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Use a Chance to Find the Best Swedish Translation Services

More than 10 million people speak Swedish. It makes the search for the best Swedish translation services all the more relevant because countries that have it as their official language represent a huge market your product could fill. Developers of games, apps, or other products want to share their creations with an international community. Other people build professional or personal connections with foreigners, and since they don’t share a language, they cannot communicate effectively. Writers, researchers, and travelers who wish to visit or leave Sweden are vast, and to accomplish their goal, they’re going to need the best translation services a market could offer. Our team performed close research into multiple firms, and after months of hard work, we arrived at five top options. Learn more about them in our review!

Five Amazing Swedish Translation Services to Hire in 2023

Multiple companies swear they will provide the best kind of help to their clients. Unfortunately, it’s often a lie. Without reading reviews, there is no saying who deserves trust and who’s a typical scammer. We offer an overview of five top firms that impressed us with their work. We placed an order with each of them, and we evaluated them above the others.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

If you are looking for the best Swedish translation service, this is the one. TheWordPoint has seven years of experience, and its Swedish translators are professionals who love their job. They could give you a hand regardless of your deadline — clients’ wish is their command as they pour all their effort into producing stellar work as soon as possible. Prices are low enough to be affordable here, and managers offer a tight support network that could always shield you from any negative impacts. Bad quality, questions, concerns — ask them anything, and they’ll issue a quick reply. Our test project arrived on time, and every line was accurate. We appreciate its quality. Sadly, some options are not accessible, such as interpretation, but even without them, TheWordPoint stands out.
High-quality English to Swedish translation
Service with sufficient market experience
Supportive managers available 24/7
Affordable prices for professional help
Not enough Swedish services available

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

Soon enough, this company is going to celebrate its tenth birthday. It provides the best kind of Swedish translation, and it covers services like localization, transcription, proofreading, and others. The choice is still limited, we didn’t find options like Swedish interpretation, but there is hope that the company will add them eventually. It also doesn’t accept overly short deadlines. Other than this, it does an excellent job in every way. We loved the support team, average prices, and quality work. Our translator submitted it right on time, and it was so accurate that we felt like we were reading the original text all over again. We definitely recommend this service to those who need help with their Swedish project.
High-quality service
Good prices for assistance
Attentive managers
Satisfying industry experience
Few services available
Urgent orders are often rejected

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

This company has an interesting history. It was founded back in the 90s, but it transformed into a translating agency only in 2010. Still, it has a great experience with English to Scandinavian translation, and it could help you any time. The big drawback is pricing: they are higher than normal. They aren’t extremely expensive, but they might still seem unpleasant, especially if your project is difficult or lengthy. Managers are helpful, and multiple services are present. The website isn’t the best, as it has repetitive information, but placing an order is easy. We liked our translated project — it looked solid, and it met our demands. A combination of these factors allows us to recommend StrakerTranslations to you.
Easy to find a great translator
Substantial experience in this industry
Caring managers
Plenty of translating options on offer
Prices are inflated
Website has some flaws

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.2

This Swedish language translation provider entered the market in 1996, and since then, it’s been focused on offering innovative services to clients. Its website is impressive — it looks modern, and it changes with time. Managers are polite and knowledgeable, and there is a large number of services here, from localization to subtitling and voice-overs. Unfortunately, we found some drawbacks, too. Rates for help with Swedish are regretfully high. Plenty of old agencies overcharge their clients, but we hate this tendency. Online support doesn’t work 24/7, and if you caught these guys off their working hours, no one would reply. It also heavily focuses on such spheres as life sciences and technology. Still, it provides great help, and translators deliver their work right on time. We loved our translation, as it was 100% accurate. Even the high price was worth it.
Some of the best Scandinavian translations
Respected firm with decades of experience
Polite support team
Attention to detail: impressive website
You’ll be overpaying
Support isn’t online all the time
Focus on narrow industries

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 1.25

We found the name of this agency interesting: it’s short and non-specific, but somehow, or even maybe for these very reasons, it stays in people’s memory. Rev appeared in 2010. It relies heavily on technologies in its work as it mostly deals with various types of Swedish to English language transcriptions. People who need transcription should be happy, but everyone else will likely feel disappointed. There are just not enough useful services here. Prices differ: some are normal, while others are high. Transcribers work quickly, and quality is mostly great — this is the most important aspect. Managers aren’t bad, but they aren’t particularly memorable either. They are just people who could answer your questions with mild interest.
High-quality help
Years of successful experience
Interesting approach to marketing
Different types of transcription provided
Some prices are high
Narrow choice: transcription is the major service
Plain support team

Evaluating the Best Swedish to English Translation for This List

What made us choose the five companies above? How do we decide which of the best multimedia localization providers deserve a glowing recommendation? It’s simple: we have a system that each member of our team follows whenever we begin our work. In this case, we maintained the same model. After deciding which firm we were going to research, we began looking into its past. Knowing when it appeared, what reviews it has from its older clients, and how its website comes across helps form a general picture. We drew our initial conclusions and started looking deeper. The goal lies in assessing the website and inspecting the firm’s offers. The more services we found, the higher marks we assigned. While agencies with a narrow focus could do a lot of good, they aren’t universal, and these days, it’s a problem.
The most important step was hiring a person who agreed to translate Swedish to English for us. We analyzed how quickly they coped with their new task, what rate of accuracy they demonstrated, and how smoothly their translation flew. Prices played a huge role, too, since we despise companies that rip their clients off. Another stage included speaking with managers to make certain they were online and capable of answering any questions. By the end of our review, we all exchanged our opinions and discussed our findings. Our decision is always joint: by relying on the marks we gave various companies, we determined which of them belong in our golden Swedish list.

