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The Best Portuguese Translation Services in 2023

People who are searching for the best Portuguese translation services want to get top kind of assistance for reasonable prices and by their deadline. Portuguese is a language of many business and private sectors, so for exchanging goods, reaching a wider target audience, and getting higher profits, individuals from all over the world look for the best translators.

But how can you know that someone is trustworthy? TranslationReport took care of this issue for you. We've tested firms of all sizes, backgrounds, and natures in our search for professional translation services; we placed hundreds of sample orders and analyzed the documents we got. After many months, we're ready to present a review of the top leaders in Portuguese market!

5 Best Portuguese Translator Services in 2023

In the process of our review, we maintained absolute objectivity. We focused on our visitors' requests and researched a huge number of language companies. Each did an order for us, so we had an option of getting a full client experience. Here are 5 best companies that stood out and earned our highest regard.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This is the leading agency on our list. Despite its limited work experience, it produced flawless translation from Portuguese to English just on time, and the whole process of order placement and delivery was perfect from start to finish. TheWordPoint has a group of talented translators who operate 50+ languages and specialize in different spheres. The orders are done by native speakers who don’t simply know Portuguese — they understand the materials of their clients and take even the smallest details into account. Affordable prices, a modern-looking site, dedicated support, as well as customer-friendly policies complete the picture.
·Amazing quality
·Great policies that prioritize clients’ interests
·No Portuguese interpretation available

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This company has been working for almost two decades, and its professional translators deliver accurate Portuguese translation by the time the clients prefer it. Services aren’t diverse enough, which is a disadvantage, but classic options are present, and 80 languages are supported. Operators are great, and while rates are higher than normal, quality is of the top level. Policies are pleasing since they focus on customers first and foremost.
·Great quality of Portuguese translations
·A lot of work experience
·Limited diversity + high prices

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This is one of the oldest Portuguese certified translation services that has been on the market since 1992. They offer numerous types of languages and services available, so the variety is impressive. Prices are closer to being high, and quality could be inconsistent because some linguists aren’t accurate enough. Still, such cases are a minority, and our experience was successful. Our expert assigned covered even the tiniest differences between Portuguese and English. TransPerfect ensures satisfaction of its clients with its responsible approach and quick revisions, hence its third place in our review.
·Years of experience in the industry
·Guarantee of eventual satisfaction
·Some language experts lack experience

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.17

Portuguese translator services of this agency are among the best in the market. It’s been operating for 19 years, and during this time, it has gathered a team of 250K professional translators. It has an amazing variety of services and sectors: whether you want business or marketing help, you’ll get it since there are both technical and creative employees available. Deadlines are respected and quality is good, but pricing is a big issue. There is no consistency since everything changes depending on how many people knowing Portuguese are currently online. You could pay a low price today and a fortune tomorrow for the same order.
·Great service diversity
·Top level of quality
·Pricing system is unstable and unreliable

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

Among all agencies, this one takes the fifth spot in our review because its online Portuguese translation has distinct strong and weak sides. On the one hand, it has a lot of experience — it’s been functioning since 2006. Language experts can handle 100+ languages, and they are trained enough to handle even projects with the shortest deadlines. Operators are informative and helpful. On the other hand, prices are pretty high, and when orders are large, they usually arrive late. You’ll receive compensation for it, but it’s still not the best approach for a professional firm like JR Language.
·Many services options
·Best kind of quality guaranteed
·High prices for Portuguese translations
·Late delivery of projects

How Our Review Team Chooses the Best Portuguese to English Translation Services

Working on our reviews is a long but grounded process. First of all, we decide what we're going to research next. We evaluate English to Chinese translation service, Italian to German help, and numerous other variations of linguistic assistance people need. For Portuguese, we checked whether a firm serves this language before proceeding. Then we followed certain criteria. Our experts read available reviews, learned when an agency was founded and what services it provides. They find out how much hiring the best English to Portuguese translator costs here and whether operators or managers are helpful. Reading policies & assessing quality of translated projects are the remaining two processes we always undertake before coming to a conclusion.

Industries In Need of Portuguese Help: Which Documents Are Popular Where?

Many sectors are interested in Portuguese language. Each of them has its own set of documents that should be translated.

  • Medical. Patient files or records, research or data on COVID vaccination — people in healthcare always work with these documents, and if they want to cross the borders, they need the best Portuguese to English translation.
  • Automotive. Equipment manuals and safety guidelines are some of the most popular documents people in this sector want assistance with.
  • Software and Technology. Apps and manuals translated from Portuguese into English help attract a bigger audience.
  • Financial and Banking. Those looking for top financial translation services have to work with reports, invoices, or other files related to payments. This requires the usage of the best specialists.
  • Business. These Portuguese translations involve business plans, employment agreements, terms of use, etc.
  • Legal. Immigration documents & court files are some of the most frequent translating requests.

Translation Types You Could Order from the Top Companies

Whatever agency we review, we expect it to propose at least four services to its clients. This affects our opinion about diversity. Here they are.

  • Certified. People demand certified Portuguese translation services when they're preparing to submit them to foreign authorities like embassies. Translation has to be verified in terms of accuracy & authenticity. Often, it also has to be notarized. For instance, if you're marrying a person from Spain, you'll be using certified Spanish translation services for marriage/divorce papers, citizenship forms, etc. Places like ATA give certificates to verified translators that the best companies hire.
  • Localization. Things like website localization services are essential for those who need such nuances as humor, subtext, or tone to be conveyed in addition to translation.
  • Transcription. The best Portuguese translation services online include transcription, which means converting audio or video into a text format.
  • Voice over. This option means adding voice into video content.

Aspects We Suggest Keeping in Mind When Looking for the Best Agencies

If you're one of those people who don't like relying on reviews, we have some useful recommendations to offer. Make certain a firm discloses its prices online. They shouldn't be too low or too high. Operators should be online 24/7 to help you; only human translation should be guaranteed. Check revisions & refunds — are they present? If something goes wrong, you'll need to be able to get your money back.

Portuguese: Statistics, Dialects, and Interesting Facts

People wanting translation from English to Portuguese often have questions about the latter, so we decided to answer some of them in this review. Portuguese is an official language in 9 countries, including such well-known ones as Brazil as well as Angola. It has 250 million native speakers; in addition, there are numerous dialects. They fall into 4 groups, so when seeking linguistic help, ascertain that you ask for the right one. Apart from English, Portuguese is developing most rapidly in the world, but funnily, only about 5% of speakers live in Portugal itself. It's an interesting language that is definitely worth learning.

Use Professional Reviews to Find the Best Certified Portuguese Translation Service

Objective reviews help you pick the best services in this market. At the very least, they show you where to start. TranslationReport team takes this job seriously: we supply our visitors only with verified info. If you are seeking more types of assistance, check other reviews we've already composed. Select your industry, prepare instructions, and rely on us to help you search for experts who'll translate document from Portuguese to English in the best possible way.