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GeniusTranslation Review: Sharing Our Experience as Clients

Before getting to our GeniusTranslation review, we're going to share a few facts you might find interesting. Researching this company and placing an order was the idea of our visitors. They felt curious about a translation service that seems to offer great conditions but has just a couple of reviews online. Our team took over, and here is the basic picture we've built. GeniusTranslation has been around since at least 2015. Surprisingly, it has a very small Internet presence, but people's feedback is mostly positive. We haven't managed to find its location — the only way of contact is a phone number, messaging, and email. It focuses on translations into 50+ languages and provides other services. How trustworthy is it and what you might expect? Find out below!

To Begin GeniusTranslation Review, Let's Check Out Its Services

Our website is constantly searching for good translation websites that could meet various needs of clients. For that, we expect to see a variety of services on each platform. GeniusTranslation pleased and confused us at the same time. On the one hand, when you click “services” on its site, you see just four options. They include simple and certified translation, proofreading, and localization. But when you open FAQ, you see many more variants.

  • Standard, Business and Certified Translation. Each major sector is covered.
  • Voice Over. A variety of voices is available.
  • Subtitles. Clients could request any format and timing.
  • Transcription. These translators deal with both video and audio formats.

Our team decided to check which option is true, and to our satisfaction, it turned out to be the latter. This company has a wide array of relevant language services. In case you need something truly unique, you could always contact its team and discuss the terms. GeniusTranslation promises to take care of every need its clients have.

There can be no GeniusTranslation review without personal order, so we placed it as soon as we finished studying the website. This time, we asked for transcription services on the topics of Business and Religion. Our project was challenging enough for our translators, and we were eager to see what they would do. We wanted a 10-minute long Spanish video transcribed and translated into English, with all sighs and pauses taken into account. GeniusTranslation is willing to cooperate with its customers' wishes about deadlines, another thing that impressed us. Our due date was 20 days. It is an average term for a task like this. We hoped we wouldn't be disappointed.

The Aspect You Want to Know Most About: Prices and Payments

Whenever we are looking for French translation companies or analyzing specific services, one of the first things we do is check prices. Everyone wants to know more about them; everyone hopes they won't overpay. TranslationReport team is aware of market prices and trends: it means that our assessment is objective. review is not an exception. Section with prices was the third thing we looked at, and the fact that it's present is already telling. Many agencies prefer to hide how much they're charging. To find out, clients must submit personal data about their project and then wait for a response that might take hours. We hate this approach and we think it's deceiving, but thankfully, GeniusTranslation didn't follow this unfortunate trend. Future clients could easily pick a pair of languages they need help with, pick an area of their work (general, business, etc.), and point out the number of words they'd like to order. No adds-on or hidden charges are present.

For our order, we paid $0.12/word. This is an average price for high-quality companies. While there aren't many reviews, the company has been working long enough for gaining enough clients: this allowed it to start charging corresponding prices. Payment methods are diverse and secure. GeniusTranslation only uses SSL-certified services like Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc. It doesn't matter what country you're from because you'll be able to pay via your preferred method. Your payment details are secure. Our review team liked these aspects; they made us optimistic about quality of our translation.

Quality as the Heart of Each Review: Testimony From Clients and Our Team

As we mentioned before, there aren't enough Genius Translation reviews to make definite conclusions about its quality. Sure, it seems to have mostly happy customers, but other than their brief comments, we have no idea how genuine they are. It's a problem, though not a big one.  Some comments are available right on a website: take a look yourself if you're interested. Several clients have placed their orders multiple times and cooperate with this language company constantly. Internet reviews are more limited. In fact, we found just four. 3 of them are positive, one is neutral.

We hoped that we'll see only the best quality from Genius Translation by the end of our own deadline, so this is exactly what happened. Strictly by the hour we chose, a translated project was waiting for us. Transcription was complete and fully met our expectations. It was fluent, our wishes about authenticity were fulfilled: there were no content or grammar mistakes; no missing lines or misinterpretations. Our review members were more than pleased.

Upsides and Downsides of GeniusTranslation Company

To complete review of GeniusTranslation, we want to sum up its strong and weak sides. If we discussed each small aspect we looked at, it would take ages — that is why we're going to make a quick list you could use for making your decision.


  • Excellent level of quality. GeniusTranslation provides business, personal, medical, as well as technical document translation services to clients from all countries on a high level. Its certified translators handle even complex tasks and the company tests the results additionally with native-speaking specialists.
  • Affordable prices for all language pairs. While prices at are closer to the higher end of average, they are still affordable. We paid $0.12 per word for business transcription. Translations & localization cost about the same.
  • Impressive policies of service. Policies at GeniusTranslation are client-friendly. They guarantee confidentiality, protect clients with their data, & ensure quality together with safe payments.
  • Protection against translation mistakes. If clients aren't satisfied with their translation, they can demand changes or ask for another translator.


  • Few online reviews. Our team didn't find enough GeniusTranslation reviews for making a definite conclusion about their reputation. It is strange, considering that it has been working for quite some time.
  • Site has some flaws. There is confusion about what services the company offers because its site gives differing information. It is also unclear where it's located and whether it has a physical office.

Final Words on Genius Translation Review

TranslationReport is constantly looking for top translation or best localization companies in the market. We are happy that we took a chance to research GeniusTranslation because it falls into this list. It has good prices, many services, great quality, as well as friendly policies. You could trust it while preparing your project by your deadline in the way you wish. So, if you ask us about is it reliable? the answer is yes. We gladly recommend it.


These guys were efficient and accurate. It was really a joy for me, I'm happy now because after using them the experience has been great.


Couldn’t have asked them for more. We've been working with them for a long time now and they've been great at making our products available to non native speakers on and abroad.


The experience I got here was the best. They made me feel special and they treated my project with top priority. They know how to deliver accurate translations in a consistent manner


I wanted my book translated from English to Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French and Italian. But I was didn’t think anyone could make it happen. I went online and found this service online and they were willing to help. What I can say is that they delivered exactly what i was expecting...they conveyed my all my emotions and the work wasn't bland at all. everything was really great. Will use them again surely no doubt


I think this is the fastest service I've seen. You guys work very well. Thanks


I just wanted to praise this translation service! They delivered my translated documents quickly and efficiently. The quality was top notch and they captured all the nuances perfectly. Amazing job, guys!


Reasonable prices for exceptional translations


I appreciated the range of languages available for translation. It was very convenient to be able to translate my document into multiple languages all in one place.


Translated documents were perfect.


Will definitely use again.

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