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The Factors We Considered For Our Argos Multilingual Overview

The company Argosmultilingual is a translation and localization service which specializes in the manufacturing, life sciences, and technology sphere. We’ve received several requests about this platform and are glad to present to you the results of our investigation. In our analysis, we used several quality checkpoints:

  • The convenience of the company’s site

  • Reviews from previous customers

  • Payment system and placing the order

  • Quality check of the final product

  • Speed of service and adherence to deadlines

Our team of professionals did their best to determine if the service is trustworthy. Our experienced specialists thoroughly check the quality of the final document and say if it caters to the standards.

The Services Provided

The company’s landing page says that the service specializes in technology, life sciences, and manufacturing. This firm uses a neural machine and deep learning technologies to help with translation. To add, they offer translation management and value-added consulting. The company has ISO certification, but we could not find information about the employees’ certification. The company offers translation service to and from many languages, including Portuguese, Spanish translation services, Dutch, Italian translations, French, best German translation services, Japanese, Traditional, and Simplified Chinese. For our test-drive, we chose advertising material to be translated and localized. 

Do They Provide Affordable Prices?

We found out that the price was rather high for the marketing segment. There is no option of a free quote, and there was no pricing policy on the site. Also, we did not find an online form to chat with support. You can only request a call, which may not be convenient for many people. Generally, our Argos Multilingual review showed that the service of the company was rather costly and exceeded the average market price. We think that top companies should always have affordable pricing along with great service.

Quality, Accuracy and Formatting Matters

Unfortunately, our experts in the marketing field could not say anything particularly good about the translators of Argosmultilingual. We were surprised to find many typos and sentence structure mistakes in the text. Obviously, the translation was performed by a machine which was not good in our case. We realize that marketing is a sphere where the human translation is important because it makes the text appeal to the audience. 

We ordered English to Chinese translation service. The target language was rather challenging for translation, so we expected to see the help of a native speaker who would review and localize our text. We were disappointed to find out that didn’t happen.

Moreover, the translation was late. This is important for our review, because late work may seriously harm the customers. For the IT or business industry, a delay may cause money losses which is unacceptable.

Evaluating Pros and Cons of Dealing with Argos Multilingual

Generally, we did not find anything good about the company besides their customer support which was always ready to help us. Also, the payment system was convenient. Still, we think that accuracy is one of the most important features which the best companies have. This wasn’t the case with our Argos Multilingual review. Moreover, lateness was a bad experience for us. Plus, we think that the company’s site is inconvenient and useless, as there were no clear sections with prices or languages.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, we can say that Argos Multilingual disappointed us. We would not recommend it for serious business clients, IT, or marketing. Our advertising translation failed. So, we advise to use this service only if you have a simple translation which doesn’t require localization. We found out that other customers were also dissatisfied with the poor quality of translation.

Also, the service may fail to meet your deadline. We think that nowadays, top 10 translation websites should have other options than calls for making an order. They should have a price quote or an instant chat option. That’s why a review of Argosmultilingual showed that we can only give two points out of five to this company.


Not good for localization purposes... They have totally missed the cultural point of my marketing campaign and the part about mutual respect in Arabic countries. The final delivery was two days later than I expected. Although it did not cause much trouble, I expected to receive a better translation.


Late translation delivery! If you do not want to fail your important international projects, avoid this company!


You can’t sugarcoat it they’re simply not good enough too many errors


I kept trying them to see if they’ll be better.They kept getting worse and making a lot of errors.


This is so so shameful. I just can't believe I paid for the work you guys did the mistakes were more than the correct translations.I can't recommend you guys to anybody


I feel like this translation service tried my patience. The turnaround time was unbearably long and the translation itself was very poorly translated. I needed an accurate and timely translation, not this kind of disappointment.


Overpriced services with low quality.


The translation service did not provide any explanations or context for their translation and as a result I was not confident of the accuracy of the text.


They hire non language specific translators to do projects and lie to the clients. The PMs and resource managers are very unprofessional and untrustworthy. That's why the translation quality is extremely poor. Be aware of Valeria Fl**es Meehan and Zoltan D**bik. These two are liars and scammers.


Translated document was unreadable.

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