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TranslateHub is an online service and recently has been subject of many review requests by members of our audience. Translatehub has about 250 writers from more than 100 countries that provide 24/7 facilities for more than 50 languages. As a result, we place an order with Translatehub, reviewing quality of their final work.

Our final review of is a combination of our experiences as well as other customers who have used service. Below you can look at a summary of some steps we took during course of our review:

  • You can visit company's website to learn as much as possible about their services that you are interested in

  • Read previous or current customers reviews

  • Consult customer support in case of any problems

  • Place an order, review final product

TranslateHub Review of Services

The first thing we considered in our review process was first checking Translatehub website to see services they offered. Many customers truly are interested in services a website can offer. This was important as we wanted to know how much expertise they had to offer. We were pleased that, like all top online services, TranslateHub offered a variety of services.

Translate Hub main services are certified translation, proofreading, localization services. These certified services are for those special documents you might need for legal or government purposes, such as immigration papers, medical documents, and even contract agreement papers. Their localization services are for businesses and brands looking for the best website localization services to help them expand into foreign markets—they help in translating their content into those foreign languages in a way it has the same impact as it would in author's original language.

Aside from their primary services, Translatehub also has 4 special services their customers offer. These are Document, Legal, Academic and Technical Translations. While other Translate Hub reviews might have chosen document translation, in our case, we go with a technical as we felt it would provide the most challenge and would be a perfect way to test how they approach projects & customer support. The task was to translate an instruction guide for installing an appliance from Arabic into English.

What about Prices and Add Ons?

TranslateHub has a free quote tool anyone can use without registering on website. With this tool, customers can estimate how much it cost to translate a document. However, you would provide details behind your project for a more accurate figure. In our case, we would be translating a 2000 word technical text from Arabic into English. The initial quote was $260 with $0.13 per word.

Depending on your preferences selected, this amount could go higher. For instance, your urgency level, preferred translator experience, and a requirement for extra support are all factors that can lead to final cost going higher than initial quote. This is common among the best online translation services. During our review, we found that regular translation was sufficient enough for our task.

All about Service Quality in Translate Hub Review

We delivered our final product on time, which was impressive. At various points, we were consulted when there were points of confusion. This impressed us as they weren't just focused on meeting deadlines but were also concerned about ensuring final work was accurate. We also contacted their customer support at different times to confirm if they were genuinely operational 24/7, so we were pleasantly surprised. Not only was there always a customer care representative on hand at various points of our review, but they were also always polite and professional.

While installation guide was maybe not that long, Arabic is still considered the toughest language to learn, so we were impressed they could find a translator who could translate text and understand engineering terms. Like all the best certified Arabic translation services, they translate accurately, and the corresponding annotations were also included to help us understand specific terms better. Overall, our experience was a great one. When we compared our experience with other reviews, we found that this was quite common.

Positive and Negative Aspects

As for pros, we liked many aspects of TranslateHub services. Firstly, their pricing model is quite competitive & reasonable. From our experience researching different online writing services, we came up with an understanding as to how to expect when it comes to services pricing.

Another thing we liked during our Review of TranslateHub, were services they offered. Customers have the option to go for either their regular writers or even the top 10 writers in company. Thirdly, their customer support was excellent. We had no issues contacting their customer support, so they could gladly answer our questions, including ones that might have seemed too simple. Lastly, their facilities are the highest quality. Our final product was translated accurately, so there were no grammar or spelling issues.

As for cons, we couldn't identify anything we could consider a problem like most TranslateHub reviews would agree. The only thing that might have remotely been a problem was that we provided much detail regarding project. This is normal and should be expected, as they would need as much information as possible for a successful job.

Why should I choose TranslateHub?

After successfully reviewing Translatehub, we concluded that they are an excellent online service for those who need to translate any document as soon as possible. They manage to get so many things right, from their pricing or work quality to excellent customer support and professional translators. Customers can choose the option that will correspond thor requirements and needs. Hopefully, this has helped answer question of “ is it reliable?”. They delivered on time and always update us as progress was being made. We had an overall great experience, that is why we would be rating TranslateHub as one of the best online facilities. If you need something translated, you might consider this company or others we have reviewed in other articles.


Got the help I needed with localization. It was done for a very fair price


we have always been looking for that one agency that will bridge that language barrier between the services we offer and our customers worldwide…thank god we found them. they've really been so helpful. we just can't thank them enough :)


They helped with my software. I have my content available to clients all over the world and it is all thanks to them.


I've had a translation done. It was perfectly done and fast. Good job you guys!


Got this service recommended by my friend from Mexico. Wasn’t disappointed. Worth every penny I paid here :)


This translation service was quite decent. They translated my materials without any fuss, and the quality was top notch. They did their job and I am grateful for that.


This is a really great service, they did everything to impress me. Well done!


Accurate translations and friendly staff.


Fast delivery and great customer service.


You made me very happy with the fast translation.

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