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Best Italian Translation Services in 2023

Best Italian translation services are most popular in the food manufacturing industry, fashion, and tourism sectors. As the language is spoken by over 65 million people, both small and top companies require daily linguistics assistance for business and logistics purposes. Italian translations are also required in fashion and film industries where  precise translation is required. Considering all the differences and socio-cultural points, it becomes essential to find the best Italian translation services by approaching certified native speakers. Our review of top providers will help you to make the right choice that matches your needs.

Reviews of Best Italian Translation Services

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

TheWordPoint provides the best ratio regarding price vs quality. Offering professional certified services, this agency can handle it all from wedding certificates and immigration to technical documents, app localization services, and medical product descriptions.Company provides only human translation, and it is easily one of the best Italian language translation services for clients requiring accuracy.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This service is one of best solutions for business purposes when your time is running out and you need some urgent assistance. They also offer same-day delivery while still keeping their prices affordable. What makes this company exceptional is care about formatting and post-translation editing services to keep every language aspect accurate.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

It belongs somewhere in the middle. They have experienced translators that offer limited, yet quite good services that fit well when you must translate scientific articles or work with literary materials. They also provide certified services for travel documents and academic subjects. Their Italian translations prices are affordable once you negotiate with their customer support.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This company delivers on time and has knowledgeable linguists but with a slightly limited range of services. Still, it’s good for those cases when you do not mind using various AI tools. A major problem here is additional editing, which happens quite often with machine translation cases.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.2

It’s one of those higher-priced options with over 100 languages and a list of rare services, yet it’s far from the top. While they offer Italian translation services like rare technical subjects, it becomes relatively risky because customers may approach best English to Italian translator or encounter someone who will make numerous grammar errors. Their website is hard to navigate when placing an order.

Our Evaluation Criteria for Best Italian Translation Reviews

As we work on our reviews to find best online translation services, we always make an actual order to properly evaluate the company, its employees, quality, etc. Although Italian does not belong to rare languages, our evaluation experts have checked it all, from localization to cultural aspects of Italian dialects.

Here are some points we have considered:

  • Company's Background and Navigation. Our evaluation process starts with checking company's website. Then our experts read online reviews to gather as much information as we possibly can. We navigate the website as we place an order to determine how safe and easy it is going to be for potential customers. Hiring the best language specialist should always start with a way how a certain service represents itself.
  • Customer Reviews. It's one of the top aspects of our evaluation. We do our best at finding real customer reviews and testimonials to learn about opinions regarding Italian translators available. It assists in combining information that we provide with opinions provided by other customers.
  • Affordability. When prices are either too low or over the top, it's always necessary to check why it is so. The majority of people looking for affordable services might encounter low prices, which does not necessarily mean that quality is going to suffer. For example, customers may get excellent quality without costing too much. Requesting English to Italian translation online from Polilingua, which has higher prices, showed lower quality, which must be considered.
  • Support Team. As we place our reviews order with every company checked, we contact support team. It helps us see how they cope with various issues or what kind of assistance they can provide. For example, people trying to find best medical translation service will request additional information regarding certification with specific skills of language experts that must be present for efficient work. Asking several questions regarding English to Italian translation services and evaluating the answers, we determine professional skills of each company.
  • Delivery Speed. Timely delivery is essential for those cases when one is dealing with business travels and urgent, time-sensitive documents. Since delays may happen because of formatting issues or a necessity of additional editing, our review experts carefully evaluate each case to help you avoid possible risks.
  • Grammar and Style Accuracy. This part is checked thoroughly by our top linguists. Once we have our final document, we deliver it to native Italian speakers who check it in terms of grammar, style, and formatting. If there are some minor or major issues, we mention them in our reviews. When there are cultural aspects involved, translation from Italian to English is checked regarding editing or consideration of integrity factors.

Additionally, we have checked for:
- Certified Translation. This is where best language service stands out by offering certified guidance with a human approach, which is essential for medical or any technical work.

- Localization services. Italian game localization services have its specifics, some cultural points, and details to be on the same page with the target audience. This is where such services from our list like TheWordPoint and RushTranslate do well.

- Transcription and Voice Overs. Since this is a different type of work, finding best translation services Italian to English that consider every minor aspect may appear quite challenging. This is where the human translation approach works best.

Once we have at least five services reviewed, we carefully evaluate each company by sharing our opinion with you. We have also checked availability of popular Italian linguistic assistance types, including fashion industry, medical, automotive, and financial sectors. Focusing on aforementioned points helps us choose safe and reliable translation companies that can help you achieve excellent results.

