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Best Spanish Translation Services Reviews by Expert Linguists

Spanish language is spoken in many countries all over the world. This is not just Spain but also Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru. There are 22 Spanish-speaking countries where you can immigrate, do business, or travel. For these purposes, the best Spanish translation services are a must. With their help, you can translate documents for legal, financial, marketing, retail, or healthcare industries. Correctly translated documents mean that people will understand and love your product, as it sounds and feels native to them. This gains trust for your personal or commercial brand, which brings success. That is why we prepared a review of the best services that will localize your documents to Spanish.

Our Selection of Top 5 Spanish Translation Service

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

GTS is an experienced company that has positive reviews online, many best services, lots of languages to choose from. Initial price per word isn’t high, but it grows when you add specific industry and less known language pairs. This is fairly reasonable. Still, we were largely dissatisfied with quality. First of all, we got poor quality services as our order was late. Also, we found that documents were by a human specialist, but their professional Spanish translation wasn’t top. Quality and speed are some of the most important factors for customers, so we cannot say these services are the best.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This Spanish translation company was very interesting for our readers, as we received a lot of requests. Still, we cannot say that this company is worth such an interest. The price we paid for our document was very high, but we saw signs of machine translation in our documents. Anyone can use machines these days, so we see no reason paying such a price for barely edited machine pieces. Still, this company was on time, so if you need documents for general understanding, blog posts, or general knowledge texts, you can choose TransPerfect.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This company has been on the market since 2007 and has a large following of clients, which is impressive. Still, its reviews are mixed, which is proven by our experience. From one side, there are a lot of best services such as localization, interpretation, as well as content writing. There are 90 languages to select from. Still, we didn’t like the absence of pricing on their website and high prices at $0.10 per word. Another issue was the accuracy because it was good at certain parts of our text but bad at others. That could be a result of insufficient proofreading. Perhaps our order was done by several Spanish specialists with different levels of expertise.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Our overall rating of services in this company is 4 out of 5. This company charges around 10 cents per word without add ons, which is higher than average. Also, translations take much less than an hour unless you pay for extra rush services. Still, there are reasons to love this company. First of all, you can order a wide range of best services, including Spanish translation, editing, proofreading, or transcription. Also, our projects were largely fine, except for some grammar mistakes. This is not top but okay for general understanding.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This top service impressed us from the very beginning. It is very affordable, as its prices start at just $0.06, which is below market average. You can save lots of money when you make large orders. But their price is not the most amazing thing about this service. Accuracy is key to TheWordPoint. Our picky Mexican Spanish-speaking expert evaluated our document and was pleased with everything, from grammar to specific word and phrase choices. Also, we received our file on time - this best firm doesn’t break deadlines. We had a great experience communicating with the support and discovered that reviews of this company are positive. This is one of the best Spanish language services reviewed by us.

Our Evaluation Criteria

We never rank the best services without research. Our experts review top agencies using strict criteria and procedures. First, we search for information about top 10 translation websites according to customer’s requests. We visit forums to see customer reviews and read background information about a company. After this, we evaluate a website and pricing. We compare it to an average market price to see if they are affordable. 

For our reviews, we communicate with support members to see if they are polite, professional, helpful. We place our order and see if a company meets the set deadline. Finally, we invite a native speaking specialist who reviews the order, compares it to the original, checks if the text is accurate. We rank each of these criteria separately and calculate a final mark for the services. Only the top Spanish document translation services reviews make it to our best lists and features on the site. 

Popular Industries for Spanish Translation

When it comes to Spanish translation, people usually order for certain industries. Legal, medical, marketing translations, business, software, as well as website localization are especially important. We analyzed the most ordered types of documents for each industry and this was what we got:

  • Legal. We noticed that people often order copyright contracts, patent translations, wills and trusts, mergers and acquisitions, employment documents, or leases. All these documents relate to a legal industry and should be handled by the best professional Spanish translators.

  • Marketing. Businesspeople might often need Spanish document translation and even brand consulting. Marketing documents often need voiceover and subtitling, while leaflets need Spanish graphics and typesetting. Best website localization also makes your projects more competitive in Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Medical. Best Spanish to English translation services for healthcare are popular because they allow receiving treatment abroad. Doctors often order clinical trial questionnaires, IFUs, CRFs, inserts, and labels. Usually, medical translator online works with product datasheets, medical records benefits medical providers, patients, as well as manufacturers.

  • Software and websites. Software can go global if it’s well-translated. Spanish-speaking segment is large, so accurate localization ensures better sales. Also, landing pages, website, UX elements, code translation is vital if you want your web project to go viral.

  • Business. Every businessperson needs their contracts and annual reports in another language if they operate overseas. Fund reports, bond & equity prospectuses, initial public offerings, marketing materials are some of the most ordered documents for translation services Spanish to English.

Certified Translation 

Certification is often needed if you have legal or immigration documents to translate. Government bodies would require certified birth or marriage documents to check your identity. That is why they are so important: they should have correct translation and all necessary stamps. They adhere to certain rules, which only certified specialists know.

When you search for certified Spanish translation, see if a company is ISO certified. This is a mark of quality and adherence to translation standards. Also, look for ATA certification. It proves that a professional Spanish translator knows English-Spanish language pair perfectly. Also, if you search for a medical translation specialist, see if they have an NBCMI certificate - this is a sign of deep knowledge in healthcare sphere.

How Many Kinds of Spanish Are There?

Around the world, 580 million people speak Spanish and its dialects. That’s almost 8% of the world population. Different countries have their Spanish dialects, so South American Spanish and “Spanish Spanish” differ a lot. Also, each country has its dialect, which makes it hard to translate for top Spanish translation companies. There are main dialects of Spanish:

  • Peninsular Spanish. This is language of Spain, which has Andalusian, Murcian, Castilian dialects. They have slightly different pronunciation and vocabulary.

  • Canarian. It is a language of the Canary Islands, which is a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, as these two countries tried to colonize the islands.

  • Latin American. This is the dialect of Colombia, Mexico, as well as the vast majority of South and Central American countries, so best Spanish language translation services often get to work with it.

  • Llanito. People speak this dialect in Gibraltar. It is a combination of British English and Andalusian Spanish, which shows its history.

  • The Caribbean. This is the language of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, some areas of Mexico. People often omit final consonants when they speak it, so they might be hard to interpret without the translation services from english to spanish.

  • Rioplatense. Between Uruguay and Argentina, people speak this unusual dialect that at times resembles Italian.

  • African. People speak Equatoguinean Spanish in Africa. This interesting dialect combines Spanish with native pronunciation and vocabulary.

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Spanish language is very rich and widespread. Every Spanish-speaking area has a different dialect, so hire a dedicated native-speaking expert to reach your audience. TranslationReport will help you to find the best software translation service as well as video game localization companies for your industry. Be sure to find companies that interest you on our website. Their reviews have more detailed information about prices, quality, speed, accuracy. Read our full reviews and find all truth about translation companies on the market today.