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Reviews of the Best Translation Services

As a rule, best translation services are provided by top language companies. TranslationReport team of localization experts and language specialists researched the industry to find the best agencies and websites. They placed orders, checked feedback, and other features of each service to provide only verified, unbiased reviews. Customers can trust them to make informed decisions.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

We give TheWordPoint our best rating. Our quality assurance team was impressed by company’s commitment to using human translations, affordable pricing, and best translation website. Their support representatives are well-trained, responsive, and empowered to assist clients.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

Among other top translation agencies we rate them fairly to poor. Here customers are matched with translators who offer freelance services and can communicate directly. Pricing and project assignments are decided through a bidding process.There are complaints about accuracy.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.17

This company has a decent reputation. However, some clients may complain about the lack of context. have average prices compared to industry standards. If you are looking for the best certified document translation services you can count on this them.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.12

They offer services for many industries and claim to use human translation services and machine approach combined. But they use machines that give low-quality results. Pricing is above industry average and there isn’t enough background checking when translators are hired.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.11

We read consumer reviews, investigated this service and found late delivery, poor accuracy, formatting, and loss of cultural meaning. Pricing is higher than average. This company is not on our list of top translation services reviews.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.12

Gengo uses crowdsourcing business model that appeared as failed experience. Their pricing is above average, and they work with a few languages. We cannot endorse this as professional online translation services. But they have good website and customer support is friendly.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Altalang is actually a very good online translation company, in some areas. Customers complain they rely too much on machines. If you want to upgrade language skills and boost linguistics knowledge, check them out. If you want the best assistance that can be trusted, move on.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

Transperfect offers a wide range of services, meets deadlines but has issues with accuracy. Customer reviews are largely negative. Texts often have awkward phrasing and incorrect word choice. We cannot say that is one of the best online language services out there.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

Their translation services online are available in about 52 languages. Site was easy to navigate. But orders are delivered late with no explanation. Reviews state that quality is poor. That’s unfortunate as RushTranslate claims to be the best expert. We give it poor rating.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

This company offers interpretation and transcription services. However, work appears to be rushed, content often goes missing, and response time is very long. But they do revisions as per request. Among other top 10 translation websites, this company has earned fair rating.

How We Select The Best Online Translation Services

The primary thing you should understand is that for getting excellent results, you must understand what you need clearly. Are you interested in the services of a legal translation agency? Or do you require a technology-oriented translator who possesses the relevant vocabulary? Based on this, you can narrow down your options. Then, take a minute to read reviews about the remaining top translation companies. You have to be thorough since the consequences of trusting a wrong firm could be severe. Imagine angering your customers because translation was done by a machine, which led to culturally insensitive wording in an ad. Similarly, you could be stuck in an airport in foreign country because a gate agent found something ‘off’ about your travel documents. Maybe your boss has given you a task to get some customized software manuals translated, warning that they will be distributed among hundreds of your fellow employees. Imagine those documents coming back late and being full of mistakes. To reduce the chances of such disasters, we work hard to help you choose superior agencies and receive the ultimate quality.

Services Considerations

Since we’ve spent many years in this business, we are aware of what our customers want. We also tend to test different agencies personally because only this approach allows forming a complete and informative opinion. Your feedback also plays a relevant role, helping us further understand what we should prioritize when looking for the best company to recommend. Here are some factors that form the foundation of our test process.


It’s important to know for how many years a firm has been operating. If it’s a new company, there might be no reviews about its performance yet, and it could enthusiastically do its job in an attempt to get customers’ attention. Older firms, on the contrary, might have started out good and then stopped caring about their accuracy, relying on reputation and not on actual quality. We analyze these intricacies and take them into account.

Website design and navigation

Any respectable online company should have a website that the customers would find user friendly, attractive, and convenient. It requires hiring experienced and expensive designers, but the end result is always worth it. In all these years, we were able to conclude that firms with poorly functional sites rarely produce good results. The underlying cause is simple: if the owners chose to save up on the face of their company, they likely saved up on other things, too, including quality. Apart from having pleasant design, the website should also be sufficiently informative. We check if the info about the provided services, prices, and guarantees was published openly because these are the crucial things every customer must be made aware of.

Certified translations

Finding a reliable certified translation agency is a rarity. Certified translators are people who have proven their professionalism by passing the tests of authoritative organizations like ATA. Their work is viewed as automatically credible and they’re capable of providing you with a so-called authenticity seal. So, when you’re dealing with important documents, you’ll need certification. We always look for such option when testing translating services.

