of poor quality, so we think it was by a non-professional. We found lexical as well as grammar mistakes, so the text is utterly unusable. There are many services and promises, but in our case, this company didn’t keep them.
Many languages
Large selection of services
Prices above average
Poor quality

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

We have reviewed this company before, and our results weren’t very good. This time, we were hoping for a better service from them. So, we discovered their website, placed the order, and spoke with customer support. This company provides a large selection of services and languages. We were pleased with prices which fell within the average range. Still, when we received our order, we were disappointed. First of all, it came two hours after the deadline. That isn’t much but we don’t think any kind of delay is good. Second, we got the document with missing pages. Quality was poor, as there was machine translation. That explained the missing pages. When we asked for a revision, the company agreed, but their language specialist merely edited already existing machine text. We don’t recommend this company if you search for the best translation services online.
Good pricing
Simple but informative website
Many languages
Late delivery
Machine translation
Poor service quality

How We Select Best Online Translation Services

When we select the best companies for our review, we don't just take results out of our heads. We do a careful evaluation of an agency. This includes an analysis of all key points of the company's operation. Our experts evaluate each criterion and put a mark from 1 to 5 according to what they saw and experienced. Our evaluation system is rigorous, and when we pick top 10 translation websites, we are sure of the list we get. We don't just write about our general impression. Many factors help us pick the best companies - read more below.

Customer Feedback

We think that customers are always right. So, if clients are satisfied with the order, they will order from it again. Reviews on the Net from real customers are a valuable source of information. We can see underlying problems or issue qualities while reading customer reviews. But we can't rely only on them, so there are more factors to consider when we find the best legal translation agency or medical translator. But still, customer's opinion matters, and it is one of the key factors we pay attention to.

Company's Background

If an agency has operated for many years, there are more chances for a high-quality job. Although that is not always the case, we pay attention to company's background, where it started, and where it is now. Sometimes, older firms start with great quality but lose it on the way because reputation speaks for them. In other cases, new firms start with average quality but gain more experience and become the best translation websites. That's why we always give agencies a second chance and do another review of a firm over time.

Website and Navigation

Today, many people order translation services online. That means, companies should be ready to produce perfect online products. Websites are “digital offices” of companies, it's the first thing customers see when they get to know service. So, it should be clear, modern, informative, and easy to use. It's hard to imagine top translation companies having outdated, lagging, or poorly designed web pages. So, the website of a company should be immaculate. It should contain all relevant info about assistance, prices, policies, etc.

Certified Translations

We always see if an agency produces high-quality certified translations. They are important if you have legal documents to translate like a passport or birth certificate. Also, general certifications are important. If a firm has the recent ISO mark, that means it's a reliable certified translation agency that is eligible to do business according to all possible standards. We pay attention to certificates like ATA that prove that specialists know languages on the top level.

Competitive Pricing

Of course, good translation comes at a price. But we understand that not everyone can afford expensive assistance. We pick companies with certified translators that produce top documents for an affordable price. Too high or too low prices might signal a problem. For example, very expensive ones aren't for everybody, while too cheap ones might result in machine translation. Both of these situations are not good, so we think that prices within the market average are best.

Available Services

We understand that when you order a translation, you might need additional features. For example, if you translate a video, you might also need subtitling or voice-over. Still, we evaluate number of services in relation to the size of translating services we review. If larger, older company produces more services than smaller one, that's logical. But it's quite suspicious when a new agency provides lots of services with few people on staff.

Responsive Customer Service

Customer support is key to any company. It helps customers by assisting at ordering, giving essential information, and answering questions. If something is wrong, they should be able to fix that and help clients. Our experience says that the best professional translation services are available 24/7. People from all over the world need translation, so support agents should be available at all times. They should be polite, professional, and know all answers to the most frequent questions.

Quality Assurance

Even professional document translation services can make small mistakes. So, quality assurance is important for any agency. QA team can spot inconsistencies, check the number of pages, type of translation, and see if there are any mistakes. They provide HR screening and check the work of new linguists. All QAs should be experienced mentors with industry expertise. They should know how to check format, quality, timing, and other parameters of a document to make sure that customers get top papers.

