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Expert Review of the Best German Translation Services

Germany is a country for many opportunities for your business, service, or product. Its high economic development gives all kinds of benefits for entrepreneurs, employees, healthcare workers. That’s why finding the best German translation services is so important. German language is spoken not only in Germany but also in Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy, and other countries. It has many dialects and is much more complicated than English, so hiring a skilled professional is a must for those who conduct any professional activity or immigrate to Germany. To guide you through German translation companies, we prepared our list of best services below.

Top-5 German Translation Companies Reviews

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This company offers translation services along with localization, certified translation, proofreading, and more. First, we conducted online research of a company and found rave reviews which stated great accuracy and speed of this service. This company’s website is customer-friendly and convenient, with all necessary information about privacy policies, prices, services offered, add-ons, and more. We placed our order using a simple payment form and soon received our document. It was delivered before the deadline, which was great. When we gave the document to German translators, they said that translation was performed by a professional in the field. We had a firm positive impression of this company and gladly gave it the first place in our top chart.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

German services are a common request, and GeniusTranslation is one of the best companies to handle it. The way it guarantees quality is unique. Once its translator finishes their work, it doesn’t go to the client right away. First, it arrives to another expert who proofreads and edits it if necessary. This way, clients get two specialists for the price of one, which is impressive and encouraging. If you think prices increase because of this overall, it’s not true. GeniusTranslation provides affordable language help across different sectors. You could order transcription, subtitles, or proofreading, too. We liked the results, and we’re happy to recommend this experienced agency to our visitors.
·Excellent approach to quality
·Many German translating options
·Good prices
·Steady communication
·Not enough comments about German services online

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

Tomedes is a top-rated professional German translation service that works with many languages and industries. They can handle government, gaming, healthcare, IT translation, etc. This service charges $0.10 for one word, which is reasonable. Support operators work 24/7 which is a plus. Still, service has some minor disadvantages. We received an order on time but quality was not as good as we expected. There were several mistakes in our German language document, so we can only give a second place to this company.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

We started our review of this company from its website which was pretty convenient, with prices and a list of all services. There‘s video, document translation, localization, and interpretation. We decided to submit a birth certificate that is needed when a person has a working visa to Germany, gets married, or immigrates. Our expert German language translator said that document quality was great, but speed wasn’t top because the deadline wasn’t met. Some other disadvantages were high cost of service and absence of 24/7 support, so we gave Stepes a third place in the best list.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

GTS has an impressive experience of 15 years and claims to have top German translators in their staff. Apart from translation, there are also localization services, so we ordered website translation. Customer support was helpful, friendly, and order placement, as well as payment processes, went smoothly. Still, quality wasn’t the best because our German specialist found a lack of localization in website text. For a German-language speaker, some phrases would look awkward, even some button names would sound weird. Overall, service has mostly good reviews from customers, but we would recommend using it only for general knowledge texts.

Our Evaluation Criteria of Best German Services

To deliver the best reviews, we estimate all areas of the company's operation. We understand that a review should be unbiased as well as professional, so we developed a rigid system of evaluation for companies. Here are our criteria for the best agencies which perform top translation from German to English:

  • Good reviews. We investigate all possible information about the company on the Net and see if it has a good reputation among customers.
  • Convenient, informative website. We look at the website as a customer. So, we evaluate convenience and see if the website has clear structure as well as all necessary information like prices, services, policies.
  • Helpful customer support. The support should help customers in all ways and be accessible 24/7.
  • Easy order placement system. Customers shouldn’t have any trouble with payment as well as order placement.
  • Timely delivery. Best company will have fast delivery without delays.
  • Excellent accuracy. Final text accuracy is the most crucial criterion. Specialists at best German to English translation services should be professionals who know all nuances of each kind of translation and deliver above-expectations results for all orders.

Popular Industries for German Translation

Germany is famous for its business opportunities in several spheres. They are most demanded, so here is a list of best-translated industries:


This sphere is extensive because Germany is popular for its high-class healthcare services together with equipment. Best medical translation services online and healthcare translation services deal with all areas in healthcare, pharmaceutics, medicine, devices, etc. It is beneficial for both doctors and patients who work or receive healthcare services in Germany. Language specialists can translate document from German to English. The most popular documents include device manuals, medical reports, informed consent forms, hospital documents


Germany is a renowned exporter for cars, agricultural as well as construction machinery. Export documents, Custom obligation, Intrastat, VAT declarations, Environmental obligations are important to this sphere.

Software and Technology

IT is a crucial sphere in modern life. Germany has leading technology and software providers that release many programs as well as gadgets, so many companies localize their products with help of best German language translation companies. They usually order website localization, online help, User Manuals and Guides, software localization.


Cash flow, banking, insurance, financial operations belong to financial industry. It usually requires many documents to operate and works mostly with numbers. Some popular documents for this sphere include Prospectuses, Annual reports, Bank statements, Economic reports, Insurance documents, Proxy statements, Sales brochures.

Why Localize My German Documents?

Localization is essential for many spheres of human activity. It is different from translation because it re-creates the content so that the native speakers perceive it better. That means some parts of the original text are altered to fit the target culture. Images, way of speaking, frequent phrases, idioms are changed so that they sound best to people. This usually includes higher prices, but it is beneficial for businesses because people understand the product benefits better. German language, culture, and audience differ from English-speaking countries, so consider localizing your documents before you start activities in Germany.

Certified German Translation Services for Your Documents

If you immigrate or plan to work in Germany, you will need top certified services for your documents. Embassies, immigration services, workplaces demand certified translation for personal documents like passport, driving license, birth, marriage certificates. That is why finding a certified German agency is essential. Check if experts have certificates below before giving your document to translation or getting immigration translation services:

  • BDÜ. This certificate shows that person has completed a university degree in Translation or related professions. BDÜ membership shows that a person is a top English to German translator and has all necessary skills for a job.
  • ATA. This exam shows that a person is proficient in a certain language pair and can translate to and from it. This US exam is widely recognized and allows specialists to best certify documents.
  • CMI. This abbreviation stands for Certified Medical Interpreter. A person who has this certification can perform high-class medical interpretation.

5 Top German Dialects

Many nationalities speak German. This language even differs in Germany due to dialects. Here are the most popular of them that best translation services company should be able to handle:


Although written Austrian Standard and German Standard look very much the same, it isn’t true for spoken language. There are many pronunciation differences and also different names for the same phenomena. Austrian dialect is said to be milder than Standard German.


Swiss dialect greatly differs from German. Some people find it hardest to understand. To add, in Switzerland, there are several dialects, so translating for them is a hard deal.

Bavarian Dialect

The southeast of Germany is called Bavaria. It is the largest province which has so-called Bavarian, or High German dialect. This dialect confuses other citizens greatly and is sometimes confusing even in the course of best German translations.

Pennsylvania “Dutch”

This version of language is spoken by some communities in North America as the name suggests. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Mennonite and Amish settlers came to a new land and passed their dialects of German on to the next generations.

Low German

Low German is used in the lowlands of northern Germany. Speakers of this dialect see it as a part of their historical heritage and even think it’s a separate language. There were even efforts to protect this unique dialect.

Still Hesitant? Read Accurate German Translator Reviews

We understand how hard it can be to choose from many translation agencies online. Our advice is to search for options with native German speakers. Pay attention to the best services which provide top assistance and have great customer reviews. A good agency should be experienced, reliable, so be sure to make your investigation. We recommend reading reviews at TranslationReport to find out the best options on the market. This will help you to make your final choice and pick a great German translation agency.