Competitive pricing

Not everyone can afford expensive language services online. People with sufficient income still don’t look forward to spending a fortune on translating projects, so this is one of the most important moments our team focuses on. At the moment, the average cost of translation ranges between $0.10 and $0.13 for one word. Anything lower or higher than this requires more thorough analysis.

The variety of available services

We evaluate the number of offered services in relation to the company’s size. For example, if a small firm offers every possible kind of linguistic assistance, we become skeptical since something like this is hardly possible. Agencies with narrow specialization are placed in a corresponding list while general firms go into a common one. The number of covered languages matters, too: only experienced companies have the chance to cooperate with a large number of linguists all over the world. Newer firms are unlikely to do the same. By sorting out these discrepancies, we determine which professional translation services could be trusted.

Responsive customer service

Operators should be online 24/7 because customers live in different time zones. They must also be knowledgeable enough to address every concern a client could have, and their response should be speedy and on point.

Quality assurance

Every person can make a mistake. In case of language services, this possibility has to be diminished through thorough HR screening and control assurance. New translators should work under review of senior managers, and orders sent for revision must be evaluated additionally. Refund option must be present. If the company doesn’t have it, we cannot recommend it.

Our Criteria for Best Translation Companies

Based on the priorities we listed above, we develop more detailed criteria that we analyze when testing a particular agency. The goal of this process is to combine customer requirements with professional expertise. Here’s what we believe the best language services should entail in addition to what we’ve already listed:

  • Clear explanations of all products or services. Every type of service as well as every customer package should be described in enough details for a potential client to make an informed decision. A person might not always know what type of help they require, so reading detailed explanations could help them.
  • Multiple and secure payment options. Since people from all possible countries seek language help, they must be able to pay in the way they deem most convenient. The more options are available, the better, though of course, all of them have to be secure. Keep in mind that the best translation services company will always listen to your concerns, and even if they are unable to help you right now, they will issue a promise to consider your request in the future.
  • Open pricing system. Prices should be revealed on the website so that clients wouldn’t have to waste their time contacting a firm whose services they wouldn’t be able to afford. When a company hides these prices, we become wary since it usually means that they are much higher than the norm.
  • Good reviews from translators and customers. Most services have reviews written about their performance. Some of them could come from competitors, but it’s easy to determine which are and aren’t genuine. Not just clients should be satisfied with services — translators working for it must be pleased, too, because if a company neglects its employees, they won’t produce efficient results.
  • Clear policies. Not every person reads terms and conditions, but in any case, they must be clear, honest, and written in a comprehensive way. · Multiple document formats. Apart from different industries and services, a company should also be ready to work with multiple file formats. Their variety speaks of its experience.
  • Native speakers. The best translation company must work with native speakers in terms of target languages. It helps ensure a natural flow of a text and its increased accuracy.
  • Document certification and notarization. If such relevant options are provided, the service is automatically moved to a higher position in our list.
  • Localization. In our modern world, localization is one of the most common requests. That’s why we view it as an obligatory service. Software, website, and game localization services are crucial since they imply a deeper adaptation of text based on the norms of a target culture.
  • Confidentiality. Protection of customers’ data and privacy is vital, so the best translation service online should ensure it.

If we aren’t satisfied with what we uncover in these outlined areas, we cannot endorse a company even if it has other positive attributes. Because of this, you may read reviews where we express a generally positive attitude to a firm but still suggest that you take your business elsewhere. If we do recommend an agency, then rest assured that we believe it to provide truly stellar service.

Choosing Best Document Translation Services

All language services are roughly divided into three largest categories: general translation, certified translation, as well as localization. The former is the biggest group since it entails all possible types of work. For instance, you could be a writer who wants to translate their book into another language. This requires a careful and creative approach by an expert, so they’d need to know everything about the plot, characters, and overall goals. They would also have to possess a rich writing style along with ability to adapt to your unique voice. A similar principle applies to technical work. Certified document translation services assign these tasks to someone who has a corresponding qualification. Technical work is characterized by a special vocabulary, concise style, and deep understanding of concepts described in the original text. If a person doesn’t have appropriate education, they would be incapable of conveying the points accurately.

Subtitles, audio, and script translations also belong in this category. They all imply a special approach to a task, but ultimately, a normal translation suffices here. Professional document translation services often provide these kinds of language assistance, which is why they hire employees from different sectors. Someone working with movie scripts could struggle with understanding an audio recording. An older person used to more old-fashioned work could be confused by the idea of translating subtitles. A solid company takes these nuances into consideration and works hard to assign the tasks accurately, in perfect accordance with a translator’s focus and preference.

