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Is Stepes a Reliable Translation Service?

Stepes translation company is a pretty new service, but it has still managed to earn a good reputation and become known as one of the best firms in the industry. Not all clients are pleased with it, though, and since some of you came to us and asked us to investigate, we decided to conduct our own examination. Stepes offers many services, including the usage of unique mobile translation technology. It works with the record number of more than 100,000 professional linguists who are capable of providing real-time instant assistance. We asked for a translation of a technical brochure. Here is a Stepes review of what we’ve found out during our investigation.   

The Services You Can Request

Stepes works with more than 100 different languages, from common to rare ones. The focus industries it serves include manufacturing, food, education, agriculture, medical, as well as financial sectors. It offers multiple solutions, such as on-demand, enterprise, continuous, and on-site assistance. Most importantly, Stepes provides a diverse range of services aimed to meet all possible needs of its customers. This is what they comprise:

  • Interpretation. If you require an expert to help you understand a conversation or perform a lecture for foreign audiences, you can order all sorts of interpretations with this firm.
  • Localization. Do you have a game, a website, or another project that requires adaptation? It differs from the usual translation since you have to consider all cultural differences and treat them carefully, making sure the content is clear for all audiences. Stepes has this kind of service.
  • Document translation. Obviously, you can upload any documents and Stepes will find an expert for you.
  • Video translation. Customers often ask for transcriptions, so this company offers to provide you with them if needed.

What Are Their Prices? Affordability Aspect

All information about prices is available on the company’s website. The minimal price starts at $0.09 per word. But from what we’ve discovered, the usual cost equals $0.15 for one word, which falls into the top expensive sector. The most costly projects are worth up to $0.24, so decide for yourself whether you find such price affordable.

Analysis of Translation Quality 

There is no 24/7 online support available, which is a mark against the firm. Not everyone is ready to place an order immediately, they might have questions they want to ask, so it’s really inconvenient. The second negative aspect was that our order didn’t arrive on time. There was no warning, no message, no anything. Confused and annoyed, we contacted the team, and finally, our document was delivered. We got an apology and a discount for our next order, which was a good way to apologize.

Translation services we got were of great quality. No machine involvement was present, and the text itself was almost perfect. There were some very minor editing issues, but nothing that could twist the original meaning. The format was maintained and localization touch has been apparent.  

What Are Their Strong & Weak Sides?

Stepes has a variety of services and more than 100 languages you could choose from. It’s innovative and fast-developing, and its experts are people who have received corresponding education. On the other hand, it has no constant support system, which is a big disadvantage. The prices are too high. Also, the order we’ve placed was late.  But despite these drawbacks, we understand that human factors might strike at the most unexpected times. We were compensated for all inconvenience, which improved our impression.

Our Verdict Based on Personal Experience

Our experience turned out to be better than we expected. Stepes pleased us with the quality of its work. It has mostly good reviews and its online assistance is evaluated highly, but we also understand the reasons for the displeasure that some people expressed. We were let down in several respects as well, which doesn’t allow us to give this translation company the highest mark. Basing on our Stepes online translation agency review, we assign 4 stars to it. We recommend it to everyone seeking assistance with foreign languages, but note that you might still face troubles because Stepes hasn’t managed to make all aspects of its operations flawless yet.


Good service that delivers translations on time most of the time. The other serious issue is a lack of proper customer support. I had to wait for six hours before I could inform them about minor corrections that had to be made. Luckily, they have refunds, yet it is not the point.


It is hard to find someone to translate anything from Western Africa or similar languages. This company offers over 100 different languages and the final translation that I received was top notch. The prices are a bit too high for an average person, yet it paid off in my case. Great service and a wonderful company to consider for rare languages!


I can always count on them for quick turnaround and quality work.


It was a 100 page document yet it was 100% accurate. I was really pleased with the job they did.


They did an awesome job on my files. I’m very pleased.


The translation agency offered many language pairs to choose from, but none of them were in the language I needed.


the translation was okay, but I waited longer than necessary


It would be nice if you could translate a little faster


I'll have to look for a translation service again, I'm sick of it.


I am very scrupulous about the quality of translation... They unfortunately did not meet my expectations...

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