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What is the Purpose of Your Website?

Our mission is to give an objective and unbiased review of translation services and agencies from all over the world. We collect the feedback as we believe that consumers who are considering using online translation services should have as much information as possible about the companies they are considering. And, those who have never used a translation service may want to be able to identify those that will meet their needs for quality and service.
We hope that our reviews will help users to make the right decision and choose the most suitable service. We continue to add summaries of services all the time, and this will be an ongoing effort for us.

How do You conduct Your Reviews?

We have several common factors/criteria that we use to evaluate every company. We review their website content, the languages, the qualifications of their writers, look at pricing and benefits, review the comments and feedback that customers provide, and we always order a translation piece to determine quality and accuracy. Once we have gathered all of the information we can, we write up a summary of our experience and rate the service.

How do you decide which services to review?

We look for translation services online with the help of various browsers like any other user. Sometimes, users of our site request a review because they are considering using a company for their translation needs. At other times, we pick up “buzz” about a company and decide to conduct a review. We are always on the lookout for services on the web. Anyone can request that we conduct a review of a specific company.

Can people who visit your site provide comments on a translation service?

Absolutely. In fact, we want and openly solicit comments and feedback from individuals who have had experiences with translation services. Based on those comments, we often decide to conduct a review. And, if we have reviewed a service, we want customers to comment on our findings too. Anyone can share their experience by writing a review or posting a comment.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Our site is filled with users who have reviewed or commented services and who engage in lots of discussions about the translation industry in general. We also maintain a blog with lots of engaging and interesting posts about translation services, the ways in which translators can find work, promote themselves, etc.
If these commonly asked questions and answers do not provide all of the information you need about who we are and what we do, we urge you to get in touch with us and ask away. We are transparent, professional, and have only one goal – to give consumers the very best, most accurate information about the translation industry in general and about specific translation services so that consumers can make smart decisions about who they use to meet their needs.