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Best Arabic Translation Services for Any Industry

The modern world owes much to the Middle East region in terms of cultural, scientific, economic, religious, and political influence. It attracts more and more tourists and businessmen from all around the world.

People who plan to begin their life, business or career there will need the best Arabic translation services at some point. It’s important that all official or personal documents are properly translated. Notarization is also crucial as it helps avoiding any safety, financial, or legal complications. We’ve conducted profound online research looking for services that people can choose expecting high-quality positive experience during cooperation.


Top Arabic Translation Services We Have Reviewed

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

All important fields and types of documents are covered by experts hired by this service. They could even provide Arabic localization services if you want to focus on the Middle East market. Gathered feedback reveals constantly the best quality of delivered projects.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.17

This company provides quality Arabic translation service for more than 20 years in 185 languages. They specialize in different industries and work with technical, medical, legal, or other types of documents. Fast delivery is among their main features. Prices are average and quality is good.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Ordering process is transparent and prices are comparatively low. The availability of urgent completion along with quality implies the use of machine translation, which is not appropriate for effective Arabic translation.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

Rather good Arabic localization service that is majorly focused on other fields of business though. Quality of work, as well as prices and delivery time, were appropriate but sometimes loss of Arabic cultural peculiarities was observed.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

A lack of certified Arabic specialists employed by this agency may result in low quality of completed adaptation. It is crucial to check whether an appropriate specialist is working on complex important documents.

Criteria For Arabic To English Translation Service Selection

Popularity and high demand for professional help with translation in this sphere made us choose services that we recommend based on adherence to certain criteria.

  • Quality. Profound experience is necessary for accurate and fast translation from or to Arabic language since it has rich linguistic and cultural background, requiring substantial education and subject expertise. Here at TranslationReport we verify adaptations’ quality based on both our personal experience and other customers’ feedback. We believe that accuracy is crucial when there is need to translate medical documents or legal documents translation or other vital documents need adaptation for application in the Arabic region.
  • Delivery Timeframe. The best Arabic document translation services provide high-quality conversions according to required deadlines, even the most urgent ones. We understand that sometimes situation requires fast actions. So, possibility to have quickly translated legal documents was treated as important criterion along with quality.
  • Prices. All clients want the best quality for a reasonable price so we checked whether services do not charge high rates providing machine translation in return. The best companies manage to maintain balance between rates and required quality.

Covered Industries

Efficient translation means not just converting words from one language to another. Certified specialists usually specialize in one or several specific knowledge fields so that they can provide the most accurate translation because they fully understand what the original content means

The best Arabic translation company always hires specialists that have deep background knowledge in one of these industries:

Only reliable language experts who can prove their expertise in the chosen field of knowledge will ensure proper adaptation of specific documents and ensure absence of any complications related to errors in facts and meanings.

Certifications Required For Arabic Translator

The best services do not hire anybody who contacted them with a request for employment. All top translation companies that we reviewed select their employees carefully which is reflected in the quality of delivered adaptations and hired specialists always provide qualification proofs.

Apart from diploma in professional translation in chosen language pairs, qualified specialists should possess certificates of specialized industry’s course completion. These courses provide condensed specific knowledge, insights, and bulk of vocabulary needed for accurate localization.

It is a huge benefit if Arabic translation service hires experts with completed ATA Certification Program. Possessing a certificate provided by the American Translators Association is not only a prestigious option but also a representative feature of one’s knowledge and quality. Choosing such experts will make all investments in their work reasonable and completely justified.

Can Machine Translation Compete With Human One?

More and more complicated algorithms and increased potential of modern technologies contribute to more acceptable quality of contemporary machine translation. It still could be easily detected due to abundance of awkward word choices and inappropriate choices that could have been easily avoided by a human.

Rich culture behind both Arabic and English languages requires agency rely on human translation rather than machine one as many cultural or social contexts can be understood and properly transmitted only by people who possess focused specific education. Official documents in many spheres such as medical or financial ones require only certified specialists while automatically translated texts are unacceptable.

Services’ Prices

Final price for completed project will rely on multiple factors such as expert’s qualification, type of document, requested deadline or many others – each service has its own markers for price forming. The average price range requested by English to Arabic translation services is between 6 and 14 cents per 1 word.

In any case, a specific quote may be requested upon contacting service’s customer support team. Many companies have easy intuitive forms for placing orders while others require specialists’ estimation. Requested work’s type is also important since it is hard to provide instant quote for such complex projects as localization of software package or video game localization for Arabic countries.

Translate Document From Arabic to English at the Best Service

Top Arabic translation companies' reviews by TranslationReport will help prospective customers save their time, money, and receive documents of the best quality. Nobody wants to waste these precious resources on inappropriate or even wrong translation that will eventually result in various negative consequences for one’s life. That is why checking cumulative feedback based on real experience of numerous previous customers is a very important thing to do before placing an order anywhere.