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Review of the Best Polish Translation Services

Everyone has their own reason for seeking the best Polish translation services, but all people have one idea about what they should look like. Features like top quality, affordable prices, friendly translators + managers, clear policies, or a welcoming atmosphere are a must. But is it too much to ask for? The report can tell you right away: no, it is not. All these things are possible, but to get them, you should find the best services. Our team does it for you. We search for reliable translating agencies by reading reviews, studying backgrounds, placing orders.  

Online Polish translation takes a unique place in language market. Poland is growing in popularity as a tourist destination & business partner, with more people seeking to make contact with it or get somewhere else. Businessmen, regular people with personal needs, representatives of creative industries or developers — everyone could be interested in such services. We are here to make this happen!

Five Best Polish Translator Services In the Market

After an intense search, analysis, and arguments, we developed a list of five top translating companies. Check review each, don’t settle for the first option you see. They all have their unique advantages & disadvantages, so pick one that you think is the best in particular.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

From a myriad of agencies we’ve tested, TheWordPoint stands out as the absolute best. It has 6 years of translating experience, and it works with 50 different languages. Any sector is going, from general to business or technical. It also has certified Polish translation services. Prices are pleasantly affordable: for one word from one language to another & vice versa, you’d have to pay only $0.10. This is a great price in comparison with this market’s average costs. The team of managers is professional since they got in touch quickly and replied to our questions with a perfect amount of detail. They assigned a team of two translators on our order. Right upon deadline, everything was ready. It looked perfect and conveyed original accurately. There was only one element we disliked: TheWordPoint has no Polish interpreting. People may need a personal translator nearby, so that’s a drawback. Since everything else was great, we give it 4.8 stars.
· Top quality translating services
· Prices for translation start at $0.10 per word
· Many sectors covered
· Professional teamwork & timely delivery
· Polish interpreting is not an option

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This top company has also been providing Polish translations for about 7 years. Our review team immediately noted its solid range of services + 50 languages in addition to Polish. Speaking with its team was a delight as they were all helpful and welcoming. Translators work with various services here. Some specialize in business, others work with games or correspondence. The problem is once again interpreting — it’s absent, meaning that not everyone is going to benefit from this company. Prices are just a bit higher here than at our number 1 company. Customers should pay about $0.11 for one word of content. But this is still extremely affordable, and importantly, results are worth it. We got an excellent project that fully met our demands, so we assign 4.5 stars to this provider.
· Among the best services
· Cost of translation begins with $0.11 per word
· Welcoming managers
· Good variety of options
· No Polish interpreting

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 19.9

TranslateHub has positive online reviews, and it offers Polish translation services online in several directions. Apart from general adaptations, you could order localization. There are plenty of sectors and languages these people work with, but services themselves are limited. Prices are low, and one page of general complexity level costs about $0.11. Managers give serious and professional answers, but they have a problem: they respond slowly. Sometimes they made us wait for twenty minutes even when our questions were simple. Translators impressed us with their results. We loved our translation and it was delivered on time even though the deadline we asked for was a short one. In sum, we give TranslateHub 4.2 stars.
· One of the best translating agencies
· Prices for help start with $0.11 per word
· Solid reputation
· Responsible translators
· Limited services
· Slowish managers

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

This professional Polish translation service began its operations in 2015. It works with Polish and 60 other languages, and its specialists support various formats of work. They translate projects in technical, business, marketing, and healthcare spheres; if you have a unique request, you could discuss it with managers. The problem is that they reply slowly and getting in touch is extremely difficult. They respond primarily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. PST, and while some of them stay online after that, we never got a response. Prices are customer friendly. Translators delivered order for our review timely: content was accurate, but proofreading mistakes were serious enough for us to demand revision. It worked and we liked results, though the presence of mistakes the first time damaged our impression. Overall, this is a good service.
· One of top companies in Polish translation
· Polish help costs $0.12 per word
· Effective revisions
· Timely deliveries
· Slow messaging
· Proofreading mistakes

