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Review of Best Technical Translation Services

Scientific and technical documents greatly differ from other papers. Engineering has a language with high levels of precision. That’s why it’s especially important to find the best technical translation services for your needs. Top scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs around the world search to translate their documents. Such documents are great to translate to popular languages. This allows any technical product or scientific information to spread worldwide. Technology leaders, hi-tech startups, and multinational organizations benefit from translation services, as they help to share technical goods around the globe. Today, we will tell you about the top 5 language services with the best technical translation.

Our Pick of Top Technical Language Companies

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This online company specializes in technical or scientific documents. They deal with user manuals, guides, product specifications, and more. This firm is great for any technical document because it employs only reliable human experts. Pricing policy is based on cents per word and is more affordable than average market price. There are many language options available, starting from French and ending in more advanced Chinese and Japanese. This company has great customer reviews that are worth attention. We were also fascinated with final document quality because it was flawless and processed by best professional technical translators. It is easy to miss technical terms if the employee is not an expert. In the case of The Word Point, we were completely satisfied, which took this company to the top of our list.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

This service can do localization of various documents as well as provide certified translation. There are more than 8000 industry experts in this company in 150 languages. So, review of this service was exciting to us. Still, we were disappointed with their inconvenient website because we could not find a price. We got to know the exact cost for our document only when we placed our order. The cost was high even for a top technical language translator. For some customers, that can be unacceptable.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Company’s best services include solutions for the IT industry, so technical experts in IT may use their help. Still, our review found out that even plain documents are costly in this agency. So, consider another service if you’re not ready to overpay for the company's name. Overall, we found that service was good, although several term misinterpretations could confuse potential readers. We cannot give this service a first place, but we think that this technical translation agency is good enough.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

One of the top advantages of this service is more than 100 different languages, including rare ones. It also provides other kinds of assistance for enterprises, so it would be beneficial if you are a technical company. Like many agencies, they put a high price on their services. They had mostly good reviews, and the quality of the document we received was satisfactory. A negative detail was customer support who seemed not to care about order at all. So, if good quality is the most important thing for you, use this service but mind the possible issues.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This company has 15 years of experience, which sounds good. In their case, you can only get translation services because there are no audio, video transcription, or interpreting options. Company has the best specialists, but their price is high. As for client reviews, they were mixed. Although the quality of the document was good enough, there was no 24/7 customer support which slightly disappointed us.

Our Criteria for Evaluation

We are convinced that using certain strict criteria, we get the best technical translator reviews that are useful to readers. Here is how we determine the best of our services.

  • First, we look at the site and decide if it’s useful and convenient for customers.
  • Then, we read every possible information on the Net about this service.
  • We also look into customer feedback.
  • For technical companies, we also ask if they can process complicated documents like manuals.
  • After this, we communicate with customer support and place our order.
  • Finally, we carefully look into the quality of the final document with the help of a native specialist.

We evaluate all of these steps separately and put a final mark which shows our 360-degree analysis of given service.

Documents to Translate for Technical Industry

There is plenty of documentation when it comes to technical or scientific projects. They may include patent translations, user manuals, test methods, technical manual translation, software documentation, and manufacturing standards. Also, datasheets with components and materials of items are useful. Plus, product specifications are an important part of technical documentation for any product. Documents concerning the life cycle of products are also important. They are system architecture, design, and requirements, which simplify a product's way to the international market.

Tips for Choosing Best Companies

We are happy to give you some tips for an investigation into the best scientific translation services. You can use them to make your final choice:

  • Quality assurance. Research site for information about proofreading and quality check of your document. Good agencies will always provide such checks for all documents. If a company has quality control, there are fewer chances that you will get Spanish to English translation services, or English to French translation services with incorrect terms or grammar mistakes.
  • Human translation. Do not give your documents to companies that use machine translation. In case of difficult documents, a lack of human proofreading will result in nonsense. It’s hard to locate the best technical or best medical translation services that use only machines. It is okay if a service uses memory tools, but human translation is always the best. We are convinced that only human experts can handle technical language translation because it needs great precision and care.
  • Pricing. Our experience shows that expensive doesn’t always mean best. If the service is too costly, that doesn’t guarantee great service. Still, beware too low prices because you may get documents translated by machine. Search for options with prices that are slightly lower than average market ones.
  • Case studies. They will show if a company's methods and approaches fit your project. You will also see if a company has real experience in your field. Also, case studies mean that the company has top communication with clients.

Find Best Technical Document Translation Services with Our Reviews

Best technical services aren’t easy to find. There are many companies in the market, so choosing the best one may be a challenge. Still, we hope that using our top 5 companies review, you will find what you are looking for. It’s important to choose the best online translation services because only they can guarantee correct terminology and impeccable quality. Also, read reviews at TranslationReport to find out more about the best Chinese translation companies or best Japanese translator services on the market. We wish you good luck finding the right one.