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The Basic Facts About Straker Translations

This company is famous for its personal as well as corporate translations. Due to its wide popularity on the Net, we decided to do a Straker Translations review. Our aim is to inform readers about the actual matter of things in the company, their products, advantages, and disadvantages. We performed a quality check of the company, which helped us to have a clear picture of their business. For this review, we investigated the content of the website, looked at prices, and spoke with customer support via chat room. After this, we placed our order and checked the quality of the final paper. Also, we read customer reviews to find out their experience with the company. Here is what we found out.

Analysis of Services Offered

As the landing page says, Straker Translations provide corporate translation services for websites, legal translations, videos, eCommerce, marketing, and desktop publishing. Also, they have translation automation tools for API integration, Bespoke Solutions, WordPress, Magento, and CMS Connectors. 

In our review of Straker Translations, we want to mention that they widely use AI to increase the speed of delivery. Also, they translate legal documents with the help of certified specialists. They promise the best immigration translation services of NAATI and USCIS certified documents that fit for immigration and legal needs. Straker Translations can provide documents online in many languages, such as Arabic, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italian document translation, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and many others.

How Do They Calculate Your Price?

We were glad to find out that the company has a transparent pricing policy, but we found out that the prices start from $0.13 per word for plain translation to popular languages. This is rather high for their marketing niche. Plus, more advanced options are more expensive. The specialized text will cost you around $70 per page. Straker Translations has an instant price quote option, so you can always double-check the cost with the company.

Determining Translations Accuracy

In our case, we ordered a marriage certificate online trannslation services. We were interested because the company guarantees accurate certified translation. We did it for customers who want to use the company’s help with immigration or legal documents. We ordered English to German translation services, which are pretty widespread and common.

Unfortunately, our document contained some mistakes that distorted the meaning of the paper. Our legal industries translators compared the final paper to the original and found out that the reason is likely to be a lousy translation. We knew that the company has a good reputation with certified papers, but we didn’t expect that they will disregard human proofreading. As a result, the document could cause problems with embassies or authorities. We recommend to proofread and double-check your papers if you use this company’s help.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Our review of Strakertranslations showed that the company has several advantages. They are:

  • Top customer support

  • Timely delivery

We received a 24/7 help with our order and could write the support anytime. Plus, our document was delivered on time. However, there were also negative sides:

  • Machine translation

  • High prices

We were disappointed with several mistakes in translation which influenced our final impression. In our opinion, the service is rather overpriced, so we guess it is one of the major disadvantages of the company.

Our Final Impressions

In general, our impressions were mixed, because there were both pros and cons of the company. The quality and price weren’t top, but we guess that in other areas, this translation company is credible and has high performance. Perhaps, in the business sphere, the quality of translation is better. Still, we do not recommend this service for those who need personal documents. Generally, it’s best to use this company’s help for specialized industries, because most of the reviews for corporate translation were great. We also guess the company’s help will be useful for general translation which doesn’t need certifications. Based on our Strakertranslations review, we give the agency 3 stars.


Unfortunately, my final translation has not been proofread and contained major mistakes and even repetition of the same paragraph, which is totally wrong! I needed quality and could wait for longer delivery time if it meant that I could receive a better translation.

Christina Donner

My Psychology research paper was translated into German and delivered on time. The only issue I had with the company is a high price and some spelling mistakes that could be avoided.


I enjoyed the work they did no complaints at all nice job done


They didn’t get my files back to me on time, but the quality was okay


They provide cool customer experience, that’s never missing. They don’t take deadlines serious though.


The customer support team was responsive and prompt in responding to my requests, but there were some corrections that needed to be made to my translation.


The turnaround time was much longer than advertised, causing significant delays in my project.


How did you stoop to such a poor quality of service? Well, it's unprofessional!


Prices are adequate, and that's the only good thing about this service


I think they should work on the quality

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