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Best USCIS Translation Services: 2023 Reviews

Even minor problems with the documents submitted to USCIS might result in an application rejection or significant delays. This justifies the need to ensure document conformity at each level, and USCIS translation services allow just that. They assure accurate document translation as needed for USCIS, completed by top professional, certified linguists. But to find best agency, one must read reviews and do thorough research.

However, translating official documents for the purpose of immigration or naturalization requires not just a certified translation service but one whose professional qualities are proven by its top track record. We attempted to review best immigration translation services and list these platforms starting with the best-rated one.

Reviews of USCIS Certified Translation Services

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

Pros include top user reviews, qualitative and thoroughly executed work with explanatory annotations, on-time delivery, transparent price formation, an intuitive website. There are few cons to mention making it the best service mentioned in this review.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

Key advantages are a great range of announced specializations – financial, business, technical, medical, etc., more than 120 languages covered, strictly respected deadlines. Some disadvantages are mixed reviews, occasional mistakes, average customer support, far from the best website.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Positives include good output quality, a 24/7 competent and polite client support line, possibility of revision. Negatives include somewhat high prices plus a lack of transparency regarding the latter, which introduces much unnecessary tension.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

The best positive aspects that can be reviewed are a transparent pricing scheme and an intuitive order placement system. Some negative aspects are significant problems with both deadlines and output quality.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

What speaks in favor of these services are many specialization areas plus fairly low prices. Some downsides are an inconsistent level of expertise among employed translators, which may result in poor quality work.

What Is USCIS & Why Certify Translations for It?

USCIS stands for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, one of the agencies of the Department of Homeland Security. USCIS requires that civil documents submitted for its review and which contain foreign languages must be fully converted into English, for example, translation from Indonesian to English. Certain rules are applicable when translating documents for USCIS. Language experts must certify that their work is complete and accurate, without any corrections or additions, and also must include a certificate attesting that they are competent to work with a given language. Typically, such a certificate includes the certifier’s name, address, date of certification, and signature.

Do You Need to Notarize Translations for USCIS?

While more than 10 years ago notarized translations became mandatory for USCIS translations, nowadays, these are no more typically required – certified translations will do in most cases. Nevertheless, USCIS still remains vigilant regarding document authenticity. Thus, there were several "Requests for Evidence" or even application rejections lately. Documents were signed not by language specialists but by other representatives from their companies – having a translator’s signature is the best way to avoid such problems. As for notarization, it can still prove very useful as an included company offered by companies depending on a client’s needs or plans – for instance, many other government agencies do require notarization. That is why our team reviewed top services.

How Did We Select the Best USCIS Certified Translation Services?

TranslationReport review team performs a complex, time-consuming, and hands-on review of services to pinpoint the best market players. The weight of each review is determined by several criteria, as follows:

  • Website info. Review experts analyze and compare working processes, policies, claims, trying to understand how realistic or accurate these are and what value they bring for clients. They look at the declared array of companies, trying to assess key areas of specialization where the service performs best. Our review experts pay special attention to mechanisms through which quality of execution is guaranteed, and the client’s financial investments are protected. They also check whether professional USCIS approved translators are available and how they are employed – full-time employees are normally preferred over freelancers.

  • Real user feedback and online ratings. User reviews are analyzed on top social media platforms and specialized websites such as BBB, Trustpilot, but also on less popular yet still trustworthy web pages. This criterion helps enormously in distinguishing poor services from the best ones.

  • Attitude towards deadlines. Any review that isn’t directly contracting the services of a given agency it evaluates is, at best superficial. Besides noticing whether papers are provided in time, review team evaluates how well the company can translate document for USCIS, particularly, how accurate its use of formal English and terminology characteristic for official documents is.

  • Quality of translations: The primary criterion for evaluating best USCIS certified translation services is the quality of their translations. We examine the accuracy, fluency, and cultural appropriateness of the translations provided by each service. We also evaluate the translation process, including the use of translation software, proofreading, and editing.

  • Customer support professionalism & availability. Evaluating client support staff is done by contacting them and asking them to expand on or clarify their service selection, policies, procedures. Such conversations help assess communication efficiency, politeness, sincerity. Besides, top agencies have a client support team available 24/7.

  • Order placement convenience, price transparency, and payment options. Is the process of placing orders easy and convenient, is price formation transparent, without hidden fees? Can clients easily upload tons of content just like the best game localization services allow it, and can they easily append clarifying information formulating specific wishes regarding their document translation for USCIS?

  • USCIS acceptance: We verify that the translation service is USCIS certified and meets the standards set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This ensures that the USCIS certified translations will be accepted without any issues.

  • Turnaround time: Our review team measures translation service speed in delivering quality translations. We examine turnaround time for various document types and ability of the service to handle rush orders.

  • Pricing: Our reviewers analyzes pricing structure of each company and compare it with industry standards. We evaluate transparency and simplicity of pricing policies, including any hidden fees or additional charges.

  • User experience: Our reviewers assess the ease of use and website’s accessibility, ordering process, and the user interface. They also evaluate the availability of translation samples, customer reviews, and testimonials to aid potential customers in their decision-making process.

Which Documents Are Necessary for USCIS?

USCIS deals with many types of legal procedures related to temporary or permanent immigration and naturalization in the US among which: obtaining citizenship or permanent residence, immigration of skilled workers or family members, children adoption from abroad, immigration of people running from persecution, war, famine. Depending on the application type, a different list of civil documents is required belonging either to applicants, their family members, or other parties. Not every document issued abroad requires localization. For instance, passports are often issued in multiple languages including English, yet some multiple language official documents might nevertheless require help of linguists.

Among the documents that require a certified translation for USCIS, these are the most popular ones: birth certificates, financial documents, marriage certificates, divorce papers, evidence of US Citizenship or documents attesting the status of Green Card Holder, police clearance, evidence of Lawful US Entry and Status, court, police, and prison records.

What Else You Should Consider When Choosing the Best USCIS Translation Service?

Most services mention that they are certified translation services USCIS and that they help with translations of birth, marriage, divorce certificates, etc. needed for immigration applications. Obviously, apart from such services, most of them offer app, game, website localization services, and software localization services, transcription services, proofreading that are the usual services to offer. So, when searching for the best service for immigration documents, it is worth considering additional factors such as:

  • Certifications. Apart from a USCIS translation certificate, one might expect certifications issued by associations like ATA, NAJIT, BDÜ, ITIA, APTS. Such certifiers could be international organizations specializing in particular fields.

  • Human translation. For the best results, humans should be translating, not computer programs. These humans must be native speakers since only they can work with or best convey into another language advanced terminology, hardly perceptible nuances in phrasing, cultural references, humor, dialects, and many more aspects that require top language possession skills.

  • Prices & urgency. Top services can deliver results fast and aren’t afraid to attempt urgent projects. Yet, note that there is always a trade-off between cost and urgency and this trade-off should be reasonable and fair too.

  • Specialized & additional services. If one has specific requirements, for instance converting content from German to English, it might be wise to immediately limit his or her search to the best German translation services. As for additional services, for instance, many clients need notarized, not only certified translations, and top professional services can almost always deliver this service.

Final Thoughts on Why A USCIS Certified Translation Is Important

It should be clear by now that USCIS document translation must be left to the best companies in this industry due to potentially huge implications these documents have. Yet, identifying top services is a laborious task with which TranslationReport wants to help you. Keep following our reviews - we squeeze comprehensive information in a maximally convenient format so that you can save time making informed decisions about top translation companies, their certifications and specialization areas, their strengths and weaknesses. Make an informed choice with our reviews.