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Online Platforms to Find the Best Norwegian Translation Services

If you are looking to grow your business and enter new markets with Norwegian-speaking populations, you should use the best Norwegian translation services. You should also take advantage of expert companies that provide online translation and localization services. It can be difficult to locate the best online certified translation services with a successful track record in the mentioned industries. There's no need to believe everything you read online. Take the time to read our in-depth reviews of services rather than accepting their offers at face value. Reviews elicit information about advantages as well as disadvantages that you might otherwise overlook because they are based on objective evaluation criteria.

Reviews of the Best Professional Norwegian Translation Service

Our team of specialists evaluates services on a regular basis based on in-depth analyses of their pros and cons. Our impartial evaluations assist many clients in making substantiated choices. If you're looking for the best Norwegian translation services, use reviews to help you appraise offers by professionals. The agency claiming to be the best in its industry should pass our test with flying colors.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

TheWordPoint is a market leader with reputable localization and translation capabilities in all major languages. TheWordPoint has solid, just policies regarding privacy and refunds. You get a well-tested money-back guarantee, which many customers were able to use. On-time delivery is guaranteed by certified experts. By accounting for cultural quirks and specifics, they also guarantee accuracy and relevance. When looking for the best English to Norwegian translator, TheWordPoint is your clear choice. The quality is guaranteed here. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy their offers.
Quality certified experts
Diversity of services
Credible policies
Not perfect for orders with short turnaround

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

GeniusTranslation is a good choice for a variety of translation and localization requirements. Working for this agency requires certification, so all applicants must have proof of certification. Certified Norwegian translation services are provided by more than 100 experts who are proficient in 50 languages. The absolute majority are native speakers, which is a great advantage. All types of translations, website localization, and proofreading services are provided by the company. If you need top Norwegian services, you should give them some thought. Top-notch quality of your content will help your company stand out from the competition.
Favorable online customer reviews
Trusted quality
Professional & certified staff
Reliable & whip-smart service
Complex pricing system

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 19.9

With a language coverage of about 50, TranslateHub is positioned as a seasoned business with more than 250 specialists from about 100 countries across the world. Services cover a wide range of topics, including marketing, engineering, law, medicine, software, and other areas. For using the best Norwegian experts, our analysis shows that TranslateHub is highly dependable. It does not come on top of our choice of best Norwegian to English translation services, but it is still among the most trustworthy offers available out there. One caveat is that despite their claims of using only human experts, our investigation revealed that they also employ machine translation.
Competitive pricing policy
Top 10 writers
Quality and accuracy
Some customers report delayed deliveries

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 38.0

Over 80 languages are covered by Andovar, which has been in operation for quite some time. Apart from translation services, it specializes in localization, media, and enterprise solutions. Andovar has approximately 140 employees in different parts of the world, including Miami, Budapest, Kolkata, and Bangkok. Our team liked the company website for its stylish design and user-friendly description of services. We did not have great experiences with them because specialists were slow when we hired them to translate document from Norwegian to English. The communication with customer services also had glitches and gaps. The reviews of Andovar bear out our findings.
Over 80 languages covered
Stylish website
Late deliveries
Writers are slow and ineffective
Ineffective customer services

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.2

ArgosMultilingual specializes in life sciences, technology, and manufacturing areas. It also aspires to be a leading Norwegian translation company. Because of its specialized focus, it can be your choice if you work in any of these niche areas. ArgosMultilingual boasts ISO certification. Our team tried finding certifications of their employees, but it failed to do so. We could not find any proof. We took our time evaluating their competence because the niche they chose demands top-notch quality. The outcomes were unimpressive. We checked texts with native speakers and discovered numerous mistakes. If you are looking for the best translation services, we advise that you look some place else. The best Norwegian translations have to be provided by experienced professionals only.
Niche areas of specialization
ISO certification
Low quality
Dubious employees’ credentials
Hidden costs
Unreliable policies

Selection Criteria for the Top Norwegian Language Translation Service

For objective and data-driven evaluations, we employ strict evaluation criteria. To ensure they’re unbiased and informative, we take into account a number of variables, including pricing, professionals from and into Norwegian, the range of services offered, credentials, quality as well accuracy, revision policies, refund policies, and payment options. Together, these elements enable us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the company's activities and their value, especially as an agency providing online Norwegian translation.