Popular Types of Italian Translation and Certified Italian Translation Services

The most popular aspects where Italian translations are popular include:

- Fashion Industry. Italy is home to the world of fashion, which makes it vital to find specialists that will handle marketing specifics or cultural aspects of this demanding sector.

- Medical. Medical documents require only certified specialists with due knowledge and experience. Due to recent events, this service is on demand and only top companies are able to handle medical documents.

- Automotive. Just think about Italian cars and you will instantly understand how important it is to provide correct Italian to English translation services without technical mistakes. This field also contains business agreements with relevant personal communications.

- Software and Technology. While it is not widely known, Italy is famous for medical software and related technology. Many world-famous Italian companies like B Human Srl and Fata Informatica constantly request linguistic services by expanding their work all over the world.

- Financial and Banking. Since bank operations and financial transactions take place daily, correct handling of online Italian translation work is essential. This kind of work requires accuracy, which is why the proofreading aspect of each agency that we review is so important.

- Business. Such requests represent the most popular types in any language since it includes anything from investments to an evaluation of marketing proposals. Since Italy is popular in the field of rental contracts and real estate, this field is in the top 3 at almost every Italian translation agency.

- Legal. Documents and papers for a legal sphere can be done only by certified specialists, which is why request relevant certificates as you place your Italian Law-based order.

- Tourism. It includes leaflets, hotel advertisements, and many other marketing requests. The cultural point is one of the top criteria here.

- Food Industry. It contains anything from technical descriptions to various manuals that help specialists in logistics deliver products and services on time.

Aspects to Consider When You Translate Document From Italian to English & Vice Versa

Considering placing your request, focus on the following points:

  • Discuss your objectives with your assigned specialist in advance. It helps guarantee that your objectives are handled right.
  • Negotiate every pricing aspect. If formatting requires an additional price, discuss it right away and ask about revisions and glossary parts if it is necessary. Do not forget that higher prices do not necessarily stand for higher quality. When you process documents from Italian to English, your final price may differ if you need creative content or approach rare Italian dialects used in historical documents.
  • Human Translation. Some people approach Google Translate not only for website translation but for the handling of their daily communications. It is a major mistake that will look like Chinese to English outcomes of technical manuals that sound outright wrong. A professional Italian translation service uses the human translation approach only because it helps eliminate mistakes and focus on every socio-cultural aspect of each sentence. Agencies make it clear about their approach, which is why we have placed them at the top of our list.
  • Delivery Speed. As a rule, decent services will not have any delays, yet it is not always the case in practice. Discuss your deadlines in advance and set them earlier than your due date if possible. Such an approach helps avoid trouble.

Italian Dialects and Language Facts

Italy has seven main dialects that are often considered by the locals as distinct languages as they do not really sound the same. In truth, visiting Rome, you will only face certain linguistic declinations and sentence structure changes. Of course, dealing with pronunciation and speed, it may take you a while to understand all the peculiarities of Tuscan or Sicilian dialects. Here are some of them to consider, especially when searching for the best translation services English to Italian for a specific region:

  • Tuscan. Visiting Florence, you will see how the locals seem to swallow the "c" sound.
  • Neapolitan. According to UNESCO, it is considered a real language that you may encounter in Naples and Campania regions. It has roots in the Greek language.
  • Sicilian. It has many Latin, Greek, and even Arabic influences if you listen to how it sounds.
  • Venetian. Understanding Italian in the North can be a challenge because many vowels sound as if they have been cut off intentionally!
  • Ligurian. Although it is mostly spoken in Genova, it is one of the most beautiful dialects.
  • Sardinian. Also considered a separate language, it is not related to other Neo-Latin languages.
  • Apulian. According to most Italians, it is hard for them to understand it unless they are Puglia locals!

Italian is also an official language of San Marino, Vatican City, Switzerland, and the Western Istria region in Slovakia and Croatia. The other countries that must be mentioned include Albania, Monaco, and Malta that also had Italian as one of their official languages in the past. It is one of the reasons why locals from these countries also look for best Italian to English translator help. Italian is spoken in North and East Africa. It's a language of ethnic minorities in Saudi Arabia. In total, about 3 million people speak it as a second language. If you did not know, over 700,000 Americans speak Italian.

Importance of Finding The Best Services

Since we are not affiliated with any translation company, our reviews are unbiased. Our top linguists' team helps to determine quality from a professional point of view based on several evaluated tasks. As you check our reviews, we help you find reliable answers to concerns that you may have. If you are looking for best Italian translations or need best German translation services, our reviews let you stay safe and receive best help.