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Best Latin Translation Service For Any Industry

Latin is among the most mysterious and bewildering languages. For one thing, it’s dead, meaning that there is no country where people would speak it. At the same time, it keeps living in other ways, to an extent where people often seek professional Latin translation services because they require expert assistance. There are religious communities, particularly those related to Vatican, scholars, especially those working in a medical field, historians who work with ancient documents, students studying linguistics, and others who often interact with Latin. There are also those who simply feel interested in this language and study it as a hobby, hoping to reconnect with the past.

But Latin is difficult and many-layered, which is why these individuals might be stuck at some point. In turn, this pushes them to look for companies that provide professional help. We prepared reviews of five such agencies that we deemed most impressive. Apart from working with Latin, some of them also offer excellent Chinese, Italian, and Arabic translation service along with best game localization. Learn more about them with us to choose correctly.

Five Best Latin Translation Services

After thorough evaluations and our personal review experience, we managed to compose a list with five services that specialize in Latin translation. They are viewed as the most reliable by most customers, and they did fairly well when we tested them. Note that they are situated in an order starting with the highest rated ones.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This is an established agency that has been operating in a translation market for years. It covers 100 languages at the moment, and it has a team comprising specifically trained Latin translators who hold the required certifications and possess solid experience. Prices, delivery, and revision policies work with nearly 100% efficiency, which places it on top of the list.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

This service has really taken off in the last few years, and Latin is one of specializations it’s proud of in particular. Its services are a bit pricey, but you could be eligible for a discount. Overall quality is sufficient, which leaves most customers satisfied.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

If you have an urgent task, this agency could be the best fit. It distinguishes itself by accepting orders with the hottest deadlines. Quality of translations from Latin might not be stellar in these cases, but it is still sufficient enough for Rush Translate to be a part of this list.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

It offers a variety of services, from translation to interpretation and transcription. Based on overall facts, it does better work with more common languages, but it does have a few talented Latin experts who could help you with your project.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This company has a pretty high rating, with a department of Latin translators online who are waiting to help at a moment's notice. While information on its website leaves a lot to be desired in terms of fluency, it offers quality services on Latin orders.

Intriguing Facts about Latin You Might Want to Learn

Historically, Latin has undergone multiple development stages, but only two main types of it can be distinguished at our times. Namely, they include Classical and Ecclesiastical kinds. The former remains a language of literature as well as Roman records: this is what scholars speak in their pursuits. Ecclesiastical form has a religious basis, and the Roman Church representatives still use it. That’s where Latin to English translation services come in handy. Another interesting thing is that Latin came from Italic group, which makes it a part of Indo-European family. Many parts of it got absorbed into other languages, so chances are, you use some Latin words without even knowing it.

Selecting Superior Services and Methods We Applied

There are hundreds of agencies that hope to attract customers by offering the most unique services. But of course, very few of them are actually reliable. It takes professionals of the highest level to work with languages, and if you’re looking for Latin translator to English, chances of getting qualified help are even lower. Look at the criteria we have applied in our quest to present you with top services.

  • Research into client reviews. It’s clear that services with the biggest number of reviews are those that are hired most frequently. That’s why we started with them. We made a list of most reviewed Latin services and proceeded from there.
  • Consultation with professional sites. It’s not a secret that some services post fake reviews. For this reason, our next step involved consulting independent sites that also review similar services. We generally use the best translation sites and the best transcription sites that cover the majority of translating agencies. If its experiences are described as abysmal, we put question marks against companies or eliminate them from a list entirely.
  • Examination of prices, site layout, and other policies. This is a stage where we examined everything related to the offered Latin translations. We evaluated prices for one word of content, looked at how convenient and fluent the info published on the site is tried speaking with support operators, and read policies. Particular attention was paid to such aspects as the existence of refunds and revisions because, without them, a site cannot be considered reliable.
  • Personal test. When only five services were left after all tests, we placed our orders with them. They were of the same length and complexity, and we demanded the same semi-urgent deadlines. The obtained results helped us make a final decision regarding the quality of Latin language service.

What Industries Still Need Latin?

Like we’ve mentioned before, there is a small number of industries that often require Latin language translation. We already listed medical translationsSDS translation, academic, and religious spheres — it is true that they are the biggest clients who seek assistance most often. But Latin usefulness doesn’t end here. You’d be amazed to learn that many YouTubers often contact companies because they want to convey some info in their videos accurately and require translations. Some even ask for Latin voice-overs to impress their audience. Another industry is art & literature. People stage plays, write books or compose short stories where they want to insert some fluent Latin phrases. History and philosophy are two major consumers as well since many people want to translate rare texts out of personal or professional curiosity.

Certifications that English to Latin Translator Must Possess

Getting a degree and having work experience isn’t always enough. Some companies require more proof of their employees’ professionalism, which can come only from issued certificates. They are provided by qualified organizations like ATA (American Translators Association). There is also NAJIT, which stands for National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators, as well as ITI, Institute of Translation and Interpreting. If a person received a certificate from them, it means their knowledge carries an officially recognized value, which makes them more trustworthy as an expert.

Human Translation Ensures High Quality

It’s true that there are many useful software apps that facilitate translating work. Some of them can be of great assistance with languages like Spanish, but with Latin, things are more difficult. Relying on any kind of machine is dangerous because few of them have been created for this language. That’s why good translators to and from Latin must engage only in human translation. It helps ensure flawless quality, with no mistakes, mistranslations, or awkward structures present.

Things to Know About Prices

When composing our review, we took into consideration prices set by the examined agencies. You can be certain that they stay within an affordable range. If you decide to hire other services, remember these three aspects. First, the shorter a deadline is, the higher your price is going to be. Second, if someone demands a crazy amount of money for their work, it doesn’t mean they’ll translate your project better than others. Finally, to avoid paying two times, make sure a company has a free revision option — it is a must.

Read Reviews and Find Best Latin Translation Company

Translating English into Latin is a special task that only a real expert can get done. If you need this kind of service, choose carefully and weight every option. Read our review and visit websites of these agencies PickWriters to see for yourself what they’ve got to offer. If you still can’t decide, consider checking the list with top 10 translation companies for a wider range of options. Information is key to satisfaction, and if you have enough of it, you won’t make a mistake.