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Best Immigration Translation Services for Successful Immigration

Requirements for immigration differ from country to country, and document packs or certifications can be different. Sure, it might be hard to perform a top document on your own. Thus, finding the best immigration translation services is a must. Still, not all companies can provide a top level of certification, proofreading, accuracy for your document. Be careful to choose the best one because you don’t want to get poorly translated personal documents and be rejected. Today, we made a thorough review of many companies available on the market and picked top 5 ones in our best immigration services review.

Top 5 Document Translation Services for Immigration

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This top online service is popular with our readers as well as with many people over the Internet. We did our own investigation to find more about the quality of their USCIS certified translation services. We were pleasantly surprised from the very beginning when we saw the company's top site which is exemplary for online services. Pleasant colors, clear interface, presence of all necessary info about prices had a positive impression. Often, companies don’t have info about their prices on site. So, we were glad to find them and see that TheWordPoint service is affordable because they have top prices that are below market average. We also researched company feedback to get to know about customer’s opinions and found out that most of the reviews are positive. Our next step was placing an order and receiving the final document. We submitted a birth certificate that is a necessary document when you immigrate. Our order was on time. When we asked our immigration translator if the document fits all requirements, they said that it has the best quality possible. Due to excellent accuracy, speed of service, and great reviews, we can tell it is one of the best companies in its marketing niche.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

For immigrating somewhere, you need to have the best team by your side, and GeniusTranslation is capable of providing it. This language company has helped numerous clients, and while not many people talk about it publicly, the fact that it has been working for many years speaks volumes. Its operators and managers reply to clients ASAP and their attitude is professional no matter what. Parts of websites provide conflicting data, which is an issue, but it’s small in comparison with every other strong point this agency could boast of. It has certified translation, which is vital for immigration, and review members found its quality impressive. Projects are fluent and double-tested by native speakers who are experts in this industry. GeniusTranslation fully deserves its place on our list.
·Certified immigration translation present
·Perfect quality
·No delays with delivery
·Low prices
·Confusing website aspects

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This agency offers many services for a reduced price in more than 120 languages. This sounds impressive, counting that company has a Google rating of 4.2 out of 5. Still, our more detailed research showed that ratings are 3 to 4.2 only, so we wanted to find out more about this company’s services as well as their quality. Company specializes in the business sphere, is a member of ATA, gives notary service, and guarantees USCIS acceptance. So, we were expecting high performance in our review. We ordered certified immigration translation services from Spanish to English which wasn’t particularly expensive. Website was pretty clear, the payment process went smoothly, but support lacked speed as they didn’t answer instantly. Accuracy of paper was good except for several minor mistakes which spoiled our impression a little bit. Still, our document was on time, so this company deserves a high ranking place on our chart.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

We started researching this popular company from looking at online customer reviews, which turned out mixed. Although there was plenty of negative feedback, we were as unbiased as we could. We looked at website content and found clear information about prices, services offered. Company handles 52 languages and provides fairly reasonable pricing for immigration translation certification. Our destined language pair was Arabic to English, which is common when it comes to immigration. Company promised a 1 to 3-day delivery guarantee, but sadly, our order was three days late, which made a negative impression on us. Delays were also mentioned in the customer reviews. Document itself was mostly fine, but some mechanical mistakes showed a lack of proofreading as well as presence of machine translation. We revised this document and finally saw a better result. It took us almost a week to get a good document, which may be unacceptable for people who are in a rush.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

This agency was founded in 2006, has extensive experience as well as good reputation. It operates more than 100 languages, so you have high chances of finding your language on their list of certified translation services for immigration. Company website wasn’t particularly convenient, but it had all information about pricing. Sadly, service turned out somewhat expensive as it cost higher than average marketing price. Concerning customer reviews, they were both positive and negative. Price per word is around $0.19, but different add-ons can significantly raise costs. On the positive side, JRLanguage has great customer support who is polite, friendly, helpful. Company doesn’t have 24/7 support which is bad for people from different parts of the world, so there’s another minor disadvantage. Final result we got was overall fine, but with several mistakes. Our verdict showed that price doesn’t correspond with quality because it could be better for the money.

How Do We Select Companies for the Best List

We were asked how we evaluate services for our top-5 lists, so here’s an answer. We always follow the same procedure when we evaluate immigration document translation services. There are certain criteria that we use to grade companies:

  • Content of website. Interface should be clear, its content should be useful. It must contain all necessary information like prices. Also, it should be easy-to-use and have price quotes provided at best speed.
  • Customer feedback. We find out all possible information about the company online including Google ranking, customer reviews, employee feedback, history, etc.
  • Pricing. We carefully compare prices with average market ones and say our verdict based on it. Only agencies with the best price make it to our list.
  • Customer support. Perfect support should be quick, 24/7, polite, professional. They should help translate documents for immigration by giving necessary order information. Also, they should react fast and always be on the side of customers.
  • Order placement. We pay close attention to order placement and payment form and make sure it suits all.
  • Speed of delivery. We look at how fast a company completes orders, if it follows deadlines, and if it produces the best discount if a paper is late.
  • Quality of text. We give the final texts to evaluation specialists from different industries to find out if a document has grammar, lexical, syntax, or stylistic mistakes.

After we investigate the company, we grade each criterion and calculate the final mark. Only the best companies are included in our top lists and featured on our website.

Which Documents Do I Need?

The list of immigration document translation varies greatly depending on the type of visa and situation. Immigrating by a working visa is not the same as immigrating through marriage. Still, there are some common documents. Here is the checklist:

  • Birth certificate. It proves your personality along with other ID documents.
  • Financial documents. They should tell an immigration officer about your financial sustainability, etc.
  • Marriage certificate. It is compulsory when you immigrate with your family or immigrate through marriage. Also, it is needed if you have children.
  • Divorce certificate. It is useful when you bring children with you or plan a marriage.
  • Military records. This document is necessary for men who were in the military or didn’t serve due to health or other reasons.
  • Police clearance certificate. Target country immigration officers might base their answer based on police records.
  • Medical record. Records issued in your country are in need when you immigrate or just receive healthcare services abroad.

Before immigrating, get all the most recent details about your case and collect necessary documents. Translate them only with help of the best-trusted agency. They usually have a good reputation, experience, positive reviews from people who submitted legal documents there.

Certified Translation for Immigration: Why It Is Important

When you immigrate, embassies and immigration offices demand certified documents. It is a general requirement that fits most countries. Sometimes, you also have to notarize documents, but certification is one of the best ways to prove accuracy of text. When a professional linguist certifies your documents, they sign upon the accuracy of documents. There are different kinds of certificates that a specialist should have at best translations services:

  • ATA Certificate. ATA proves that experts have mastered a certain language pair and translate correctly to and from certain languages.
  • DLPT Certificate. Federal government agencies value this test which effectively measures language ability of a certain person.
  • UN Certification. Linguists benefit from this certification because it proves their knowledge of each of six official United Nations languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Spanish, Russian.

Read Reviews and Choose the Best Agency

Sure, the best immigration translation service greatly helps you to enter the country of your dreams. A professional translator will prepare all documents that will be accepted by institutions in the US or other countries. Choose only the best companies that have experience in the field, great pricing, top specialists. Also, be sure to read reviews at TranslationReport because they will greatly help you to find more info about companies you choose.