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This review has been prepared by TranslationReport so that potential translation services customers can get a clear picture of the company, what services it provides, the quality of those services and a general idea about pricing and other benefits. In preparing this review, we looked at the website content, spoke to the company via telephone with detailed questions, studied customer reviews, and placed an order ourselves for s simple blog post translation. The results of our review are included below.

Services Offered

The list of Alta language services goes on and on, you will definitely find here Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic document translation sservices. In fact, translation is almost an afterthought. There is a much larger focus on coursework and training for language tutoring and training for company employees, along with other types of online coaching, such as accent reduction for second-language speakers.

Within the realm of translation, the company does offer a pretty good range of services, primarily business, legal, website, and technical language translation.

When we accessed the services page, we were provided a short synopsis of each service and then a link to read more. Unfortunately, those links are broken and we could not access the additional information. In fact, we had to contact customer service by phone in order to find out where the form was to get a quote for a translation piece. The site could clearly use some renovation.

Prices and Add-Ons

There are no published prices on the Alta Language site. To get a price, customers must complete a form and upload the content to be translated. This can become a confidentiality issue, especially when propriety information of a company or such personally private information as divorce, adoption, and background information. Providing such information/documents before even knowing what the price is may make potential customers reluctant to submit a request for a quote.

Quality of Services

We ordered the translation of a realtively basic blog post which contained specifically American humor and idioms. We were interested to see how those would “play out” in translation to Vietnamese. The result was a disappointment. We had the delivered product reviewed by a Vietnamese professor at a local university, and the meaning of the humor was entirely lost in the translation. He further stated that it appeared the product was machine-translated, given some vocabulary errors.

We also combed the web for Alta Language services reviews from other customers. They were quite mixed. Most were happy with the e-learning coursework they had taken, especially the accent reduction training. When it came to translations, however, the verdict was not as positive. There seemed to be a general feeling that these were rushed and that machine translations were then not reviewed by humans.


It looks as if Alta Language does credible work in several areas of language – tutoring and training for companies and assistance with accent reduction, for example. Its translation services, however, could use some improvement, and the broken links on its website definitely need repair. For individuals looking for the best translation services, TranslationReport would not recommend Alta Language.

Their site promises such a great quality of a different variety of services. How come their translators do not show the same quality?! So so soooooooooo strange! At least, I got what I needed on time. Yet, I had to re-check that all as there actually occurred mistranslations. Strange one

My final translation of a business agreement resulted in a case of machine translation and poor grammar. Since I could not share my document online, I had to wait extremely long before the final price was offered since they have no clear pricing model anywhere. Highly unreliable!


Urgent translation of a legal document was postponed. I lost the contract due to that. An unreliable resource that cannot be trusted!


Poor quality and no clarity about their pricing policy.

Janice Clark

I would avoid this company if you need a legal translation or anything related to immigration or healthcare. Very low-quality work!

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