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Best Hebrew Translation Services: The Ultimate Reviews List

Hebrew is not the most commonly spoken language, and speaking it alongside another language can be considered rare. This is why so many people need to search for the best Hebrew translation services, to get the top quality they need.

People who need any kind of translation from or to Hebrew, need to consider hiring a professional to do it for them. Why? Because only a native speaker or trained and experienced professional can tick all the boxes and distribute high-quality results. Whether it’s a business owner localizing for the Israeli market, or a blogger looking to expand their audience- they need top professional Hebrew translators like those working at agencies.

Below, you’ll find our ultimate reviews list of the best Hebrew translation services.

Best Certified Hebrew Translation Services: Reviewed

When it comes to languages such as Hebrew, customers want to ensure they’re choosing a translator carefully. We’re here to help everyone decide which service is the best, and which one can help with different customers’ specific needs. Here’s our reviews list of top translation services that work with Hebrew.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

The Word Point is the best translation service that translates all kinds of documents to and from Hebrew, apart from other languages. The main reason it’s on top of our list is that it provides more than plain translation. Customers can also get localization services, proofreading, voice-over, personal, industry-specific and business-related translations, and more.
They work 24/7, so people can get online Hebrew translation at any moment. They only utilize human translators, which minimizes error risk. Placing an order is quick, easy, as well as transparent. Customers can instantly see what the price of the order will be.
native and professional human translators
quick order placement
wide industry range
24/7 customer support
urgent tasks are pricy

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

The next top service on our list, offering the best Hebrew translations is Day Translations. They too have a remarkable offer for their clients- they do everything from translation to audiovisual services, in various languages. They can offer professional services in more than 20 industries, along with 24/7 customer support at their customers’ disposal.
Customers can ask for a free quote and see how much translation from Hebrew to English would cost. They offer revision services in case something’s wrong with any part of the translated document, but they guarantee quality and even certify their translations, so customers shouldn't worry. Finally, they give lifetime guarantee in addition to promising 100% accuracy.

wide variety of services
human translation
revision available
translators with experience
pricing available only when placing order

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

The next review we’ve prepared is GetBlend. This top professional service is among the best since they offer website localization, voice-over, and even multilingual content writing. They can meet different needs for Hebrew language translation. Their industry range is as impressive as other agencies we’ve reviewed. Plus, their pricing system is straightforward and fully transparent for all languages.
While this service is reliable and has great reviews, we’re not impressed by the fact they utilize combination of technology and human manual work. This means there could be an error or two found in one of the papers, and that’s not something customers want.
various services
great reviews
transparent pricing
not fully human translated
slower delivery speed

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

GTS stands for Global Translation Services, meaning they have working experience in various languages, including Hebrew translations. Unlike the previous best companies we've written reviews for, GTS focuses only on translation. That, plus years of experience, have made them highly reliable and experts in what they do.
They have a detailed quality policy they stick to, and promise their clients nothing but. Their industry and language experts work 24/7 to get the work done. Their pricing policy is a bit unclear, so it may be difficult to predict how much would your task cost.
certified translations
guaranteed quality
unclear pricing
narrow services offer

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

Tomedes is the last on our top translation agencies list, but not the least important. They too have an impressive spectrum of services they offer — translation, localization, transcription, etc. They have a significant range of industries they cover, but a bit poorer compared to other companies.
They have 24/7 customer support. They don’t promise human translation, which is why we suspect they heavily rely on automated software. The drawback we also found to this Hebrew translation agency is the lack of transparency in pricing. They have a section explaining pricing, but it lacks exact numbers.
wide services range
24/7 support
machine translations
unclear pricing

Evaluation Criteria for the Best Hebrew Translation Services

We know customers want to be sure they’re choosing the best translation services for Hebrew translation needs. It’s only natural they want to know what evaluation criteria we used to write these reviews. Below, we’ll explain what we considered when reviewing the best services that work with Hebrew from our list.

Here are the criteria we used.

  • Service Range

We carefully selected top companies that offer a wide range of personal and business-related services. We wanted to assure they have everything customers may need, in one place. So, most agencies from the list offer translation, localization, voice-over, website localization, as well as transcription.

