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Company Overview

The company offers services for many industries for a reduced price. With more than 120 languages, it covers the most demanded options for translation. The company has many certifications and provides specialized notarized and certified translation services for immigration or traveling needs.

This company promises to solve any communication problem that arises in an international operation. Universal Translation Services offer DTP and translation services for various spheres. The landing page shows that the company’s Google rating is 4.2 out of 5. However, we made our search and can say that generally, the company has a 3 to 4.2 rating. So, we decided to review this Universal Translation to see if it makes it to the list of our top services. To do this, we investigated their site, its content, and the quality of translation. Also, we looked at the prices and tested customer support. You can read our main points below.

Services and Languages

Our review of Universal-Translation-Services showed that they specialize in the business sphere and many of their employees are members of the ATA. Also, they give online notary service, as well as telephone and video interpreting. They have qualified certified translation option which guarantees USCIS acceptance, which is good for those who immigrate. 

The company’s site mentions translation to many industries such as medical, technical, business, financial, and more. It looks like the company has the best industry experts, but we were somewhat suspicious about the quality because there are too many spheres of operation.

We also found out that the company translates to more than 120 languages, among which Arabic, Dutch, Farsi, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, professional Chinese translation services, and many more. There is no information if natives participate in the translation, so we wondered how our document will turn out.

Prices and Payment

The company’s prices start from $0.10 per word, which is an average marketing price. However, certified or notarized translators will cost you $20 per page, which is justified. We decided to translate a resume, so we had the lowest rates. Overall, the pricing can be both for word and for page for different cases. The type of industry and language also impact the price. There aren’t many payment options, but the main ones are available. The translation company accepts Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, and Discover.

Quality Test-Drive

We were disappointed with the quality of support because they took a long time to answer and seemed to lack respect. We do not think this kind of behavior is acceptable for professionals. Customer reviews prove our experience because according to them, the managers weren’t available when needed and the staff was rude. So, the customer support is not a strong point of this firm.

For our Universal-Translation-Services review, we decided to order a Spanish-English resume translation, which may be on high demand for a great number of people. After we received the final version, we gave it to a Spanish professor who works at the university. Unfortunately, he found several lexical mistakes which made the resume sound unprofessional. There was a weird terminology that could put off a potential employer. As for customer reviews, we found the same information, and sometimes, the experience was worse than ours. Luckily, the order was on time, but we cannot say that it exceeded our expectations. 

Positives and Negatives

In this section, we decided to give you a quick online translation services reviews, which would be helpful to make your choice. Here are our main points:


  • Timely delivery

  • Wide range of specializations


  • Many lexical mistakes in the resume

  • Unprofessional customer support

  • Mixed review

  • Inconvenient site

Final Word

Generally, the only good point about the company is decent delivery time. We had a bad experience with our resume translation, that’s why we advise you to address this service with caution. Poor quality of translation can be explained by machine translation use or inexperienced employees. Therefore, we strongly recommend using this service only for general translation which requires no human efforts. We also weren’t pleased with the behavior of customer support, that’s why based on our Universal-Translation-Services review, the final mark is 3 out of 5 stars.

My movie review paper has been delivered on time. The only issue that I have with Universal Translation Services is their customer support that did not provide me with additional information about localization or translators.

Even though they offer many translation subjects, it appears to be false. My translation expert missed half of the legal terms in my document. Look for certified legal translators only as it is not the right company!

Even though it is probably not a machine translation, it shows as if the translation has been done by freelancers. Asking their customer support about certification was left without a reply.


If you need notarized translations, look elsewhere as the quality is low for certified translation.


Machine translation is often used by their translators. Beware for serious work!

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