Popular Industries

Below you can see the industries for which a competent translation is of paramount importance.

  • Medical: Medical records must be translated by the best medical translation services using licensed, qualified specialists for individuals receiving care abroad. To communicate with medical staff who may not speak their language, they need assistance. For instance, you would require a professional Norwegian expert if you were traveling to Norway.
  • Automotive: Customers need to translate the history of their vehicles and their maintenance logs. Obtaining item descriptions is crucial because they purchase their parts from foreign suppliers. Companies often need these documents to do their business effectively.
  • Software and Technology: If you are designing new software, you must ensure that the content is comprehensible in regional dialects. Furthermore, it should be possible to have access to validation results and other product data in a variety of languages.
  • Financial and Banking: The best Norwegian translator services help with financial and banking documents. The professional rendering of the customer's financial and business records, tax returns, official statements, and other pertinent documents is required for those customers who do business with lots of stakeholders.
  • Business: Investment proposals, business plans, and accounting information must be available in a variety of languages to conduct business.
  • Legal: Includes a variety of papers, including contracts & agreements, wills, birth and marriage certificates, laws & regulations, and many others.
  • Marketing: Because marketing materials must be made available in different regional tongues, businesses hire localization specialists to adapt content. If Scandinavia is your target market, for example, you need the best Swedish translation companies or Norwegian services.
  • eLearning: eLearning is more efficient when students can use content in their mother tongue. Developers employ qualified staff so that they can offer courses to their target audiences in their respective languages. For those learning Norwegian, businesses should provide a high level of translation from English to Norwegian or the other way around.
  • Multimedia: Video content has trouble making sense if there aren't voice-overs or subtitles. The agencies and producers make their content available to a target audience by using professional services.

Popular Types of Translation from Norwegian to English

Let's look at the most demanded types of papers that need an accurate and reliable translation from Norwegian to English.

  • Certificates: Lots of people require content that must be translated for their certificates. These may include documents like birth or marriage certificates, training and conference attendance certificates, course completion certificates, medical certificates, and a lot more.
  • Documents: Translations are required for many other types of legal and non-legal documents. They may be your contracts and agreements, business transactions, bank statements, papers for your immigration application, academic transcripts, and so on. You must find and use the best Norwegian certified translation services with a proven track record of excellence to make sure you get accurately done papers.
  • Localization: As companies enter new markets, they need to customize their products and services to local markets and customers. For that, they absolutely need to use professional services to avoid the embarrassment of making culturally sensitive errors and misfires.
  • Transcription: Many clients require transcription services. Transcriptions help them ensure their texts are relevant in local dialects. A professional team is able to deal with these tasks effectively too.
  • Voice-overs: Without voice-overs video material is likely to make little or no sense to your audience. Films, games, documentaries, as well as other types of media content often need voice-overs to reach out to your target audiences. Experienced Norwegian translation services online are able to help with these kinds of content as well.

Extra Points to Consider When Choosing the Agency

To identify the best Norwegian translator services, you should consider other factors. The best prices, speed, online customer reviews, the usability of the website, and any discounts should also be taken into account. It should go without saying that you should verify whether companies use native specialists to get your best media localization services. For instance, your specialist’s Norwegian must be perfect if you want to be successful in the Norwegian market.

Make Your Right Choice

When you work with customers and companies who speak Norwegian, finding the best translation services is crucial. You can't just trust any company that claims to be an industry leader because it's a difficult language. TranslationReport is your reliable guide for objective reviews. When assessing service quality, our experts are among the best in business. Since the majority of them have built successful careers in Norwegian document translation services, they are aware of the requirements for the highest quality.