Popular Services that Require Professional Swedish Translation

Millions of clients hire firms and ask them to translate English to Swedish or vice versa, but have you ever wondered what kind of projects they order? Do they have any correlation with what you yourself are interested in? Obviously, translation and localization are the common options. The most popular industries, on the other hand, might surprise you!

  • Medical. Everyone is always interested in medicine. Some people are searching for the best English to Urdu translation in this industry because they want to meet their healthcare needs. Some require patient notes to share with their doctors abroad; others travel and need vaccination records. You might hope to adapt your research article, translate a video, or a medical recipe. Professional firms could help with it.
  • Automotive. Safety regulations, instructions on how to use a vehicle, as well as a registration certificate for your car are the three most common requests in the automotive industry. It’s easy to find services here since they are popular.
  • Software & Technology. Multiple people develop their apps and come up with unique software and special programs that they want to share on a global market. Technologies are everywhere, and ordering assistance in this sphere should be a piece of cake if you hire a reliable company.
  • Financial & Banking. Bills, reports, invoices, and other financial documents are extremely common choices among clients who hire translation firms. You’ll find this type of help in each top agency we recommend.
  • Business. Developing a business plan and adapting it for foreign partners, signing a contract, filling endless business-related paperwork, or making a purchase require solid translators. With how many people own a business today, it’s not surprising that this is a popular industry.
  • Legal. Briefs, intake forms, disclaimers, employee documents, and contracts — if you want to translate them, know that you aren’t the only one. Many clients need the same.
  • Marketing. It’s not enough to just translate from Swedish to English when it comes to marketing. Your campaigns, briefs, and drafts must be vivid and inspiring, and only talented localizers could do it, conveying your original intentions.
  • eLearning. After COVID, the sector of e-learning gained even more popularity than before. Numerous people require it, and good translators should always be ready to help. Whether you need homework, an article, or a lesson plan, the best companies will be capable of top-notch assistance.
  • Multimedia. Games, videos, and tutorials are common projects that clients want to translate. Multiple professional companies love these tasks because they offer the best challenge.

Most Common Types of Swedish Translation

We covered industries in which people ask for Swedish translations most often already, and we mentioned that translation and localization are the most common services. But the picture isn’t complete without covering the rest of them. Take a look:

  • Certified translations. It’s great when companies offer certified Swedish to English translation service. It might come in handy whenever you plan on sharing your files in an official capacity, like when entering a new college abroad or traveling somewhere. We give preference to agencies that provide this type of service.
  • Transcription. Audio and video transcription is essential for a company to be considered a good one. Numerous people have an interest in adapting video or audio content because they don’t understand what the original says.
  • Voice-over. This option also has a close connection with video content. Plenty of YouTubers develop an ideal video, but to make it accessible to more people or add some life to it, they borrow a professional voice. This voice reads the content in whatever language they prefer, Swedish included.
  • Localization. This option is extremely common. Some people need the best technical translation services from experts so that they can order simple translations, but those whose content heavily depends on a unique context need a localizer. Imagine that you have a humorous text: some jokes might be lost in translation. Professional localization makes certain this doesn’t happen.

More Aspects for Clients to Keep in Mind

When getting English translated to Swedish, remember about your safety. Always read the policies of companies you’re hiring because they might not be friendly. If reviews about a firm are negative and it doesn’t have the option of revision, it’s a bad sign. You risk losing your money — it is better to look elsewhere. Some firms provide machine translation that they try to mask by having real people do proofreading. Such proofreaders receive low rates even though the content is always terrible, and this makes them invest little effort. As a result, clients end up with bad translations that they cannot use. Avoid the possibility of this situation by clarifying if you’re going to get human work and human work only. Do not settle for anything less than that.

Prices and speed play relevant roles as well. If a firm displays how much it charges, compare it against prices in other companies. Stay away from ridiculously low or high rates. If prices are hidden, ask for a free quote and then make your comparison. Deadlines matter a lot, especially if yours is urgent. Ask a company how quickly it could complete your project.

Read More Reviews and Select the Best Translating Companies Only

You know five firms where you could find your ideal Swedish translator now. Choose any of them; contact their managers and decide which one you like most. If you are interested in other language combinations or in agencies that specialize in a specific service, read other reviews we’ve prepared. Our site has a big collection, and we guarantee that you’ll find a perfect option for every translation need.