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Top Software Localization Services Reviews

Software industry is a large sphere that brings billions of revenue annually. Software is the base of most of today’s technologies, so everybody needs them. That’s why software localization services are so popular today. Developers around the world want to spread their products to global markets. Still, many people won’t buy software if it is in a foreign language. Some argue that plain translation is enough, but localization has better potential for global growth of your app. That’s why we prepared this list of best software localization companies for you.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This agency is one of the leading software localization companies in the market. It has many years’ experience which makes it trustworthy. Plus, TheWordPoint supports nearly any popular platforms as well as devices. This company has localization and quality control options. Reasonable pricing and speedy delivery are factors that make the company’s service perfect. They have an only human translation from certified specialists, so we aren’t surprised that client satisfaction rates are high.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

The company has an intuitively understood site which is a plus. There is an instant quote option that allows you to get pricing for your product. This agency offers mobile as well as desktop devices localization as well as pre- and post-translation help in programming. In-context localization makes this company stand out, as it deals with a user interface.

Delivery: Regular

Price per word from: $ 0.16

The service offers a full adaptation to culture of target audience. There are 150 state translation languages, which is great for customers. Some other useful functions are QA testing, editing, glossary creation, dialogue, menu adaptation. We uploaded a part of a software localization project and received it timely with no meaningful errors, which puts this company in third place on our list.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

This software localization service does not have such a wide range of available options as previous companies. Still, it has affordable pricing along with acceptable quality of delivered documents. We can say that advantages of this company are delivery without delays and a great client support system.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.2

Argos Multilingual offers software documentation localization services as well as post-processing. Like most companies, they offer localization testing by expert users as well as linguists. We did not see a lot of supported platforms, but site clearly states that service can localize with modern tools for mobile apps as well as programs.

How We Evaluate Companies

We don’t just make lists for fun. Our goal is to determine which services are best according to our rigid evaluation system that analyzes certain factors. Our specialists choose the best software localization services with help of expert testing which goes through nearly all spheres of company’s activity. They include:

  • Industry expertise. Top-rated services always have industry experts who specialize in software localization. Such tasks require knowledge of specific matters such as coding, testing, etc. For this list, we choose only best translation sites with experts in software development.
  • Product Quality. We test-drive each translation service and check quality of documents that we receive. Our experts carefully evaluate results, check it for grammar, lexical errors, machine translation. Only error-free services feature on our list.
  • Delivery. We understand how important the speed is if you are on a tight schedule. To feature in our list, a software service should deliver documents timely and have speedy localization options.
  • Customer Support. Without proper support, the whole service becomes inconvenient and confusing to clients. For us, response time, professionalism, client satisfaction rate are some important criteria.

How to Choose Best App Localization Services

There is a huge variety of translation and localization sites on the market. Still, not all of them are worth attention, because they do not meet TranslationReport's criteria for good translation sites. Trust only professional services and use these tips on how to choose an agency.

  • Platforms and Devices. A good software service provides localization of different content on JavaScript, HTML, ASP, PHP, DHTML, etc. Company experts should be able to localize such machine languages as Java, C, C++, C-Sharp, JSON.
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI). Ask service if they translate GUI and what are their methods to deal with them. These application parts need to be localized to certain audiences because different cultures perceive images and colors differently.
  • Deadlines for Projects. If your software development uses an Agile framework, search for a service that uses Agile techniques so that you work at the same pace. Ask about time-management methods and approaches to make your choice.
  • DevOps. No secret that DevOps requires a continuous translation process. Not every software translation service can provide an ongoing localization process. Check which technologies companies use and make sure that they suit your method of product development.
  • Software Types. Of course, if you create a project for Android, you should find an adjacent company that works with this platform. However, it’s not that simple. You may work on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Linux, Windows at the same time. If you work on mobile apps or websites, be sure that your company knows how to handle their code, layout, etc. Localization is especially important if you have customer relationship management applications, database and storage software, as well as payroll and billing software. Always double-check which exactly platforms and sites that software localization companies support.
  • User-Friendly Interface. Buttons, layouts, or other similar elements may seem an easy task. However, users generally prefer unified terms for buttons that the company should know. That’s why hiring a native speaker will benefit your translation.
  • Testing. Does company provide quality checks? And, more importantly, do they have QA specialists to test your program? If the answers are positive, this is the company you’re looking for.
  • Documentation. All documents, manuals, additional materials that go with your software also need localization. Without it, both you and your clients will be confused. Remember to search for your exact language pair. If you localize to the Arab or Portuguese world, use Arabic document translation services or Portuguese translation services for your supplementary materials.

Why You Need Human Translation

Software localization is a complicated task. It needs much attention, creativity, cultural knowledge. Plus, machine is bad at many languages, for example, Russian or Latin, that’s why choosing corresponding Latin translation services instead of machine will be an advantage. If the company uses machine translation, you may pay less at the start but you will have to redo everything, as the text will make no sense. For example, machine doesn’t know proper terms for interface parts, it can’t test the program or work with your exact platform. This is why attention and diligence of a human are important. Software development is a multi-faceted, complicated process, and localization for it can’t be easy.

Importance of Prices

Companies with best localization software specialists may have various prices. As our experience shows, affordable ones are always better. The quality of expensive services may be great, but in most places, you can get the same service for a better price. Always search for better variants until you find a great combination of price and quality. But beware companies whose price is too low, because they may use machine translation. To avoid confusion, read our list of top 10 translation agencies online and find out about affordable options.

Choose Top Software Translation Services from Our Reviews

When you localize software, apps, or games use our tips and lists to choose the right game localization companies. We reviewed the most accurate services with high customer satisfaction rates and great delivery speed. Before choosing one of them, check if sites work with your platforms. Also, don’t forget to ask about certifications of specialists, because only such people have high-quality translation and a great understanding of your app. Reading reviews at TranslationReport will help you to find out about top-rated companies in your field of interest.