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Best Healthcare Translation Services Overview

The number of translation agencies online is overwhelming. Most of them are good enough at creating appealing websites furnished with positive user testimonials and reviews. But it is a real challenge to see what happens behind the scene. Picking a service that delivers high­ quality healthcare translation services is important. This ensures that complex documents and often sensitive information for medical field is correctly localized and processed.

Services could prove useful to patients or medical staff, healthcare providing organizations or institutions, drug stores, health insurance companies, nursing homes, and many more entities. So, TranslationReport reviews professional translation services that accept healthcare orders and shares its conclusions.  Below is our final list of healthcare language services starting with the best.

Healthcare Translation Services Reviews

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This agency has the best ratings overall across dimensions of service quality, prices, and delivery speed. It also has everything that is expected from a top service: 24/7 assistance, revisions, refunds.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

They are not far from the best when considering the quality of their work, deadline enforcement, revision policies, quality of client assistance. Caveats include a lack of transparency regarding pricing.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

Offers a generous language selection plus fairly good results – even if they wrong you, you can expect compensation. Yet, a constant support system seems to be missing, prices are somewhat high, plus reviewers noticed some issues with deadlines.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.17

Key positive aspects to mention are: a good website, more than 40 industries, and 177 languages covered, free quotes. Negatives have to do with prices that are far from the best.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Some pros to mention are strictly respected deadlines and top customer support. Yet review team noticed mistakes likely introduced by machine translation, which was a surprise given the high prices.

Why People & Organizations Need Translation Services for Healthcare

Given how complex, essential, and widespread medicine and healthcare are, the necessity to convert texts from one language to another arises very frequently. Among the parties that require translation services in health and social care are the following institutions and organizations:

  • Hospitals

  • Pharmacies

  • Telehealth

  • Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine

  • Health Insurance

  • Medicare Health Plans

  • Nursing Homes

  • Private Practices

  • Clinics

  • Community Health Centers

  • Home Health Care

  • Rehabilitation Centers

Note that United States parties may often require localization from and to Spanish, hence it may be useful to review the top 5 Spanish translation services listed on our website. Similarly, Canadian citizens, residents, and institutions, or US parties that deal with these might be best served by our evaluation of top French translation companies to which we have also dedicated a review.

Types of Documents Frequently Requiring Translation

The range of papers often requiring healthcare translations is huge. Some of these have to do with the act of providing care for patients, gathering feedback or patient data, sharing professional experience, or managing institutions. Others deal with academic research in medicine and pharmacology, with healthcare legislation, with maintaining special equipment or products, with marketing drugs, medical equipment, training new personnel, etc. The document types most frequently handled by language services are:

  • Medical reports

  • Clinical trials

  • Medical documents

  • Clinical studies

  • Patient questionnaires

  • Patient-reported outcomes

  • Medical journals

  • Pharmacological studies

  • Patents

  • Regulatory documents

  • Clinical protocols

  • Product labels

  • Medical device documentation.

  • Marketing content

How We Determined the Best Healthcare Translation Services

The best healthcare translation service is a well-rounded one. While the top emphasis is always on quality and certifications, other aspects can be equally important, such as on-time delivery, convenience of online forms used by customers, conflict resolution efficiency, revision and refund policies, simplicity and transparency of the pricing scheme, top value for money, etc. For all our healthcare translation reviews, we systematically evaluate the following factors:

  • Website info. Review team finds out what service declares about its capabilities, track record, certifications, specialization, top achievements, etc. Some aspects can be fact-checked immediately.

  • Online reviews and feedback left by clients. These are valuable because they convey the collective experience of many customers. We’re hunting for such information everywhere on the web or on social media.

  • Conversations with customer support. As part of this interaction, we review how efficiently and politely assistants communicate with clients, the solutions or explanations offered.

  • Placing an order and paying for it. It is the best way to check how well-thought and convenient these processes or tools are from the client’s perspective.

  • Evaluating accuracy. While user reviews are best at reflecting statistics, we usually derive lots of complementary information from texts obtained directly from these services.

Confidentiality Must Be a Priority

A top language service should follow the best practices for confidentiality, protection of identity, and personal data. Nowadays, an essential demand from a healthcare translation agency is that it is HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a 1996 law that introduced standards protecting sensitive data belonging to patients and preventing their disclosure without a patient’s knowledge or consent. This law could be considered a modern extension of our civil rights. Companies dealing with private health data must have a variety of physical and organizational security measures in place and these measures should be strictly followed.

Why Human Translation Is Essential in Healthcare?

While machine translation has its benefits being cheap and fast, the expectations from a document translator for healthcare are on an entirely different level given how much responsibility is involved. Even a minor mistake can have dire consequences, so a job done by a human is the best option. Moreover, this human has to be a top professional with a corresponding degree in medicine, nursing, who could understand this content and could approach complex terminology. If it concerns best Chinese language services, language experts must be native speakers who could ensure translation precision while conveying the slightest phrasing nuances.

Pay Attention to These Features While Choosing Healthcare Translation Firm

The field of healthcare doesn’t only require healthcare document translations – there are many occasions when live interpreting is needed, either in-person or remote. If so, clients should do their best in ensuring that the services they recruit can fulfill this demand. Several forms of assistance can be anticipated:

  • Telephone Interpreting. It is easy to arrange to require only phone numbers but may prove costly, especially when making international calls. Sometimes, it might seem more appropriate given that visual interaction is avoided.

  • Video Remote Interpreting. This is gaining popularity nowadays, boosted by platforms like Zoom.  It is essentially free and fairly easy to organize, but video communication may not be the best in terms of signal stability. Before an important video call or conference, clarify with your service whether an alternative video communication tool or Internet network is available in case of a dropped connection.

  • On-Site Interpretation. This brings people face-to-face, hence, it is the most natural form of interaction, ensuring the best quality of communication. However, it may require more financial resources plus it is harder to organize logistically.

  • Written translation of forms, notifications, live chats. Sometimes live translation is more convenient in a written form. In this case, it is best to check whether linguists demonstrate good knowledge of grammar and orthography since there might be no time for a software-assisted grammar check.

When looking for top Arabic translation services or Japanese translation services, or when working with a culture or language that is more exotic to a Westerner, it is best to ensure that your translators and especially interpreters are not only proficient with language use but are also keenly aware of the cultural background – this might help avoid any unpleasant accidents.

TranslationReport – Unbiased Guide to Translation Services

Information related to healthcare is very complex and specific, it raises privacy issues for patients, plus its implications are huge. All of these justify finding a reliable and well-rounded healthcare translation service that delivers top-quality translations free of mistakes. TranslationReport tries to aid this search by offering carefully crafted reviews based on a systematic evaluation of several criteria applied to various analyzed services. Follow us for more useful reviews!