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TranslationReport Provides You with Accurate Reviews

The world is a small place. People and businesses are moving about this planet in record numbers, for jobs, for study, to “set up shop,” and more. They need translation services that are accurate and reliable. But where to go? Fortunately, Translation Report is here to help, with its factual and objective reviews and recommendations of the best translation sites for individual and business needs.

TranslationReport provides full translation companies reviews, using common criteria that evaluate their ability to give accurate translations and localization to a variety of sectors that seek these services. Those can access our summary reports and get the factual information they need to make the best choice of a service to use.

Whether you need personal or business translations, localization, transcription, interpreting or proofreading services, TranslationReport is your go-to source for all information you need.

Who Are We?

TranslationReport is a team of language experts, translation professionals, and business owners with versatile background. We have come together to combine our experiences and help our colleagues to avoid mistakes that we’ve made dealing with irresponsible companies. The purpose of our website reviews is to help our colleagues to avoid mistakes that we’ve made or had to deal with. So we review and evaluate agencies to provide accurate reviews of companies, and help those in need to find good ones.

How We Evaluate Agencies – The Criteria Report to Find

First, we need to explain the process we use to review and evaluate the quality of any agency:

We Conduct the Research

We always begin with a company site. We browse it, reading every word, looking at its services, claims it makes about translators, customized approaches, policies, pricing, and certainly specific types of services that it provides. We like to see comprehensive areas, including personal documents, literature, technical, entertainment, travel, business, legal, medical, software localization and more. When an agency offers a full array of services, we know that it has been around long enough to accumulate professionals.

TranslationReport is particularly interested in the process a company uses. While machines provide simple, literal translation, they cannot replace native professionals who are experienced and have backgrounds in specific areas. These are professionals who can not only translate but who have the ability to localize text, images, etc. for cultural appropriateness in a target region or country. In addition to manual translation, we like to see a second pair of eyes on the final product before delivery to a customer.

Presence on Social Media, Customer Reviews, and Credibility

This is a wide area of investigation. At Translation Report we carefully look through social media to see what presence the company has on major platforms, the discussions that occur with customers and potential customers. We look at feedback and comments that followers make. This gives us far more information than a website testimonials, which we know will all be positive.

When we are able to read what actual customers have to say about an agency, outside of a company site, we learn much more about the credibility of what a company actually claims. We also get information on how an agency handles complaints or issues that customers may have.

When a company is willing to allow public access and discussion, via social media, it improves reputation and credibility and our ability to provide more accurate reviews.

Contact Customer Support

Customer support departments provide lots of information, if the right questions are asked. TranslationReport's team of experts contacts support departments of every service we review. We want to know all details about services, how translations proceed, how a project is assigned to an expert, and what guarantees are offered to clients so we could choose the best one. Professional sites will have a fully staffed department with agents who can ably answer all questions and inquiries.

Ordering a Product

When customers order any type of product from a service, there should be a clear and easy process. And the following should be included in any ordering process:

  • Document description and an easy method for uploading that document.
  • Native and target language requests.
  • Any unique needs or specifications.
  • Deadline for delivery of the final product.
  • Final price, based upon the order details – a price that will not change unless a customer alters the original order. This increases the trusted reputation of a company.

How We Help You Find the Best Service Provider

Certainly, you can access Translation Report and read our reviews. But that is still a lot of work on your part.

Any user of our site is welcome to contact us and pose specific questions about their individual demands. When they do, we will then point them in the direction of the reviews of the sites we believe best meet those needs. They can then read those reviews, ask us any additional questions, and choose among their options.

What we urge our users to do is this: Once they have narrowed their options, they should then contact a site directly and have a discussion about how that service operates, how they assign experts, and what they can expect in terms of expertise, pricing, turnaround time, etc.

You’re in the Right Hands with TranslationReport

Reviews that Translation Report provides will give you everything you should know about a company you may be considering. If you simply rely on a site's own content and claims, you can end up wasting your money with a product that cannot be used. When you rely on our website translation services reviews, you will have accurate information for making the right choice. We identify and recommend good translation sites – groundwork has been done for you.


  • Are internationally recognized quality certifications important for translation agencies?

Yes, they are. There are two types of certifications for documents. One is a notarization, certifying that the translation is full and accurate. The other is that an agency itself is certified by recognized international associations. Both may be important for certain types of documents

  • How does TranslationReport evaluate the accuracy of a translation?

First step is to use a professional site that has a great reputation and is trusted by others in the same area as yours. Agencies should be able to supply you with references that attest to their accuracy, especially when industry-specific terminology is critical.

  • How do you price translation services?

If you read reviews from Translation Report, you will have a clear picture of what is standard for the industry in your area. Review these prices and compare them to whatever site you are considering. Beware of cheap pricing – you get what you pay for.

  • How long does a translation take?

You determine the deadline urgency for your order. Professional sites usually price according to your deadline, but make sure that they can deliver it within that timeframe. Most top-notch companies meet urgent deadlines – it costs more, though.

  • Who will translate my documents?

Make sure that you ask this question up front. You want a human translator who is a native speaker of the target region or country. You want everything localized for the target audience, so that there are no cultural mistakes.



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