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MorningsideTranslations Expert Review

MorningsideTranslations appears to have been founded in 2000, but it’s started to increase its influence only in the last decade. At the moment, this translation company has become one of the largest in the US: it cooperates with more than 8000 professional experts, covering as many as 150 languages. But the reviews on it are mixed, and the more popular it becomes, the more people come to us with concerns, asking for our opinion. We decided not to keep you waiting any longer. Our team prepared a 3-page long legal text and selected a rare target language. Before completing a MorningsideTranslations review, we have evaluated their performance prior, during, and after the order placement. Here’s what we’ve found.

The List of Language Services Provided

MorningsideTranslations works in many different industries. Finance, media & entertainment, software, manufacturing, life sciences, and law are among the major sectors its experts specialize in. In terms of services, there are four options you can choose from.

  • Translation: reworking the original text into the one written in a target language.
  • Interpretation: an oral translation that takes place during conversations, RL, or online ones.
  • Localization: adapting a text in accordance with the culture and mindset of a target region.
  • Legal Support: helping you notarize or certify a translated document.

MorningTransideTranslations Prices & Some Hidden Costs Revealed

MorningsideTranslations’ website has a beautiful background, but upon a closer look, it’s not organized well. It’s difficult to find relevant sections, and the information about prices is absent entirely. So if you require urgent help and wonder how much you’re going to pay, you won’t be able to see it, not until the order is being placed. This is a mark against the translation services of this firm because lots of people are going to be scared off by such an approach. Others might find themselves trapped in a situation where they can’t really afford to pay but regret losing this much time in vain.

Our order was assessed as costing $0.16 for one word. It’s a little higher than the norm but not by much. We didn’t discover any hidden prices — the firm’s policies seem to be relatively transparent in this regard, so this is something you shouldn’t worry about.  

The Quality Aspect

The text was delivered by our specified deadline, so we have no complaints here. Our problems started when our experts began to analyze the translation. There were many awkward constructions, meaning that machine work was involved. Human touch was also visible — about 300 words in total were translated nearly flawlessly, but everything else seemed rushed and fitted badly together. We asked for revision and faced a lot of reluctance in response. After a week, we finally got an improved document, but we’ve wasted so many efforts that it felt like a small consolation.

Do Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages?

At least some of translators MorningsideTranslations works with are professional since our edited text was almost perfect. The company supports many languages (provides Germa, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French translation services), even the rarest ones, and it offers all four major types of services you might be seeking. Its operators are supportive and the deadline was maintained. At the same time, the cost of the order was somewhat pricey, and the first version we got was of extremely poor quality. The revision took place only a week later, after lengthy arguments. More than that, we found out how much we were going to pay only after filling in the order form, which isn’t the best approach to work. Considering that quality is everything, the cons prevail.   

The Expert Conclusion

Clearly, despite its large size, our review of MorningsideTranslations shows that the company isn’t among the top firms you should apply to when in need of website translation services. It has some benefits, but the disadvantages are larger. Quality is not a guarantee — it depends on who is going to accept your order. The price is higher than average and if you demand a revision, you should be prepared to have longs conversations about its validity, no matter how justified your request is. All of this might result in a time loss and frustration, so we recommend looking into other options if you need reliable specialists. We give this company 3 stars.  


Morningtrans offers pretty decent translation services


Poor machine translation, which cannot be accepted for medical nursing journal translations. No refunds. Talking to support personnel is quite challenging.


The work of this company depends on a chosen translator. Some of their specialists are quite good, yet if you have bad luck, you won't get excellent results. My cultural review revision was done by another person, which had much better skills.


I placed an order for legal translation and received quality assistance with a document that has been notarized.

Gage Mcfadden

The quality was okay. I got my documents delivered to me before deadline.


Terrible customer support, which is completely unresponsive and unhelpful!


The user interface of this service is clunky and difficult to navigate, so I was not comfortable using their website.


they had difficulty translating into French


I felt like Hatico while I was waiting for my translation, which they took a very long and tedious time to translate for me


This translation service offer timely and very accurate translation

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