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Best Korean Translation Services Reviewed

Korea is a new and emerging global market that has attracted not only investors but also employees. For businesses who wish to reach out to this market, it is advisable to look for the  best Korean translation services. Korean people generally prefer to conduct business in Korean rather than English language, and if you do not speak Korean, it’ll be a big source of inconvenience.

Even though there are a lot of language specialists who work with Korean and English languages, finding a good agency is understandably hard.There are many services out there that just cannot deliver high-quality language translation. But don’t worry! Our experts have conducted thorough investigations into the field and came up with the list of the best translation services just for you!

5 Best Certified Korean Translation Services

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06 stands among the best translation services, and it certainly does not fail when it comes to its professional Korean service. is a top service that works with the best language expert to provide high-quality work. Aside from translation, this company provides document certification services, localization, and proofreading services.
Our review of this particular online Korean translation agency has thoroughly checked not only the general quality but also pricing policies. We have found that quality of is generally very consistent and very accurate. Their language professionals even took the time to provide annotations that explain cultural nuances. The pricing policy is very clear and upfront. Some extra amenities such as English to Korean translation online done by experts in a field require a bit more cash, but we believe that the extra money is well worth it. is truly the best choice there is.
High quality
Good privacy policy
Very receptive to feedback
Expensive for urgent projects

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

TransPerfect is another popular service with an established reputation. They have had over 25 years in the field, and their global network is vast, ensuring that they could deliver the best translation services English to Korean and vice versa. Their main areas of expertise are vast, including translation, training, localization, e-learning, software localization services, and more. That said, there are still some imperfections that prevent it from being the top choice.

In terms of quality, TransPerfect really does not disappoint. Their Korean localization employees seem to understand the context really well, and they are able to convey cultural nuances to the target language. That said, we have detected a few machine translations in the text, which is a big minus. In terms of pricing, it is not publicized on their website, and this has made it quite difficult for our experts to calculate the cost/benefits ratio. The pricing will need a major restructuring if the company wishes to make the website more attractive to customers.
Friendly customer service
Good quality
Pricing policies need adjustments

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.17

Ulatus is also a name that has popped up every now and then when one searches for the best English to Korean translation services. As a company specializing in Asian languages, Japanese in particular, Ulatus is certainly a prime candidate for companies looking for such services Aside from simple translation, this company handles localization, transcription, and editing projects. However, our experts found that the company was lacking in some aspects.
To get good materials for our review, we asked Ulatus to help us work on a business brochure, employing their Korean to English translation services. Their quality was stellar. We have detected just a few typos here and there, but the rest was great. Delivery, however, left so much more to desire: Our document was submitted about a day late. Even though we had been informed of the delay, it was still a rather major setback, especially since they had only told us about it one day before the deadline. Prices were not revealed to us during the original probe. It was only after we contacted the sales team that the prices were conveyed to us. There was no hidden fee. Sales agent who handled our project was very professional. While Ulatus does have its shortcomings, our review of them would conclude that they provide satisfactory certified Korean language services. They do need to improve the delivery step, however.
Decent quality
No hidden fees
Late deliveries

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

RushTranslate was another popular name in the field. Their main offer is providing translation services in 52 different languages. There is no mention on their website about localization, transcribing, and interpretation. They also claim to offer the top professional Korean translation service. However, our review will have to cast doubts on that. We asked them to help us with a technical Korean document, which they had claimed to be able to handle. Throughout the project, they were not very responsive to our messages, and they would often dodge our questions. As it turned out, the delivery was quite late, and there had not been a word about this beforehand. That said, their quality itself was passable, and we only encountered a few typos during our review.
We were not happy with the pricing policy. They did not post the prices on their website, so we could not assess the potential costs of the project before hiring them. We only got a quote after we contacted the sales agent. There were no hidden fees during the process, and the sales agent was very upfront about the additional costs. While the overall = quality of RushTranslate is good, our review indicates that there is still a lot of room for improvement.
Passable quality
Smooth payments
Bad customer service
No visible prices on the website

