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Best Dutch Translation Services for The Netherlands Trip

The need for the best Dutch translation services can occur unexpectedly. All of a sudden, you might realize that you are about to sign a contract with a partner from the Netherlands, or a lovely person from the US might catch your interest and inspire you to have closer communication. How do you do that if you have a language barrier and it seems insurmountable? Looking for the best translation websites is the only viable solution! Good services could take care of your project professionally, for an affordable price, and with the level of support you’d appreciate. We checked many agencies and settled on five amazing ones. Look at them yourself! If you need help with Dutch, you’ll find your assistants in an instant.

5 Best Dutch Translator Services in the Market in 2023

All translating companies have differences and similarities. Some are unprofessional or downright scammy, others have been working for a long time and know how to impress their clients. We looked for the absolute best choices. No, they weren’t all perfect, but they are the closest agencies to perfection you will currently find.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

We’re familiar with this company since it’s a brilliant language assistant and we have already had positive experience with it. It provides both common and certified Dutch translation services to its clients, and this time, we wanted to see how well it does in this sphere. TheWordPoint has been around since 2016, gaining a stable network of language professionals. It works with 50 other languages and specializes in several core options like localization, transcription, and general linguistic help. We found no interpreting and no voice over or proofreading, which remains a frustrating issue. The more services a company covers, the better. Prices for Dutch translation are cheap, though, and when we placed our order, we got a wonderful project with the highest level of accuracy. It arrived on time, and managers responded to us throughout the process. We were highly satisfied with our experience.
·Low prices for Dutch translations
·An experienced service with good reviews
·Excellent quality of service
·Timely delivery of projects
·Supportive managers
·List with services is limited

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 19.9

This firm is young as it’s been operating for less than five years, but it can still provide you with the best Dutch to English translation services. It charges low rates in comparison with most other agencies, and its managers are among the nicest we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. They responded swiftly, shared the information we asked for, and supported us even when we expressed our worries. From problems, there is only localization present in addition to translation. That’s not enough for most clients, so these limitations are a drawback. At least transcription must be present. Our final document was solid: it arrived timely and impressed us with its accuracy.
·Accurate Dutch translation
·Friendly customer support
·Low prices
·Order arrival is timely
·Very few services available
·Company is too young

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

From its inception in 2015, the company has been providing quality Dutch translation services to people all over the world. From great news, you could hire the best English to Dutch translator for a low price. There are several types of options to pick from, including localization and proofreading, but once again, this isn’t a sufficient range. Only some clients will be able to find assistance. GeniusTranslation shows high rates of accuracy and respect for deadlines, but its managers aren’t the most communicative of the folks. We had to wait for two hours on one occasion because they ignored our message. Their replies sounded stiff and overly formal, and we didn’t really feel welcome. Still, it’s nothing when high quality is present, so we recommend this agency as a reliable Dutch service provider.
·Professional Dutch translation service
·Pleasant prices for help
·Strong work experience
·Respect for deadlines
·Limited range of services
·Unwelcoming support team

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This is undoubtedly the oldest company we have chosen: it appeared in 1992, meaning that it has an unparalleled experience. Its array of services is impressive: you could order localization, interpretation, content creation, subtitling, training, voice-over, transcription, and numerous other options. Managers are pleasant and welcoming, but prices are way too high. Only some people would be able to afford them. Quality is good overall, but we saw light proofreading issues scattered throughout our text. For such a price, everything had to be flawless. Still, we remained satisfied and believed that TransPerfect can easily meet your needs for good Dutch translation.
·Great Dutch translator services
·Old and experienced company
·Wonderful management team
·Diverse services available
·Prices are very high
·Proofreading issues possible

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This is another great company that provides quality Dutch translation. Its experience surpassed the 15-year mark by now, and it has solid online reputation. What surprised us is that it has a limited scope of services and languages. You’d be able to order help with translation and localization only. Managers are lovely, but they don’t work 24/7. If you contact them at the wrong time of the day, they won’t be there to respond. Prices are average, meaning that you have every chance of affording them. Dutch translators produce high-quality work, but there is an issue: they might be late. Our project had to arrive three hours earlier than it did. In the end, we decided that these errors were not critical — GTS is experienced, and it could be a good helper.
·Solid experience
·Satisfying service quality
·Helpful managers available
·Affordable costs for help
·Support isn’t always online
·Late deliveries possible
·Few services on offer

