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Best Transcription Services Reviews: Top Audio and Video Transcribers

Transcription services help to convert live-recorded audio documents such as speech, video, lecture, interview, etc. The specialists at the transcription service listen to the audio and transcribe it to a written text document. Today, the electronic file format is the most demanded. Usually, you submit your audio or video documents to the translation service, which later converts them to the text file format you need. The text versions are usually much more comfortable to use and versatile.

Best 5 Transcription Services Online Reviews

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

This is the top service we reviewed this time. They can handle many requests, which is great when you want to submit files. They deal with a variety of topics and industries and have a great choice of languages. This is why this agency deserves our first place in the chart. Excellent quality and speed of delivery are guaranteed.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

These professional transcription services handle documents of any difficulty. We submitted audio with multiple speakers with accents and the company handled it just right. The agency has reasonable pricing and excellent language options. We liked the final quality of our project and found that the text was accurate. It contained no errors and was delivered quickly.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

TransPerfect has many languages and many tools that make texts accurate. TransPerfect offers a variety of assistance options, including software localization and transcription. They deal with the legal, finance, medical documents of your choice. Although this company is pricey, it takes third place in our best list.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

The agency transcripts documents in over 50 languages, including such popular options as Arabic, German, and Spanish. There is a fair pricing system, and the company has 1 to 3 days delivery. So, this is a perfect option if you need an urgent assistance. There could be certain technical issues, but overall, you will get just the service you expected.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

Translatorbase offers all kinds of services you can imagine, and they perfectly deal with documents. Certified translation is especially good, but transcription is also worth it. There is a comprehensive list of languages to choose from, so they can handle audios from all over the world. There are sometimes mixed reviews, but they’re still good enough to be on our 5 best lists.

How We Pick Best Companies for a Review

Before we start writing our review, we do serious investigation work. First of all, we read all the information on a company's website. This helps us to see available top legal translation services or medical document translation services and prices. We also read customer reviews to get to know others' opinions. After this, we communicate with customer support and place our order. After a document arrives, we give it to our best transcribing services specialist for estimation. Finally, we mark all aspects of a company's work and pick 5 top services for our review.

Who Uses Needs Transcription Assistance

Transcription is popular today for a reason. Many professions are involved in audio recording. It is much easier to record something than to write it down. Plus, many people deal with interviews or go live, so it's easier to first record a video and then transcribe. For example, journalists and reporters take interviews or press conferences in audio form. However, they don't always have time to type them for further use. In this case, the best technical translation services and transcription are a good decision.

Bloggers, podcasters, authors also benefit from such a service, because doing all work on your own might take too much time. Their video content, songs, or podcasts look great in text. Transcription is best if you want to turn different business documents into text, including speeches, meetings, presentations, or phone calls. If you are an educator or a speaker, your speeches and lectures will surely need a transcription company to turn them into text.

Also, different industries often transcribe their documents. Medical sphere has a lot of recordings that will be useful in a text form. In market research industry, meetings and recordings often go in audio form, so transcription is useful. Corporate communication benefits from phone calls and meetings turned to text. Finally, legal sphere uses court proceedings recordings that also need transcription to store them.

Types of Best Transcription Services

Transcription online has many types, depending on source files. It mostly deals with audio, video, and interviews. Quality of these recordings is very important, as transcription quality depends on them. Difficult audios are harder to transcribe. Number of speakers, quality of a file, presence of accents all influence quality.

Video Transcription Services

Public speakers often deal with videos of their lectures and meetings. Videos take more space and are often more difficult to watch. People prefer reading the information in many cases, so turning your blogging videos into text files is necessary. Also, the best video transcribing assistance can do any formatting you want. So, you receive a well-written file without mistakes.

Audio Transcription Services

Numerous spheres of human life deal with audio. Reporters and journalists record their audios. Bloggers, authors often dictate their ideas and record podcasts. Not to lose this valuable information in tons of recordings, read the best immigration services review, and use top audio transcription help. Later, you may turn such files into blog posts, press releases, many more.

Interview transcription

Business and journalist interviews are very important for any company or reporter. Best interview transcription services help to have well-written, grammatically correct files. Interviews are an important piece of information that should be stored for a long time, so make sure that you have all of them in text form.

How to Choose the Best Interview Transcription Services

Choosing your best company isn't always easy and obvious. We review top companies every day, so we have some tips on how to choose the best service. Read them below.

  • Human transcription. If video game localization companies provide human translation services, they have more chances for accurate job. Today, machines are really smart, but not smarter than humans. A transcriptionist's ear is still better than machine recognition, so opt for human transcription companies.

  • Accuracy. Different companies have different accuracy rates. This factor depends on many components, for example, experience of best transcribers, audio quality, as well as many others. Choose only those services that have top accuracy.

  • Confidentiality Security. You don't want any leakage of confidential, sensitive, or secret information from your company. That is why choose only those agencies that have strong privacy policies. They should never disclose your data by any means.

  • Glossary memory tools. When transcription service experts edit your text, especially in medical or legal industries, they need glossary memory tools. These tools help to have accurate texts because they autosuggest the best and most popular industry-specific word combinations. When the company uses them, the text is error-free.

  • Prices. The price is very important for all. Of course, you want to save money, but you also want high-quality documents. Our experience shows that the best services have a price which is a bit below the marketing average. Do not use overpriced services - they have high chances of providing poor machine-based translation.

Read Reviews Trust Professionals

Our review aims to help you choose the best online transcription services. We always pick only top companies from our lists to fit your needs. Transcription is great when you have audio or video files that you want in the text form. Best companies reviewed by us have a wide range of languages, work with many industries and can provide even software localization services. Read our detailed reviews to find out the best services in your niche and be sure to trust professional ones. We hope that our top list helped you to make your choice to get the best quality ever.