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Don't Sell Your Project Short: Order the Best Video Translation Services

Finalizing the creation of a video you’ve been working on is a huge event. Hours, days, perhaps months later, you’re finally done. Now you might be wondering, what’s next? Well, how about hiring the best video translation services? If you are proud of your job, there is nothing stopping you from sharing it with the rest of the world. If you already have an audience in your own language, that’s even better: the international market is waiting. It doesn’t matter what topic your video covers, how long it is, or what language you’d like to translate it into: find an amazing multimedia localization service and let it translate your content. We reviewed numerous companies and settled on the five top ones. Check them out, and you’ll find your perfect helper!

5 Companies that Offer the Best Video Translation in 2023

Quality trends at different companies change daily. The most experienced localization service might suddenly drop its standards and start providing terrible help, while a new agency could give you a fantastic kind of help. Consistency is a rare thing in this market, which is why we keep reviewing various agencies occasionally. This time, we looked for agencies capable of delivering professional video translation. There are five leaders that we recommend.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

If you’d like to translate video, TheWordPoint should be option #1. It appeared in 2017, and so far, it has been consistently serving clients all over the world satisfyingly. TheWordPoint could translate or localize a project; it could also transcribe it, which is what clients usually order for their videos and audio. While only over 50 languages are covered, they include the most common options, so you will likely find the help you need. This company delivered our project on time, and its quality amazed us. The translation was sharp and accurate, and it covered humor and sarcasm, as well as sounded original. The price was pleasantly low, it was a perfect combination all around.
Affordable prices for video translation
Top translation quality
Diverse options for your video
Over 5 years of market experience
Less than 100 languages on offer

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 19.9

People who need quality video translations could find them in about 50 languages in this company. TranslateHub is not very experienced: it emerged only in 2019. The number of its services is limited, but our experience with a video project was perfect from start to finish. The price is sufficiently low, the managers are responsive and helpful, and the quality is impressive. It felt refreshing as we got a chance to see our video from a completely new angle. We appreciate the help of this company and evaluated it highly.
Good rates for video translator
High level of quality
Supportive team of managers
Deliveries on time
Limited experience with translation
Few services in a few languages

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.17

Ulatus has been working in the translation industry for over 15 years. It’s an experienced company that has over 3000 linguists, and it has rare services like dubbing and subtitle translation. Sadly, it specializes only in 50 languages, and despite stating that it has an incredible 99.45% satisfaction rate, it got some mixed reviews from its clients. Apart from video translation services, there are many others. Clients could order interpretation or proofreading for their projects. Unfortunately, prices are higher than usual, and it might be cheaper to get assistance elsewhere. At the same time, the quality of our video was good; it arrived on time, and the managers showed support and care whenever we contacted them with questions.
Video language translation is good
Rich experience in the market
Strong team with managers
Diverse services available
Prices are too high
Mixed reviews
Little choice of foreign languages

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

This company appeared in 2015, and it offers the best online video translation with innovative solutions. It has numerous language specialists, some of whom could give you a hand in real-time: you’ll see how your project is being transformed. There are numerous services available in this agency, from localization to interpretation and subtitle translation, and clients can choose from 100 languages. Our excitement dimmed a bit when we realized how expensive this company’s rates were. Its support team is also dubious since they don’t show a willingness to assist: their replies take a lot of time, and they usually sound sharp and abrupt. Still, we liked the quality. It was pleasing, and we didn’t regret paying as much as we did, although contacting another company would have been cheaper.
Sufficient industry experience
Quality online video translation
Plenty of services & languages are available
Innovative options present
Overly expensive services
Unfriendly support

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

GetBlend has over 14 years of translating experience. Their experts could translate video from Spanish and over 100 other languages, which is an impressive result. With 25K experts ready to assist, finding help doesn’t take much time, and there is an impressive number of services that range from translation to transcreation and dubbing, subtitling, plus other useful options. Sadly, prices are outrageous. Managers give clients all support they need, but policies aren’t that great in general. For example, if you feel like your language expert didn’t do a good job, getting them to revise your project will be next to impossible. You’ll waste much time and effort before maybe arriving at any results. At the same time, quality seems great in most cases. Language specialists know what they are doing and adapt videos in the best possible way.
Great translating experience
A variety of audio video translation options
Satisfying quality level
Supportive managers
Rates are unacceptably high
Flawed policies & absent revisions

Who Might Need Video Translations and Why

\People contact translation agencies for different reasons. Some need the best online certified translation services because they plan on traveling abroad and have to submit their documents to authorities. People who want to find a language translator for videos are usually creators or developers with the burning desire to share their work with others. They poured their soul into their video; now they hope people all over the world will get a chance to watch it.
In good companies, multiple services are available. This gives customers a chance to decide what they want. They could ask for an audio translator for videos; they might also order a voice-over service. If they do, a person with a professional-sounding voice will repeat translated content at the pace you have set. One more option is to convert the language of the video into subtitles and assign the correct timing to them. The choice is rich, you only have to make it — and pick a reliable company in the process!

Our Quality Criteria: How We Choose the Best Video Translation Service

People interested in translations usually have vastly different requests. Some want Urdu translation services because their project is rare. Others are interested in localization done within a day. When doing this assessment, we took various aspects into account. Our goal lies in finding the kind of company that would meet the needs of the biggest number of clients. The first element we analyzed was the general background. Our team looked into when an agency was founded, how many reviews clients left about it, and if they were positive or not. Another step was exploring the website itself along with its offers. The more services it provides, the more languages it covers, the better.
We sought to gain direct client experience with every agency we tested. This is why we hired a video audio translator, which allowed us to see prices and compare them against the market average. Our team spoke with managers, and when we got our order, we studied how well it looked and if it arrived on time. Services that delivered bad quality or were late lost their chance of getting on our list. We kept sorting through options until we arrived at five amazing ones that we could recommend to you.

Extra Factors Every Client Should Watch Out for When Hiring a Service

Be careful when you hire someone to translate audio from video. We already shared our latest recommendations, but sometimes people would like to make their own choices. It might be a great decision, but make it smart! Look at these factors:

  • Human translation. Some companies use machines for their translation. If you want to find the best USCIS certified translation services in a good company, check if they offer human help. Don’t agree to anything less than this: your video will sound terrible if someone attaches an automatic translation to it.
  • Prices. Compare prices in the company you selected with prices at other agencies. Overly low rates are suspicious: good experts won’t agree on working for a few cents, but high prices are offensive. Select an ideal average combination.
  • Speed. Some people need someone to translate video online ASAP. Others don’t care about their deadline. Either way, better see what a company offers and how quickly it could complete your project in advance.  
  • Reviews. Reading reviews is a sure way of checking what other clients think about the company you’re considering hiring. If they are negative, it’s clearly a red flag. If they sound too good to be true, it might also be weird, so be certain you check them on different platforms.
  • Localization specifics. Plenty of services could offer localization, but only some have a quality form of it. Ask about it if possible. For instance, the best-translating agency is going to localize your video, then send it to a native speaker for quality control. If everything is well, they’ll send it to you. Other companies might give you a rough draft of the translation.

Adapt Your Video with the Best Translators and Localizers in the Market

Now you know where to find a company that can translate video online for you. Our list has five best options: research them personally, speak with their representatives, and decide which one sounds better. Share your feedback with us, we’d love to know what you think and whether we managed to help you! If you’re interested in more language services, see our other reviews. We’ve performed multiple analyses, and one of them will definitely provide you with the type of help you require.