Features of Best Certified Translation Services Online

The second translation category includes certified translation. It comes in handy in complex tasks with a significant degree of responsibility, such as documentation that has to be submitted to international organizations. The most common request is connected to immigration process. When a person intends to move to another country permanently, they have to fill in lots of documents and submit personal data for verification. Asking for a usual translation won’t be fitting since these documents will need to be certified and notarized. The best online certified translation services can offer you experts who’ll do just that.

Other events where you’ll need a special kind of help include participation in international court hearings, studying abroad, marrying a foreigner, adopting a child, etc. In all these instances, certification is required. Let’s imagine your target country is the US: for entering it on an extended or more permanent basis, you’ll have to prove that you are who you say you are. Your ID, income statement, academic records, and marital status documents have to be prepared in advance. For finding a place where such assistance is provided, you could read certified translation services reviews or check the lists we’ve composed.

We always take extra care with agencies that employ certified translators because their input is essential, considering how many people switch countries or develop global connections. Note that this assistance is more expensive than usual translation, but the good news is, the difference is not all that big. Also, certified work usually implies a guaranteed quality, which is another advantage.

How to Recognize Best Localization Services Providers

The third type of language assistance that people frequently seek comprises localization. Not everyone knows what it is, but it’s an extremely common demand that is particularly relevant for software, app, and website developers. Localization means a careful adaptation of the original project into a target language during which cultural peculiarities and unique terminology are taken into account. Localization translation services demand an expert to understand the habits and rules of a specific country: what is funny to Americans could be offensive for the Chinese and vice versa, so this has to be considered. Imagine that you asked for a translation of your website. It might have lots of information that has to be adapted properly for different audiences, both semantically and visually. As an example, for Arabic visitors, you’ll have to place the text in a right-to-the-left way: a team of localizers pays attention to these nuances.

Check our list with top 10 localization companies to find your perfect fit. This option covers not only sites but also video games. Many developers hope to make a name for themselves and share their creations with foreign audiences. For that, humor, sarcasm, curses, and other elements of the plot have to be translated in a way that the foreigners would find comprehensive and funny/sad/amusing. Like with certified documents, this one costs more since it requires a more complex approach.

How to Distinguish a Poor Service?

There are some risks you should know of in order to make a decision you won’t regret. We made a list of the most common signs of danger. If you see one or more of them, think twice before proceeding further.

  • Spam-like ads or sketchy downloads. A reliable service will have a proper website. It won’t need to rely on ads or fishy offers.
  • Unclear policies. Even if you feel reluctant about reading all policies, check at least some of them. If they are deliberately vague or have evident logical fallacies, you shouldn’t trust such a company, even if it offers the best human translation service.
  • No customer service agents available. Not all companies have operators who stay online 24/7, but it is still a highly preferable practice. Without it, you won’t be able to reach out to someone with your problems in case of an emergency.
  • Poor customers’ and translators’ reviews. Are there any negative reviews with details only real clients and employees could know? Don’t let it discourage you right away, but be wary. Check whether the company replies to complaints. If it claims to provide the best website translation services ever but doesn’t care about negative feedback, this is definitely a caution.
  • Unusually cheap prices. We understand that very low prices could appear attractive, but unfortunately, they are also extremely suspicious. The truth is, a serious agency cannot afford to charge low prices because it needs to pay high-level employees. So be cautious when faced with something like this.

If you find a service that we haven’t reviewed yet, you can use these warnings to determine which sites you should avoid. We suggest staying away from companies that cannot guarantee either accurate translation or the best customer-oriented approach.

Find the Best Translation Website with TranslationReport

Don’t waste your time or money on unverified companies. Translation market is large and many-sided, so you could easily locate an experienced firm with an extensive background that is capable of meeting your needs 100%. Of course, spending hours on reading reviews about diverse services is also a tiring process, but we've got you covered! Instead of doing endless research, you could rely on us. Reviews by TranslationReport are objective and professionally-written, and since we’ve been working on this project for a long time, we’ve assessed a big number of different companies. Click on any service you see listed here to learn more or contact us with a request for information about other agencies you stumbled upon. You’ll get information you need, and with our help, you will always be able to find the best translation agencies. Quality, confidentiality, and security are the basis of every successful cooperation, so when you find a service provider you can trust, you would be able to relax, knowing that your task is in safe and professional hands.