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5 Best Marketing Translation Services for Advertising

The number of people who are looking for the best marketing translation services is growing. With restrictions placed by the pandemic, advertising is the only way for many organizations, small companies, and businesses in general to promote their products. Every ambitious businessman thinks about expansion on a global level, but they face a problem. 

Where to find top experts who could provide them with the best quality service? Translation Report is here to answer this question. We looked into the best translation websites, selected marketing categories, and placed a sample order. Then we examined every aspect of the service we got. Find out what we've discovered with our review!

Top 5 Marketing Translations Services For Your Choosing

Our goal wasn't to simply pick a good service for you: we strived to locate the best one. After intense search and analysis, we were able to compose five top reviews that reflect our findings. Take a look and pick the firm that suits you best!

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This company has made a lasting impression with its top marketing document translation services. Despite being relatively young in this big industry, it managed to earn the best spot because of their efficiency, 100% attention to clients, affordable prices, and solid policies that protect your interests. Its employees are experts in the area of advertising. With 100 languages covered, you can select between different options and your results will be equally great. Everything is delivered just on time, too. For its stellar service, TheWordPoint gets first place in this review.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

As the best certified marketing translation agency, it takes its work seriously. Its top experts work with 80 languages, and its support team always welcomes both old and new customers. You could find swift help for affordable costs here. At the same time, quality and deadlines might suffer. These are the biggest review aspects, and since they weren’t consistent, we re-tested them. During our second try, we got everything on time and with the best possible quality. So, it is better to make sure that you end up with a top specialist before agreeing with the company’s choice.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

Operating since 2006, this company has some of the best marketing translators in the industry. It offers different services, including linguistic help with PR campaigns, in 100 various languages, so your choice is pretty vast. Quality is on the top level: even minor issues will be detected and removed before you get your project. Friendly operators and pleasing policies help ensure confidentiality. The reason why JRLanguage gets the second spot in our review is that its prices sometimes verge into expensive categories. For the most part, they are still acceptable, but if you pick a rare language, you might end up paying more.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

This is a reliable and efficient marketing translation provider. It has more than 100K experts and works with top 100 languages, so most customers quickly find what they’ve been looking for. Quality tends to be the best, but support system is a nightmare, which determined Stepes place in our review list. As one of the big advantages, clients here can get assistance in real-time, watching how their projects are being created. Prices are average and revisions are available, so you aren’t risking anything by taking your chance with this agency.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

This old company has many top experts specializing in the best advertising translation services. You could find help in 150 languages, which is an impressive number, and importantly, the price doesn’t change much: it’s affordable. Operators work in perfect synch. Translators can miss deadlines, though, so beware of it. While such issues are clarified in advance, if your PR project is urgent, you could be late. Quality compensates for it, but of course, everything depends on your needs and priorities.

What You Should Consider When Searching for Professional Marketing Translators

Whether you prefer to rely on reviews and look for the best firms yourself, there are some points you should keep in mind. First, check what options and languages are available. If you need Arabic document translation services  or Portuguese translation services, but a company only covers 11 languages, you might be wasting your time.

Also, make certain there is 24/7 chat available because you might have questions at any point in your client experience. What are privacy policies? Read them carefully before sharing any personal info to avoid problems later. Finally, ask about refunds. If a service isn't the best, an agency must guarantee that it'll return your money.

Selecting the Best Marketing Agencies: Review Criteria

What did our team focus on when we were writing our review?  Many people are interested in this because they want to ascertain that we aren't biased. We'll gladly share top criteria we use as a guide. Whatever company we're evaluating, we rely on the same list with demands.

  • Background. How long has a firm been operating, and what do online reviews say about it? This is the first point we set out to explore. It helps establish some basic credibility and gives us an idea of what we should expect. Then we move our attention to an agency's website and study it. Diversity is important in advertising translation: we need to know if localization services are provided, if there is a certification option, how many languages translators work with, etc. All these factors form the first impression.
  • Prices. As a rule, the best companies don't hide how much they're charging their clients. They reveal their prices online. If you need something like Chinese marketing translation services, you shouldn't wonder how much you'll pay and share info that could easily be confidential just to find an answer. If an agency hides prices, our review team considers it a red flag.
  • Support. Support must work day and night, considering how vast translation industry is and how people from different time zones might need assistance.
  • Policies. We read an agency's policies about privacy, revisions, and refunds. If you ordered immigration translation services and your application was rejected because of poor quality, you deserve full compensation. Not all companies offer it; many of them put limitations on it. We check this stuff.
  • Quality. If you paid for the best German marketing translation service, you expect top quality. So, our experts review documents we receive, make remarks about them, and share their final judgment. Only the most amazing companies deserve a spot in our review.

Who, When, and Why: Global Need for Marketing Translation

People working in all possible spheres need assistance with PR translation services. They could be businessmen, writers who want to promote their work, independent entrepreneurs, and literally anyone else who hopes to share what they created. Because of this, industries and content demands differ a lot, so people have to find an expert that specializes in their specific sphere. Here are a few tips: if your project has lots of wordplay, catchy phrases, irony, etc., better use localization. For medical sphere, emphasize that you need a translator who understands both healthcare and advertising.

Consider transcreation if you seek extra creative solutions: in this case, specialists won't simply translate your content, they'll adapt it along with accompanying imagery and scenarios. This makes any product enticing for a specific target audience. For technical industries, tell operators what kind of knowledge your translator should possess. Be sure you clarify all these aspects before paying anyone to start working on your project.

Use Our Reviews to Get the Best Marketing Translation Service

Our reviews are always professional, objective, and only the top companies manage to get their places in our lists. We don't simply offer options for a good marketing translator — we have many more. For example, if you need SDS translation services or best Dutch translation services, look through reviews and pick your best agency! Don't jump straight into placing an order: consider all factors, read about agency, contact support representatives. Make a decision and feel confident about your choice. Translation Report will gladly assist you with it!