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This company has over 15 years of experience. Unlike other tsimilar agencies, they seem to focus solely on translation services, offering nothing but them. They offer just 11 language pairs, including best Korean translations which is quite lacking for such a large company. Our experience with them was not very satisfactory.
We were not able to locate their prices on their website at first, but upon closer inspection, we found the prices through an inconspicuous link. The prices for their top services were very affordable, and we were able to confirm that there would be no hidden surcharges. However, they were not able to deliver a satisfactory result to us. They did not respond to our inquiries, and they submitted the completed text very late. The text was full of errors, and there were occasional machine-translated sections. All in all, even though the prices for the services provided by GTS were very affordable, their Korean translators did not satisfy us.
Affordable prices
Bad quality
Bad customer service

Evaluation Criteria for Our Reviews

We base our review of the top Korean translation services above on three main criteria:

  • Quality: The quality of the document is the top criterion. When we review a translation from Korean to English or vice versa, we will first see if the Korean language expert has translated every word in the document. Then we check for any mistranslation errors. Finally, we look for typos or any certain part of the text that’ll affect the overall quality as a whole.
  • Deadline adherence: We check to see if the Korean agency adheres to our deadlines. We understand that deadlines should be reasonable as well, so we do give a marginal period of delay to our localization services providers.
  • Pricing policies: We try to give a fair judgment on the pricing policies of this agency. We look at whether the prices are publicized on the website.

Translate Document from Korean to English: Different Aspects of Translation

Korean translation agencies does not usually handle just one kind of translation. Many of these agencies can take on other kinds of services that are getting more and more popular. Here are some popular types of services:


Localization requires an even more nuanced understanding of the local culture because localization is the cultural adaptation of the text into the culture of the target language. Game localization companies that can work with Korean language translation are getting more popular, as the need for game localization is growing.


Transcription refers to the task of listening to voiced audio clips and then typing what you hear down as written texts. Transcription is especially important with educational videos and lectures or meetings.

Certified language services

These best translation services Korean to English are more expensive than other general translation services, because the Korean language specialists should be certified by a professional board in order to take on these projects. The most popular certification for these translators is the one offered by the ATA, which rigorously tests the translators to make sure that they are capable of handling difficult texts.


Korean voice-over is a popular type of service. In voice-over projects, voice actors read a script in their mother language, Korean in this case. Sometimes, there is a certain degree of acting involved as well.

Popular Korean Translation Industries

  • Medical: Medical document translation services are always in high demand, and the same applies to best English to Korean translator. Medical translation requires specialized experts with extensive knowledge in the field, because one wrong step could mean a catastrophe.
  • Automotive: As one of the major car manufacturing countries, Korea is a top destination for automotive investors who wish to do business in the country. To bridge the language gap between the investors and the engineer, English services for technical documents are usually needed.
  • Software and Technology: Are growing rapidly in Korea, and so is the need for top Korean language professionals. These translators should have quite a lot of experience with tech to be qualified.
  • Financial and Banking: Best Korean to English translator who works in either of these fields work with a lot of special terminologies and terms that are not very commonly seen. This field is a very popular translation field.
  • Business: Korean language translators work on business translation as well. These texts are not overly technical, but they do need to be highly accessible and formal at the same time. Sometimes, businesses might need SDS translation services if they wish to export chemical products to Korea.
  • Legal: Legal translation is one of the most difficult fields in translation, and Korean language experts who work in this field need a lot of experience. Legal documents are very specific, and one mistranslation can easily change the meaning of the text. Thus, translators must be careful when handling legal texts.

Other Important Factors in Translation

Aside from the important evaluation criteria above, the human factor in Korean translations is equally important. Documents should be translated by humans in order to sound natural, and texts translated by machines won’t sound good. Another factor to take into account is the customer service provided by the agencies. If the sales agents are cranky, perhaps you won’t be that happy about the overall experience.

Find the Best Service with Our Help

There are a lot of translators out there, but finding the best Korean translation agency won’t be easy. Our reviews will keep you updated on these translation services, making sure that you’ll be able to make the right call! We will review all aspects of top Korean translation agencies and try to give them our fair judgment, which we hope will be useful to you.