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.2

This large Polish translation company has twenty years of experience, which makes it the oldest in our review. It has several offices globally that support over 100 languages. The services are extremely diverse: clients could find even such rare options as interpreting, transcription, transcreation, etc. The situation with prices is odd. On the website, they are low: professional translator + editor from Polish cost only $0.10 per word. But in reality, texts are more expensive. We had to pay $0.16, though our project was the simplest. Support team is friendly and effective, but another big issue is delivery. Our translation was late by a day. It looked great as it had no errors or missing sentences, but timeliness is vital, too. So we recommend Polilingua, but urge you to be careful.
· Old and experienced translating agency
· Rich choice of services
· High quality
· Inconsistent prices
· Possible late project arrival

Professional Evaluation Criteria for Writing Reviews

When we look for an accurate German translator who could do a great job on technical projects or a talented Polish translators, we follow a series of complex steps. Such a thorough approach is the only way of ensuring quality and recommending only the best services to you. We do both superficial and in-depth analyses. The first includes an overview of available reviews, a range of translating offers, a communication system,s and policies. In other words, we learn everything about a company as outside observers, including prices. We compare them with average market numbers.

Then the time for placing an order for Polish translator services comes. We select a project, a language, and hire translators. From that point up to delivery, we make notes about other aspects, and when we get our order, we study it together with experts. They are native speakers and can offer insights into how good translators were. Analysis of all features gives us a chance to conclude whether an agency deserves to be on a list with the best options.

Spheres Where Polish language Translation is Common

People searching for top translators usually represent different spheres. We made market research to see which requests are most popular. Take a look for having an idea of how this segment works:

  • Medical. Healthcare is top client of services. Our review team noted that most people order translations for their patient records because they want to get treatment abroad or learn a second opinion on their diagnosis. Other orders involve medical research and the newest findings on COVID.   
  • Automotive. Some of the best Polish to English translation services are needed in the automotive sphere. There is a frequent exchange of cars, parts, instructions and tools between Poland and US, so experienced translators with knowledge in this sphere have popularity. 
  • Software and Technology. Top game localization companies are common among developers. People come up with apps, games, and programs. Sharing them across foreign markets is lucrative, especially if you hire the best experts for it.  
  • Financial and Banking. Everyone performs financial operations and gets their documents notarized on a daily basis. Polish document translation services could take care of checks, reports, and invoices.
  • Business. Business operations take place every minute. Some want to translate their contracts or business plans, arrange international merging, and so on.  
  • Legal. Having court hearings, proving that you are eligible for immigration or travel are the most popular goals of people who look for Polish certified translation services. Not all companies cover this need, which is why our review team includes only the best ones in our lists.  

Popular Polish Translation Kinds

What are the leading requests language companies work with? Standard translation is top service; certified takes second place. Most clients want to push their projects to international markets or to travel. They need accurate Polish translation of their birth and marriage certificate, immunization records from medical translation services online, and other similar things. Localization is next: this is careful work with cultural nuances of target population. What English native speakers find hilarious might offend people & vice versa. Transcription is also common since multiple customers have video or audio recordings that they want to see in translated text format. The final popular option is voice over. A company adds a voice of a narrator who could enrich your video.

Looking for Translation from Polish to English On Your Own

Numerous people want to rely on themselves as they are searching for the best Chinese translator or Polish agencies. We encourage this approach — in fact, it might be the best. Reviews should still be your first stop: look at what other clients said about a company that interested you. Do your own research. Check what experience it has and whether it offers human translation. Never settle for anything less, and treat agencies that have options of machine work suspiciously.

Before ordering translation from English to Polish, speak with support. You need to establish how trustworthy they are. Read policies attentively: learn what is going to happen if translators fail to deliver their project on time or if it has low quality. Check prices and deadlines — anything outlandish is a warning sign to stay away.

Use Top Services for Top Results

Now you know where to start your search for the best English to Polish translator. Our review team is always happy to help with it, just select the category you need and check the agencies we recommend personally. Prices should be displayed online for everyone to see. Do your estimates for your project on their basis and speak with managers.  

If you used any companies we recommended and hired them to translate document from Polish to English, let us know how it went. We always look forward to your opinions. Become a part of our website and benefit from the best services in the world!