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Rely on Excellence: Choose Best Indonesian Translation Services

Foreign languages unite people from different corners of the planet. Some need the best Indonesian translation services because they want a chance to speak with their friend, business partner, or client in the language they would understand. Many individuals hope to travel from any region to Indonesia or from Indonesia to other countries. Submitting documents in two languages is essential here: you might need help with medical records, insurance, certificates or vaccination paperwork — Covid is not sleeping! Hiring the best translation services is an obvious solution, but anyone who thought of it has a question: which companies are reliable? How to tell that a company is indeed the best? We did it for you! After thorough research, we selected five top agencies in the market. Learn more about them and make a safe choice!

Five Absolute Winners: Best Indonesian Translator Services in 2023

We looked into various companies to determine which of them is the best. Sure, such opinions might be subjective, but we applied all the effort to assess each candidate fairly. After several months of relentless testing, we’re ready to share five best providers. 

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

This wonderful agency has some of the best language experts we’ve had the pleasure of hiring. It appeared in 2016, and ever since then, it’s been working steadily to serve more clients, delivering perfect quality to them. You could choose between simple or certified translation, transcription, or localization. Customer representatives are welcoming, and deadlines are impressive: it’s possible to order and receive help in less than a day. Prices are low enough to be affordable, and the best Indonesian translators work here. Quality of our document was high as every phrase, including complex expressions, was conveyed flawlessly. We appreciate it. From drawbacks, there is a clear limitation of services and language pairs. You’ll find assistance if one of your desired languages is Indonesian, but other than this, only 49 other options are available. That’s not a lot. Still, it’s not a serious flaw, so we recommend TheWordPoint wholeheartedly.
·Excellent quality & accuracy
·Generous prices for services
·Even short deadlines handled
·Communicative team
·Limited service list

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 19.9

This agency is young, and while it provides few options, you can find some of the best certified Indonesian translation services here. Apart from it, there is also localization and general translation for a variety of industries, from business to medical one. Sadly, this is it. It’s a scarce number of choices, and it’s not surprising since TranslateHub has been around only for a couple of years, at least in its current form. Its team is caring, though, and they obviously know their job. They replied to questions quickly and thoroughly. Prices are great even for difficult tasks with short deadlines, and accuracy level is impressive. We loved our project: it arrived on time and has top quality.
·Accurate Indonesian translation
·Affordable prices for services
·Great support team
·Multiple deadlines supported
·Only three services covered
·Insignificant translating experience

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

GeniusTranslation appeared in 2015. It has sufficient experience and largely positive reviews, and it could find the best English to Indonesian translator for you in a matter of minutes. This was the case with us, at least: we placed an order, and a translator was assigned in less than half an hour. From flaws, once again, the company needs to provide more services. You can find both kinds of translation, localization, and proofreading in it. That’s not much. Support team left us bewildered. It felt like managers were too full of themselves: they behaved arrogantly and got annoyed when we voiced our dissatisfaction. Considering the garish name of the company, maybe such conduct isn’t surprising. What improved our outlook was the quality of our order. It was great, and the agency delivered our work on time. Prices were also low and pleasant. You’ll probably find them affordable. This is a good choice for those who need help with Indonesian translation.
·Great Indonesian translations
·Prices are affordable
·Market experience is satisfying
·Projects arrive on time
·Only few services available
·Arrogant managers

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.12

This translating agency has an impressive experience. It’s been operating since 2008, and it has served numerous clients over the years, including several known companies like Bloomberg and YouTube. You can get professional Indonesian translation service here, as well as localization, transcription, proofreading, and copywriting. This range is satisfying — we rated the company highly for it. Prices are cheap, and managers are friendly, though they reply slowly. We had to wait for an hour until we got our answer. Another thing we didn’t like was quality division. You could get a standard language specialist for a very low price or someone with better qualifications for a higher one. Quality must be the same across all projects, with no money-based differences. We decided to go with a standard option, and our results were mostly pleasing. There were some language issues, but overall, quality was high, which made us include Gengo into this list.
·Good online Indonesian translation
·Low rates for services
·Impressive length of experience
·Vast array of options available
·Managers reply too slowly
·Proofreading errors present
·Expensive experts = better quality

