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Best Medical Translation Services for Doctors and Patients

Medical translation is one of the most demanded services online. It is also very challenging because translating such text means great responsibility. That’s why the best medical translation services employ only top specialists with corresponding backgrounds who will correctly process essential information. Such kind of service is beneficial for many. Best specialists in cardiology, dermatology, dentistry, radiology, or pulmonology need professional assistance with their patient documents or research materials in another language. Also, patients who receive medical services in other countries need their data for target native speaking doctors. We wrote this article to help you choose the best services for any needs.

Our List of Top 5 Medical Document Translation Services

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This online service is especially famous for employees with medical backgrounds. They are industry experts with many years’ experience in the field. Also, they are one of the best transcription, technical, and localization companies in the market. They have 24/7 customer support that fits all people around the globe. We uploaded our medical record and were surprised to get our document far before the deadline, which was a plus for us. Quality of this paper was also top, as our expert in the field highly estimated this paper.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

Medical translations aren’t simply working — it is science where even a tiny mistake might have unacceptable outcomes. GeniusTranslation makes sure it doesn’t happen. We wrote a review on this company several times, and each of them, we had a positive experience. It offers plenty of language services for clients with different requirements. Its translators are certified, so you won’t have to worry about having to find a qualified certification service later. You could submit works from GeniusTranslation as soon as you receive them. Patient records, recipes, research, or medication labels — clients could find all healthcare services in this company, and from our experience, they are provided on an excellent level.
·Certified medical experts available
·Precise quality translations
·Variety of requests covered
·Friendly approach from employees
·Prices are high for urgent medical translations

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

We were pleased to see that this service has localization and interpretation services, which is useful for the medical industry. Still, we found the company's site inconvenient and prices too high. Like many medical translation companies, it operates in more than 100 languages, which is a considerable number. As for quality, it was great because we received our paper before the deadline and documents were without errors. For good quality and a range of languages, we give this service the second place in our chart.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

This agency promises fast services and 24/7 assistance. We contacted customer support and got an instant professional reply. We did not receive paper very fast, but it was within our stated deadline. Still, there were some negative moments. We couldn’t find prices on the site until we placed our order. Sure, this feature could put off potential customers. As for the quality of the final paper, it was good enough with several minor flaws which still can be crucial.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.17

This service specializes in Asian medical language translation, so if you head on to Eastern countries for healthcare services or professional activities, look closer at this service. This firm offers Japanese, Korean, Chinese language services, as well as transcription and localization. Ulatus translates for specific industries but price is high. Be ready to pay big money for this company’s assistance. We received the overall good quality paper, but some parts needed revising. Service was unable to provide it shortly, but still, we got our long-awaited perfect result.

Our Main Evaluation Criteria

In all cases, we follow the same strict set of rules which helps us to build an unbiased review of certain services. Here is what we do to correctly evaluate firms:

  • Explore the background of services like customer reviews, top translation agencies' websites, etc.
  • Find out prices and compare them to the average market ones.
  • Communicate with customer support and place an order.
  • Watch the deadline and check the quality of the final document with help of a native expert.

We believe that those steps allow us to have a full picture of company’s operation and let us get “insider” information as a secret client.

Why Medical Documents are Different

Sure, such documents directly connect with people’s life and health. That’s why only the best specialists should work on such papers. Without proper handling, they may harm a person or create misinterpretation of a certain document. Healthcare research, patent, SDS documents, or patient record may be useless after a lousy translation. It is more difficult than the usual document because it has specific terms that are unknown for general translators. Only a person with a background in the medical field can understand and correctly render them to a target language.

Types of Medical Documents

There are many healthcare-related documents translated every day. For your safety and accuracy of your data or research, be sure to check if the translation medical company works with the exact documents you want. For personal use, ask if company can process healthcare tests, mental status examination, discharge summary, medical history record, as well as operative report. If you are a researcher or healthcare professional, be sure to ask for safety data sheets, patient and hospital reports, regulatory documentation, a summary of product characteristics, instructions for use, etc.

Most Popular Medical Subjects

There are plenty of medical subjects, and if you are an industry expert in one of them, always search for an adjacent specialist when you translate your medical documentation. The most popular spheres include cardiology, dermatology, oncology, and genetics. Specialists from these branches travel abroad and require their documents in other languages. Also, microbiology, neurology, and surgery professionals order their data for patients or their research.

Subject Areas of Healthcare Industry

There are also plenty of subject areas which require proper documentation. Pharmaceutical industry needs prescriptions, pill and label description, etc. Clinical trials, medical and surgical devices need translation so that people could use them abroad. Biotech industry largely helps people by technical assistance to their bodies, but without proper manuals or descriptions, it is useless. Turn to the best technical translation companies for your biotech products. In the healthcare sphere and clinical research organization CROs, one needs right term choice, as well as in medical publishing which tends to be very complicated.

Importance of Expertise in Medical Translations

Sure, only an expert can handle industry documents. Sometimes, non-health professionals cannot understand medical documents in their native language. That’s why doctors have higher chances of understanding such documents, even if they are in a foreign language. So, if a native expert is certified, choose them without hesitation. Pick only the best Spanish translation services, Japanese translation services, French, or Chinese translation services. Hiring industry experts is crucial for your health, health of your patients, or accuracy of your research.

Find Certified Medical Translator Online

It’s not a secret that people with certifications have more skills and knowledge. If someone with a medical background has certifications, this is the person you are looking for. So, when you search for French medical translation, be sure to choose CCHI certified French translation for all papers. Such certification proves a person's skills as a healthcare interpreter.

Case Studies

When you translate medical documents, ask companies for case studies. This way, you will see a ready result of the company's work. If service has great case studies, there are more reasons to trust such company as you already know they will provide great results.

Skills for Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries

We are convinced that a skilled medical translator should have following skills:

  • Industry expertise and education.
  • Attention to details and terminology.
  • Fast service.
  • CCHI certifications.
  • Experience in the field.

Read More Reviews of Medical Language Services

Sure, medical translation online is hard to handle. Many details can influence human life, health, and scientific thoughts. That’s why choosing the best medical or healthcare translation services is essential. Trust your document only to certified native speaking medical experts in your field because otherwise, you may end up with a lousy translation. If you have second thoughts, feel free to check more companies’ reviews at TranslationReport to make your final choice. We wish you to find your best company and hope that this article was helpful for you.