Our Criteria for Translation Companies

Based on our priorities listed above, we developed a more specific check that we perform every time. We are proud of these criteria that we developed over time. In our opinion, the best language services should possess these qualities:

  • Clear information about products and services. All services should be described in detail so that potential clients could make their decision. Sometimes it's unclear which service a customer needs, so the best translation company gives detailed overviews of what they provide.
  • Secure payment options. There should be many options of payment to fit all needs of customers. Payment process should be easy and clear for customer's convenience.
  • Open pricing system. We like it when best online certified translation services have upfront pricing on their web pages. There should be information about prices and their formation. Hidden prices are a bad sign as they tend to be pretty high.
  • Good reviews from customers and employees. A good company is good for everyone. If language experts like it there and think that there is a healthy atmosphere, their results will be better. Plus, if customers write rave reviews and praise an agency's quality, there are more reasons to trust it.
  • Clear policies. Best translation services company will always clearly say what it can and cannot do for you. They should say if they have revision policies, money-back guarantees, etc. There should be clear terms and conditions stated on a website or in separate documents.
  • Native speakers. They provide top-quality, so working with them is best. If an agency states that it has native speakers to match your documents, that is the best possible solution. 
  • Localization. For certain spheres, localization is important. It's one of most common requests because it helps to adjust your text to the target audiences. Website, software, or game localization services require a great deal of creativity and cultural knowledge. So, if an agency provides localization, it has top native experts to match your orders.
  • Confidentiality. You should know how a company handles your personal data. Best companies have powerful privacy policies and never give your personal data to a third party. We don't trust companies that take your data without your knowledge or gather cookies without permission.
  • Multiple file formats. Best translation service online should provide documents in many formats, be it text, audio, or video.

We take all these factors into account when we evaluate companies. If we see inconsistencies or something suspicious, we prefer not to recommend this firm. That's why you might find reviews where we give positive feedback but still don't recommend using a service. That means some factors above look odd or are unclear.

Choosing Best Document Translation Services

Of course, when you select the best document translation services, you should take into account which types of services this agency provides. There can be general, certified, or industry-specific translation. Pick experts that work in a certain industry, otherwise, result might be unpredicted. For example, a general language specialist might not know how to provide certified document translation services. Likewise, technical translators might not know how to deal with medical documents. To make sure that you always have a great outcome, read our website and discover lists of best technical, legal, or localization companies on the market. And always be sure that you pick companies that can handle all tasks you give.

Features of Best Certified Translation Services Online

Certified translation is different from all other kinds of work. First of all, it is a very responsible task because people often need certified services when they go abroad, move, or do business. So, lingusist should deal with such documents very carefully. Unlike general translation, they should process documents word-for-word. Everything should be included, even stamps, and the final document should have the same layout as the original. Only certified translators can deal with such a task. There are many more technical nuances to this kind of work, so specialists go to courses to master it.

Of course, when you choose an agency, pay attention to general certifications like ISO, ATA, and others. This shows the credibility of a firm. Moreover, when you speak with customer support, ask them to show certifications of their employees. There should be proof that a person can certify documents by law. If you want to read certified translation services reviews, visit TranslationReport and find more about the best firms.

How to Recognize Best Localization Services Providers

Localization is another interesting niche to consider when you translate for foreign audiences. If you need a marketing campaign, flyers, ads, games, or web pages, then localization is your best friend. This type of work adjusts your data to your target audience, their culture, beliefs, and norms. So, plain translation won't be good in this case. Of course, we at TranslationReport made a list of best translation companies that perform top-notch localization. These services localize not only text but Internet page layout, symbols, buttons, code, and many more. They can handle puns, humor, sarcasm, curses, and other elements that make your website, game or blog unique.

How to Distinguish a Poor Service?

All this time we have been talking about the best website translation services. Still, how to recognize poor services, and how not to fall for them? Our specialists have developed a list of warning signs that will help you to spot a bad service quickly.

  • Spam, annoying ads, or sketchy downloads. A good service will have a clear webpage without fishy offers or blinking ads.
  • Unclear policies. A good agency will state directly what it does and what its policies are. Bad companies have no policies on their website, or they are written in a very tangled way with logical fallacies.
  • No customer service. Of course, the best human translation service has 24/7 support. If support only works at certain hours, that's okay, too. But if there is no support, you won't be able to solve your problems, ask for revisions, or clarify anything.
  • Poor employee and customer reviews. If an agency doesn't pay its employees, or customers receive machine work, this service might not be legit.
  • Extremely cheap prices. We understand that cheap pricing might be attractive, but we don't recommend using very cheap services. Many best translation agencies have prices a bit below market average. But if it's drastically lower, an agency might be a scam.

If you find a service that we didn't review, you can always write to us and ask us to do it. We will gladly help our readers and provide them with honest reviews of any agency online. Keep your money safe and stay away from an agency if it looks suspicious.

Find Best Translation Website with TranslationReport

We know how hard it is to choose the best companies for your document or business translation. That's why we picked best services to feature in our top 10 list in this article. These 10 companies are best in their niche, so we hope our review helped you. If any agency interests you and you want to know more, read reviews by TranslationReport to stay informed. We do our best to pick top services for you and always deliver accurate, unbiased reviews of any company online.