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Best Patent Translation Services You Can Trust

Globalization and rapid growth of online trade lead top businessmen to consider expanding their reach. For many, it includes localizing their product, developing new business strategies, researching local markets, and, of course, patent translation. This is why smart and forward-thinking businessmen start researching and reading reviews about best patent translation services.

You may be interested, why do you need patent translation? To receive patent rights in a different country, one must apply in each target country individually. Countries have different requirements considering their filing language, which makes translating your documents a crucial task. Join us in our quest to find reliable patent translation services and read honest reviews we provided below. If you choose one of the best agencies for this task, your patent documentation would be swiftly and accurately translated, resulting in a better chance of effortless application approval and proper intellectual property protection.

Looking for the Best Patent Translation Service

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

TheWordPoint is generally considered to be the top patent translation company as well as one of best online transcription services, whose high-quality services correspond to its moderate prices. Many customers speak fondly of working with this company and numerous reviews confirm it. Having placed an order with them, we confirm that patent translation done by this company exceeded our expectations. It was done in good time and had no errors, including stylistic ones. Project we received was very accurate. Numerous other clients also enthuse about this company's supreme work and share their enthusiasm for timely delivery of their orders. This company also offers a wide specter of other services such as localization, transcription, and certified translation.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This well-known service has been on the market for many years, so we often get requests to rate their services. Many customers find this agency very helpful and note that its delivery time is good, but the quality varies from order to order. It may still be counted among the best patent translation companies. It provides a sufficiently stylistically correct and literal patent translation, which we confirmed by placing an order with them. Minus we noted while awaiting order completion was scarce customer support, yet our final review is mostly positive. This company supports many languages, offers services such as localization, interpretation, transcription, proofreading, content writing.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

Stepes is one of the best services that do patent translation. Document we ordered was of really high quality and accuracy, plus delivered on time. We had some questions we wanted to ask their customer support but had trouble contacting during late hours, which made us postpone our order. Another point worth noting is cost. Having compared many agencies thus far, we should say that Stepes prices appear to be quite high. Despite this fact, our review is a positive one and we would recommend this service to those who are not discouraged by their above-average charge. Contact them if you need localization or interpretation.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

Some people online place MorningTrans among the best services, emphasizing the quality of their work. It is commonly rated among good services. So, we felt the need to review their services for ourselves, but having received our order we were quite displeased. Our main complaint is accuracy, which didn’t meet industry standards as well as our personal needs. Certain terms were mistranslated and overall quality of work made us contact the company and request alterations. Edited documents sufficed, but we needlessly wasted time and effort trying to receive a final product of mediocre quality. If you want to check this company's other offers, they include various IP services as well as localization and interpretation.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.13

As some other clients were searching for the best patent translation firms, we were dissatisfied with this firm’s work. We should start our review by pointing out that we spent a long time trying to reach customer support to ask about prices since they are not clearly stated on the website. Our inquiry remained unanswered. We decided to go through with an order anyway and were sad to receive poor translation. Initial document style was not preserved and traces of machine translation were visible. If you wish to give this service a chance, feel free to check their interpreting, localization, and various business services.

How Do We Rate Best Patent Translation Specialists?

Having presented you with many expert patent translation services over the years, we want to share how we approach reviewing companies. Our opinion is determined by these criteria:

  • credibility and industry expertise;
  • accuracy and overall quality;
  • customer reviews about company's services;
  • delivery speed;
  • amount and types of provided services;
  • number of languages they cover;
  • skills and experience of agencies' writers;
  • cost;
  • special deals, benefits or features availability, etc.

We do our best to make sure the company is reliable and will produce a satisfactory result before we recommend it to you. Our specialists have a trained eye for spotting telltale signs that differentiate best patent translation agency from the one that will leave you frustrated.

Our service doesn't just research top companies online and calls it a day – we step into customer's shoes and go through every stage of cooperating with a company, from placing an order to getting a final result and conveying with customer support representatives. Over many years of helping our online friends find the best language experts, we realized that one cannot form an accurate opinion about a service without becoming its actual customer and discovering its flaws and benefits for themselves. When it comes to patent legal translation specifically, trusting skilled, best industry experienced professionals is the only viable option, because insufficiencies that you may be left with if you tackle this task yourself or involve a non-trustworthy translator is detrimental to your patent application.

Note This When Choosing Between Patent Translation Companies

Hundreds of specialists provide patent translations for you online as well as offline. Availability of multiple choices is good, but such an abundance of firms that claim to be top experts may be overwhelming for a regular person. To help our readers choose who they entrust with a translation that may directly affect their business we are here to give you some pointers you can follow when choosing the best patent translation companies.

  • Quality: Among the top things you need to look for in a good agency when it comes to legal and other important document is accuracy. It is a key attribute of any high-quality translation, but it's something of entirely more significant importance if we're talking about high-stake documents. Latter includes patent, document for getting a visa, judicial documents translation, etc. Even a single mistake in such documents may cost you dearly, twist the meaning behind your document, and even result in a decline of your application. Choose only best technical manual translation services for important documents.
  • Security: Another thing you should note is security and confidentiality that you get with a top translation company. Documents you submit can include sensitive data regarding your company or product that should not be shared. This is another reason to only rely on the best company that deserves it, as the result of cooperation with a wrong agency leads to irrevocable damages, especially when it comes to intellectual property.
  • Legitimacy: If you still think that you can successfully manage patent translation yourself, we advise that you research standards posed by international organizations like Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and European Patent Office (EPO) which need to be met if your patent legal translation is to be sufficient.

You should understand that such specific services might only be provided by people or companies, who have experience in an appropriate field, are adequately proficient in chosen language pairs, and have the right skills and tools to deliver high-quality results swiftly and accurately. Having a need in a Spanish patent, look for best Spanish translation websites.

Importance of Human Translation

Modern people are well aware of the best apps and other tools that can help anyone regardless of their language knowledge get a semi-decent result. While we agree that there is time and place for shortcuts, relying on machine translation for important documents that may impact your business is not smart. Especially if you hire video game localization companies.

A keen eye, especially the one who reads many patent translations daily or reviews them, can easily spot the difference between human and machine work. As the latter is done by a person who likely has no experience in the industry, it will always contain mistakes in terms, and even wrong placement of words in a sentence. Additionally, it will lack proper style, common for legal documents. Feel free to use online tools if you need to write a casual email, connect with a business associate, or write a product description on your website, but don't risk jeopardizing your businesses' prospects with a single mistranslated document, when there are numerous top-class patent legal translation agencies you can outsource this important task to.

Who Needs Patent Translation?

As we previously mentioned, patent translations are often ordered by businesses who wish to expand into a foreign market. Such an endeavor is a complex and demanding affair that calls for a lot of steps, one of which is adapting documents to another language.

It is known that a patent is only valid in a country it was issued in, and if a company wants to get patent rights in a different country they must file for them. Best businessmen who are serious about protecting their IP in a foreign country order patent documents from a specialist who has a deep understanding of the industry. Find such a specialist by reading unbiased reviews about different services and taking an educated pick.

Only One Thing Left To Do

We are happy that we could give you our honest opinion about top agencies that do patent translations. Having done a comprehensive review of many services on the market we could determine which ones are worth time and money, and which ones should be stayed away from.

It's not easy to trust some information you read online, since it's often not clear what backs it up. Hopefully, you can trust our judgment, and using our research can zero in on the best company that will cover all your language needs. Go ahead and get your patent translation started today!