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

Like most companies on this list, RushTranslate was founded in 2015. Its experience is solid, but unfortunately, the company didn’t use it to its full advantage. It offers only standard & certified translation. That’s not enough to meet the needs of most clients. From better news, this Indonesian translation company supports a variety of spheres and charges low prices for its help. If you select it, you won’t be overpaying, that’s for certain. Support team is great and responds swiftly. What frustrated us was that delivery was late despite its promises to deliver everything early. It’s ironic, considering how it calls itself. But quality of an order soothed our hostility: our linguists were amazing. Their work deserved to be seen.
·Great translation from English to Indonesian
·Acceptable prices for help
·Excellent support team
·Very few available services
·Late order delivery

Selecting the Best Companies That Specialize in Indonesian

When we search for the best services, we try to maintain an objective outlook. For the most reliable results, we focus on a specific service and explore it at depth. For example, to let you know which patent translation companies are trustworthy, we select firms that work with patents and order help. Same goes for languages. This time, we looked for the best Indonesian to English translation services, and we went through multiple agencies. We checked their background to see what clients they served, which reviews they collected and how long they have been around. Then we studied their sites, policies, list with options, and ways of contact. It helped us receive an inkling of how professional a company is and what we might expect from its employees. Speaking with managers is a necessity as it shows us how well these people know their agency and whether they stay in touch 24/7. We talked to numerous individuals and rated the most communicative managers favorably.
A vital step in writing reviews is ordering Indonesian translation services online. This is the only way to see if an agency is really the best. We placed orders with each tested candidate, set a deadline, and waited for outcomes. Meanwhile, we looked at other features, such as prices, how they compare to costs in other companies, and whether they are displayed openly or hidden. We favor the former approach. Upon getting our texts, we entrusted the best Indonesian experts to analyze them and listen to their conclusions. All companies we looked at earned points for each stage of assessment; those who got the highest rating became a part of our top list.

Industries in Which Translation from Indonesian to English Is Common

Staying up to date with changes in a translation market is important for knowing which services are most common and how many companies should charge for them. Since our work revolves around reviewing this industry, we do the same. You might find this information curious, too: look at which industries are most popular among clients who order assistance with Indonesian!

  • Business. Plenty of businessmen ask companies to translate document from Indonesian to English. Their orders usually involve business plans, memos, work messages, contracts and reports of different kinds.
  • Software & Technology. Our world is full of inventions. This is why clients need technical manual translation services and similar options when they develop an app, make a program, or write a guide. This industry is extremely popular.
  • Legal. This sector requires Indonesian certified translation services from the best experts. Various documents, police records, divorce certificates, birth and marriage files — these are the most popular requests.
  • Medical. Finding the best medical translation services is difficult, but it’s possible. The sphere of health will never lose its importance because most people care about themselves and worry about their health, and the best experts know how to help them. They work with research, articles from medical journals, patient records, notes from a doctor and similar documents.
  • Financial & Banking. Services in financial spheres include translations of tax documents, reports, accounting info, invoices, income statements, etc. Every solid company must offer help with this sector.

Most Essential Types of Indonesian Language Translation

People require various types of Indonesian services. Simple translation and its certified form are the most popular. Localization takes the second place: it has more subtleties and produces results of higher quality. If you need to adapt your video game so that it would be just as funny, sharp, and mysterious in translation as it is in original, you should go with this option. Transcription exists in audio and video formats. If you have a tape and want to know what people there discuss, ask one of the best services to decipher it. Finally, an option of voice-over has been gaining popularity lately. It means adding a professional voice to a video that would also translate your content in this process. When reviewing agencies, we prefer those who cover all or most of these services.

Nuances You Should Watch Out For

Sometimes people want to find the best Indonesian translator services on their own. If this is your plan, be careful and follow these tips. First, go for reviews. You must learn what other people think of this company and what dangers you might encounter. Once you settle on an option, visit its site. Ask managers about deadlines, see prices, compare them with market rates. Make certain a company provides human translation — if you have doubts, better clarify this in advance. Read policies carefully and find out whether you can count on a refund in case you are disappointed with these services. These steps will protect you from most troubles.

Rely on Experience and Derive the Biggest Translation Benefits

If you need help with your linguistic project, choose the best Indonesian document translation services. Don’t think that a good company will charge too much; it’s a myth. Multiple agencies ask for affordable compensation while delivering flawless quality. Try the agencies we suggested above; if you need other types of help, read what else TranslationReport discovered. You’ll find a huge number of reviews on our website, and they’ll definitely help you find your best provider!