Selecting the Best Dutch Language Translation Providers

Some people think that opinions about services are subjective. To an extent, it is true, but it’s not that difficult to understand whether a company is qualified or if it overcharges people for mediocre assistance. When we go through numerous game localization companies in search of the best, we apply set criteria for achieving the most objective results. The first aspect we covered in this investigation was basic background. We sought to find out when an agency appeared, how quickly it was growing, how many reviews it generated, and whether they were positive. This creates an idea of what we can expect by ordering these services. The second step was inspecting a website and speaking with managers. Professional design, fluent content, informative explanations, and transparent pricing system are a must. Such companies always receive higher scores.
Then we asked to translate document from Dutch to English and focused on everything that comes with it. We checked how much we were charged, studied available payment methods, analyzed deadlines and communication systems. Each member reads policies to see how an agency handles complaints about quality, whether it protects privacy, and if it is possible to receive refunds. Once our order arrived, we assigned proficient Dutch experts who assessed it and gave us their verdict on quality and accuracy. The sum of these points helped us reach the final decision and compile the list with the best agencies.

Industries Where Translation from Dutch to English Is Most Popular

If you’re interested in seeing which spheres are common among people who need Dutch translations, you’ll find the research we conducted beneficially. Have a look: statistics show that these industries are the most popular.

  • Legal. Contracts, subpoenas, marriage certificates, invoices, disclaimers, police records, and student records are the most popular types of documents people order. These tasks normally require the best legal translation agencies because they involve multiple intricate nuances. Legal translators should hold international certifications to be credible.
  • Financial & Banking. Plenty of individuals order online Dutch translation for their income statements or taxes. Exchanging this information with international authorities can help you maintain business, receive permission to travel or buy property. Only good language specialists should be entrusted with this task — otherwise, you risk facing serious troubles.
  • Business. All documents above and many others are a subject of most requests for translation from English to Dutch. Business includes everything, from employment contracts to accounting files, plans, reports, memos, and labels. The only way to obtain quality results is by hiring a reliable firm that can demonstrate a valuable mix of creativity and innovativeness. Each of the options we recommended above meets these criteria.
  • Software & Technology. Translating apps, programs, and websites is a tricky job. It usually involves localization, which is a more nuanced form of translation. Pick a trustworthy Dutch translation company if you hope to make your endeavor a success.
  • Medical. Translating patient records could help you find treatment abroad. Ordering help with latest scientific articles means you stay up to date with medical findings even when you don’t know the language. Adapting recipes from a doctor, speaking with them personally — are common actions. Secure your comfort by trusting verified companies.

More Statistics: Types of Translation Available in the Market

People often wonder how rare their request is and if a firm they consider hiring is capable of meeting their needs. Let’s tackle four most popular services. Ideally, top firms must provide them all because otherwise, their range of offers won’t be full. The first type is standard plus certified work. You could order marketing translation services for adapting a colorful project or ask for certified help if you need official documents. Only language experts who got ATA or similar international accreditation can provide good Dutch certified translation services.
Localization implies a more subtle and nuanced approach to work. Localizers don’t adapt content word by word; they change it to preserve the mood, meaning, and subtext of the original material. This focus suits projects like apps, websites, and other documents that have unique language and a culturally-heavy emphasis. Transcription covers video and audio. Bring your files, and an agency will extract and translate content from there. Finally, voice-over is an excellent choice for video makers who want to breathe more life into their work. The best company will select a fitting person who will share their voice with you in Dutch or any other language.

Paying More Attention to Nuances Brings Better Outcomes

When you’re choosing Dutch translation services online, you need to be careful. Read reviews from previous clients — they are not always reliable, but they help shape a preliminary picture. Once you find a potential company, look into it carefully. Visit its site, read its policies, speak with its representatives. Ask if they provide human translation only; clarify what deadlines are acceptable. Read policies and look at prices. Don’t be tempted by overly low offers, but there is no need to overpay either. Learn average prices by looking at how much different companies charge.

Best Companies Exist: Choose One and Enjoy Top Quality

You have a chance to order the best Dutch document translation services in the market. All you have to do is pick a good firm, verify that you like it, and place your order. We made certain to add affordable, reliable, and experienced agencies to our list. Try any of them and let us know what you think. If you have other linguistic needs, read more reviews. TranslationReport has a huge volume of them — you’ll find what you want easily!