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The Word Point is an online translation service that has captured the attention of many of our audience members. We have received several requests to investigate TheWordPoint and provide our final review and recommendation. Before we delve into our review, in the interest of full disclosure, here are the steps that we took:

  • Exploring the translation service website and reading the content therein
  • Searching the translation service online and learning everything we could about the company
  • Reading reviews from previous customers
  • Interacting with customer support
  • Placing an order and making payment
  • Reviewing the final product for quality

The review here is a reflection of both the reviewer’s personal experience as well as research we have done. Please note that these reviews are completed by professionals with direct and relevant experience in the translation industry.

Services Offered

Many people assume that translation companies only offer translation services. In reality it’s much more complex than that. A translation company like TheWordPoint offers translation services, certified translation services, localizations, and proofreading. We chose translation services to place our order.

In our case, we decided to ask for a more personal translation, despite the fact that this website offers only human translation services. We provided a blog post written in English to be translated into French. In our case, the basic translation services sufficed. We did not require additional services.

Prices And Add Ons

The pricing page offers upfront pricing based on the number of cents per word. That price varies depending on several factors. Enhanced customer service for example, or certified translation services do come at a premium. However, at the end of the day we found their prices were right in line with other translation companies.

Quality of Services

Our personal documents were delivered to us on time. Not only were the translations on point and thorough, the translator even took the time to create some annotations to help increase our understanding of the language nuances and culture that simple translation may miss. We can imagine that this would be really meaningful to future translation customers.

Pros & Cons

There really isn’t anything negative to say. We researched the company. We explored the website. Thewordpoint reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Navigating the website was easy. Most importantly we were completely impressed with the final product that we received.

If we have to define one caveat, it would be that in order to get the best results you must be clear in your instructions, provide documents and other information as quickly as possible, and be responsive to messages requesting clarity and other information. However, we don’t believe these expectations are unreasonable.


At the end of the day, is one of the best websites among our translation services reviews and meets all of our expectations. They provided a perfectly accurately translated text to us. It was delivered on time, and the price was reasonable. Our interactions with our translator and customer service staff were all positive. Our questions and requests were dealt with superbly.

The reasons listed here are why we are perfectly happy to give our endorsement. If you need the best translation companies or other related services, check this company out. We are confident that you will be impressed.

Nicely done job. Pleasant surprise in the outcome of our cooperation. Even as it was urgent I didn`t have any problem with getting my translation on time. Thanks for that. I wonder whether they are as professional in French as they are in Italian. Will check


Nicely completed translation of my Italian official document. The embassy was satisfied and so was I.

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