  • Customer Service

To find the best Hebrew to English translator, customers need to be able to reach the agency 24/7. We took their customer support availability and quality into account.

  • Pricing

How much customers pay along with how they pay for technical, personal, or business translation matters immensely. We checked each agency’s pricing policy, money-back guarantee, and revision policy.

  • Human Translation

Only native speakers or experienced translators can truly deliver high-quality work for the customers’ money. Machine translations are often filled with errors, plus certainly lack human touch and details. This is why we specifically looked for this feature when evaluating these top Hebrew to English translation services.

  • Credibility

There are so many services and translators one could hire. But, not all of them have the reputation as the ones on our list. We searched for companies with years of experience and customer reviews that confirm their quality professionalism. 

  • Order Placement

When looking for a professional Hebrew translation service, we know one’s looking for speed. Placing an order can be such a complex process with some agencies, but not with the ones on our list. Customers will find easy-to-navigate websites and a simple process of placing their order.

Popular Types of Hebrew Translation

There are different types of Hebrew translations customers could ask an agency to handle for them. Here are the most popular types:

Plain Translation: Translate Document from Hebrew to English

Customers have a piece of written content that they simply need translated from or into Hebrew. 

  • Certified Translation 

If a translated paper is to be submitted further to an institution such as governmental bodies, courts, or academic organizations, it needs to be certified to ensure the best quality. It’s the only way these institutions will trust and accept the translated document.

There are different certification types provided by different organizations. These include the American Translators Association (ATA), The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDU), and many more. Each one sets certain standards that translations need to be compliant with.

  • Localization

This is typically a service that a business would require when expanding its reach to a foreign market. Localizing means translating to different languages plus changing content so that a new target group of people would feel connected to it as well as understand it. It requires considering cultural, geographical, and local characteristics to translate and change the content of the source document.

  • Transcription

Audio and video recording often need to be transcribed and turned into written materials. Transcription services are something customers need to expect from the best English to Hebrew translator.

  • Voice-Over

Voice-over is extremely popular and has a wide range of applications. From explainer videos and audiobooks, to film dubbing — there are tons of ways to use it. 

Popular Industries for Hebrew Translation 

The top English to Hebrew translation services needs to cover a wide industry range and have translator able to translate different document types within those industries. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Medical

Medical industry needs translators who can accurately translate patient records, clinical trials, drug labeling, packaging, case studies, and more. Customers want no one but the best medical translation service to take care of this. Our reviews cover companies that deal with this kind of translation.

  • Automotive

Everything from marketing content to technical documentation needs to be translated in the Automotive industry. That includes localizing an app and website, translating marketing videos, blog, or social media posts, and translating official documents.

  • Software and Technology

Technology is all around us, in every segment of our lives. Those in technology need to be open to the world and offer their ideas, solutions, and software to global markets. That’s why they need technical translation services.

  • Financial and Banking

This industry implies translating financial reports and data, banking apps, digital wallets, bank statements, agreements, contracts, etc. If a customer googles “Best translation services English to Hebrew” they’ll find the ones we’ve listed and see they offer financial as well as banking translation.

  • Business

Doing business means constantly searching for improvement. Expanding a business’ reach globally means being able to translate documents, business plans, offers, contracts, marketing materials, and service or product descriptions. Customers can find this type of top English to Hebrew translation online in the services we’ve listed.

  • Legal

The Legal industry is where the certified translation is most needed. Any legal document needs to be translated by a certified agency or translators to be considered valid.

Choosing a Company: What to Pay Attention to?

Apart from the evaluation criteria we’ve covered above, customers should pay attention to some additional details. They should make sure the customer service is polite and professional. Customers should revise their money-back guarantee policy as well as their payment methods. Also, they may want to check how much time the agency may need to deliver this work.

These details may seem minor to most people but are extremely important when searching for the best translation services Hebrew to English. We’ve mentioned it in the reviews, but double-checking is always a good idea.

Final Thoughts

Finding a reliable service is extremely important. Whether customers are looking for the best game localization services or personal blog content translation, we’re sure they’ll find it in our reviews.

So, reading the reviews we’ve written for people in need of Hebrew translation helps them to carefully choose a service that suits their needs.