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5 Best Website Localization Services 2023 Reviews

People all over the world are looking for the best website localization services because they want to go global. Whatever business you have and whatever offers you make to your customers, you'll find a bigger target audience by crossing the boundaries of your country. America, Africa, Asia, Europe — there are potential clients everywhere, all you need is to reach them and grab their attention through your online platform. 

Best localization experts could help with this, but where to find those who won't disappoint?  Translation Report has composed a review of five top companies that meet the criteria of the highest quality level. It'll help you narrow down your search and find the best online translation services in the market.

Five Best Website Localization Companies: Professional Overview

Our review experts worked for months to share their opinions and create a list of the best localization firms in translation industry. During this process, we placed orders, paid for them, and analyzed results. We also looked into the companies' backgrounds, their overall service, and security. After a long search, we finally settled on these options.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

Among numerous website localization agencies, TheWordPoint stands out in every aspect. It’s enthusiastic, it’s set on satisfying its customers no matter what, and it completes orders quickly and effectively even when requirements are tough. You could find top assistance in 100 languages: operators provide support 24/7 and translators show great skills and creativity when it comes to localization work. They don’t charge much, so your pockets will remain full even after you place an order. Confidentiality is ensured, and if something is wrong, you can always ask for a free revision. We give TheWordPoint a solid first place in our review.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.17

This top agency has been providing the best website localization services since 2005. Clients can find solutions to any translation-related problems here, including an expert adaptation of their content into 50+ languages. Support team is friendly and managers tend to make decisions in favor of their customers. We have observed efficiency in most aspects of Ulatus’ work. Things aren’t always perfect here: some orders could be late and prices jump depending on what language pair you pick, but these instances happen rarely. Review experts found the performance of this company outstanding for the most part, so it definitely deserves your attention.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.12

This top website localization company has been assisting many international organizations as well as private individuals, with some of them being world-famous. Its range of services is somewhat limited, but enough languages are available and you could always count on speedy and dedicated assistance. These people know how to respect deadlines and deliver orders by the date their clients specified. Prices are very affordable, and though quality can differ depending on an expert working on your order, revisions never fail. So, in case some issue appears, you’ll always have a chance to get it corrected. All in all, we were pleased with the service we got, and it was better than in countless similar firms.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Since 2007, this top firm has been offering the best web localization services for affordable prices. It covers many diverse languages, so you can choose between numerous options; support team stays online at all times, and quality is always amazing. If you don’t like something, there is always a chance to ask for revision. Translators are polite and always eager to help. The only disadvantage is delivery. During our review, we found that DayTranslations often misses deadlines by coming up with all possible excuses. Clients usually get bonuses or other kinds of compensation for this, but the issue still stands. This wasn’t a part of our personal experience, but the problem was common enough to report it. So, we recommend placing an order in advance if you decide to hire this agency.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 20.0

Offering help in 70 languages, this top company offers website localization of the best kind. It was founded in 2004, so it has lots of experience and is prepared to tackle even the most challenging projects. Prices are average, but that’s because they change from language to language. Support system is great and translators submit their work early almost every time. Alconost has some of the best experts, but as our review team noted, some of them might go overboard with localization. They could remove or add chunks of content following their own wishes, to the point where it looks like they co-created the project. Not everyone appreciates such an approach, so be sure you check your order before confirming your satisfaction.

What is Website Localization?

If you aren't certain whether you need localization or standard French, Italian, Portuguese translation services or German translation services, we'll be happy to help clear your confusion. Let's figure out what localization even is and how it differs from other types of linguistic assistance. When it comes to ordinary texts, top translators simply make them coherent for an international audience. There is little personal touch involved in such work. Website localization service, on the other hand, means adapting the content by preserving its subtext, tone, and style. 

Best localizers aim to produce an impact on people from another country in the same way you did with your original message. Imagine you have a website in English with humorous texts. When you want to make it multilingual, you ask for the best localization help. French, German, Russian, and other audiences should laugh as much as your English visitors did, and only top localizers could assist with this.

Quality Criteria for Choosing the Best Website Localization Provider

When we look for the best medical document translation services or review localization help, we follow the same principles. They guide us and allow staying objective. Here is what affects our decisions:

  • Background. An agency has to operate long enough to generate some reviews. We check them, make sure a service is credible, and study its website.
  • Prices. Our team looks at how expensive website translation and localization services are. Cheap prices make us wary: top experts need to be paid well for producing good results. But there is no reason to rip clients off either, so if the costs are too high, we point it out in our review.
  • Online support. Every best service should be ready to answer its customers' technical requests ASAP. We appreciate it when companies have chats that work 24/7.
  • Quality. Only firms that provide the best quality get their spots in our reviews. If a company failed us, we might give it a chance for revision, but if nothing is improved, we'll never give it a high rating.
  • Policies. It's obligatory for good agencies to have solid privacy, revisions, and refund policies. If they are absent, we cannot recommend a service.

Cultural and Legal Implications: Why Localization Is Essential

Some people don't feel like ordering localization. It tends to be a bit more expensive than simple translation, so they opt to order it and hope for the best. This approach isn't suitable, and we definitely don't recommend it. For instance, do you know that giving a person two flowers can be seen both as a gift and as an insult? In some regions, it's a sign of attention. In others, it means someone died. 

One of practical examples can be game localization services that require extra care. Imagine that a character brings two flowers to his girlfriend. Residents of one country might think it's sweet; others will see it as horrible. Localization protects you by taking legal and cultural norms of a specific country into account.

Things to Look Out For in Your Search 

If you're looking for the best website localization translation agencies, make sure you research how much they charge and whether they'll test a multilingual version of your website after their work is complete. Check CMS integration and if mobile optimization is going to be provided. Ask if your images will be localized, too, especially if they have words.

Multilingual SEO should be guaranteed for best productivity; you should also look at the dates. They could be situated in a different order depending on a country. Consider the options of multilingual customer support for meeting the needs of all your visitors.

Choose Best Website Localization Solutions by Reviews

Technology is evolving, letting people cross the borders without leaving their homes. Select one of the best global website localization companies we recommended and increase the number of your customers! It could boost your visibility and bring you more profits. If you're interested in other kinds of assistance, such as immigration translation services, check more reviews. We strive to cover every sphere and find only top options that wouldn't let you down.