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Best Game Localization Services To Conquer Global Market

Any software development process requires substantial resources and time investment. This is an expensive procedure and if your company finished such complex products as computer video games, you would need to distribute it among as many customers as possible. The best game localization services will assist with extending realization markets and contribute to the revenue increase.

True AAA class projects cannot focus on one or two target countries only. Ideally, they should aim at global popularity. It requires translation to at least a dozen of the most widely used languages. Game developers usually do not spend valuable resources on hiring in-house translators and prefer outsourcing localization tasks to the best translation sites instead.

Video Game Localization Companies Reviews

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This professional service completes not just regular translation jobs but game localizations as well. Prices are reasonable and delivered products’ quality is more than satisfactory.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Service proved works’ quality in many popular documents’ translations requests including work with videos and voice over, which will be useful for video game translation. There are a huge number of available languages and they offer average prices.  That is why this agency deserves to be among the best.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

A wide variety of services, game localization among them, for slightly higher prices are offered here. This company implements machine translation along with human work which results in faster turnaround.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This service’s translators specialize in urgent help so when video game localization is required for a new market in a limited time frame before release, you may request their assistance. They also have comparatively low prices.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

Since this service hires many freelancers, it is better to choose it for website or manuals’ translation rather than the entire game localization.

Review Process

Everybody wants the best possible experience along with following instructions while placing orders. Finding the best translation website requires time and careful approach checking multiple factors. It isn’t easy for prospective customers as they usually do not have enough time to examine services from different angles. That is why we reviewed all work-related aspects themselves with the purpose of ensuring maximum video games localization process’s effectiveness:

  • We explored the background of each service including their website, about us section, public appearance.
  • Finding and reviewing all published feedback from clients about the service is the primary focus of our review.
  • We experience the entire ordering process from communicating with support team to placing paid orders.
  • Quality of the returned document is the most important factor that defines our final decision.

Processes Within Video Game Localization Service

One could think that language experts need to work with texts only so it’s rather easy. The truth is that game development requires multiple different processes and skills for proper localization of all elements vary as well.

Linguistic Aspect

Developers understand that full adherence to target languages’ linguistic peculiarities is crucial for preserving immersive atmosphere. Modern games develop complex characters with their unique dialogues, reactions, thoughts, and actions. Poor job done by video game translators with mistakes will ruin the emotional component that makes people buy products.

Cultural Background

Any language is inseparable from a culture where it was developing for many centuries. For example, many things that are a norm in Arab culture, appear to be unacceptable in others. That is why expert Arabic translation service or Japanese translation service, which knows all those tricky things can help you avoid possible cultural scandals by considering specific contexts while completing translations. Don’t hesitate to hire an experienced company.

Manuals And Guides

Completion of these elements, that are required for any computer game, needs not just language skills but also getting acquainted with mechanics along with many internal processes. Good game translator demonstrates a meticulous approach as user experience is based on what they see.

User Interface, Graphics, Other Multimedia Parts

All these elements have embedded texts that require proper translation in almost all cases for proper video game localization. Cooperation with the programming team and graphic designers also requires specific skills and knowledge apart from professional ones related to translation.

Dubbing Scripts and Voice-Over Service

Proper representation of characters’ actions and dialogues depends on adapting scripts taking into consideration target language’s features, acceptable tones, as well as communication strategies. All these important benefits can be achieved by hiring an expert localization service including native actors.

Testing Procedure

Game localization cannot be released without proper polishing of all its elements and entire work. Finding native speakers as a localized product’s testers is the first opportunity to reveal all potential problems in both coding parts and texts’ localization and eliminate them before actual release.

Official Website’s Localization

Full video game localization is impossible without an appropriate representation of its website. It must be always up to date and filled with relevant content such as product specifications, requirements, related articles, community’s posts, patches, promotional content, or other associated things.

Supported Platforms

You may think that working in the best localization service along with game developers requires constantly learning about new technology but localization of software products, even such complex ones as game, presupposes work with textual elements.

Services chosen for our reviews accept all popular files’ formats so cooperation will be easy and productive. All game-related files such as scripts or in-game descriptions are provided in general MS Word or PDF files so that they could be easily translated to more languages if you aim at conquering international market.

Why Translators Are Needed In Game Development?

People want a full experience that a gamer can provide and they usually do not like difficulties with something that is expected to be fun. Computer games are always developed for a wide audience and more than one country. That is why finding services that know target languages and can translate all texts is essential.

At the same time hiring numerous specialists for each intended localization is not possible for developers’ companies in most cases as it is expensive. It requires huge changes in company’s organizational structure. Everybody should focus on what he or she can do best so video game localization must be delegated to the most suitable specialists. Outsourcing localization procedures became one of the best things for optimization of game development process.

Make Smart Decisions When Choosing the Best Game Localization Company

Finding the most reliable and best game localization companies that are reliable enough for long-term cooperation and providing high-quality deliverables is time-consuming, often very difficult. Rules of maximum effectiveness in work require concentrating on primary responsibilities instead of trying to cover everything. That is why reading reviews at TranslationReport and hiring the best localization service should be done so that you can concentrate on developing high-quality software. Gamers all over the world will enjoy released games in case developers do their job only, rather than try to be both developers and translators.