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How Do We Research Our Review Entries?

The following is our review of Rushtranslate website among top translation services. We started the review process by researching the company online. This included reading Rush Translate reviews posted by other customers. While these were somewhat mixed, we were concerned to see such a high frequency of negative reviews. In addition to conducting research, we also explored the website, and placed an order for translation services.

Learning About Services Offered

According to the website only translation services are available. However, the site does claim to be able to translate in and out of over 52 languages. In our case, we selected a Arabic to English translation service. It does not appear that Rush Translate offers any services in addition to this. We were unable to find information on localization services, transcribing, interpretation, subtitling, or other services.

Discovering Prices and Available Options

This translation firm charges a flat rate of 24.99 per page for translation services. They claim 1 to 3 day delivery window for relatively short documents. To put things into perspective, they measure one page as 250 words. This breaks down to just under ten cents per word. That makes the pricing fairly reasonable. We opted to have some birth certificates, travel documents, and travel visas translated for travelers moving to the United States. We did not see any add on features.

Testing RushTranslate's Quality

We received our travel documentation three days after the deadline. Had we needed them for an emergency trip or for legal purposes, we could have been in real trouble. After we did receive the documents, we showed them to a colleague who is fluent in Arabic. He pointed out multiple inaccuracies. Some of which could have been significant enough to, for example, cause a traveler to be denied entry to a flight or result in enhanced questioning by airport or customs agents.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get much in the way of an explanation or apology for the errors or the late delivery. We certainly were not offered a refund or other type of reimbursement.

Good Versus Bad Impressions

Before we wrap up, we’d like to condense our findings into a handy list of pros & cons. If you don’t have time to read this RushTranslate review in its entirety, please consider reviewing these brief bullet points.


  • Pricing Was Given Upfront Without The Need to Request a Quote
  • Placing an Order Was Quite Easy
  • Making Payment Went Smoothly


  • Translation Was Very Inaccurate
  • Translation Was Significantly Late
  • The Documents Were Sent Without Notarization

Final Notes

To put it mildly, Rush Translation Services simply don’t hit the mark. A translated document must meet high standards of accuracy. In addition to this, documents must be delivered in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the company failed on both of these points. In addition to this, we found the claims that they made regarding certification for immigration translation service to be misleading. In our case the elements required for certification were not included in the translation, nor were the proper notarizations, etc. Regretfully, this means that TranslationReport cannot recommend RushTranslate as the best translation site to our readers.


I liked working with this translation service. The support managers kept me informed of the work process and the translators took into account all of my guidelines.


Their delivery time is okay but the quality is way below standard.


I went through the work they did and I was disappointed. I paid a relatively huge fee for their services yet they failed me.

Jennie Dowell

I don't usually write reviews but working with them was a nightmare! Not responsive to requests, bad communication, multiple revisions, and I ended up frustrated. The document was not even accepted by the USCIS although they guarantee this!!!

They do not want to refund my money!!! Be aware.


If not for the late delivery, my translation from Farsi to English was almost perfect. There were some minor imperfections but nothing too serious. The order placement process is quite simple with good user support.


What a joke! This translation service couldn't even handle basic grammar. It's like they used a random word generator.


What a joke! This translation service couldn't even handle basic grammar. It's like they used a random word generator.


I received a very inaccurate translation, important information was completely lost...


The customer service of this service was unresponsive and unhelpful to my questions and concerns.


How dare you give me that kind of paper! Is that what I paid for?

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