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What Guided Our Gengo Review?

The latest translation service we are reviewing is Gengo. As with our other reviews, we take a series of steps that allows us to be as accurate and thorough as possible. One thing that we do is research the firm as deeply as possible. It appears as if rather than hiring or contractor individual translators, gengo translation uses a crowdsourcing model. In spite of the fact that the reviews we read skewed very much negative, we were curious. We placed an order to have some business documents translated. We should note that there are no formal completes lodged against this company on the BBB.

What Services Does Gengo Offer?

We were a bit taken aback at the service limitations here. We are not sure if the crowdsource model impacts this, or if this is  a deliberate decision to limit services offered. While many services offer video translations, subtitling, game localization services, audio translations, etc. We only found translation services available.

Although the services are limited, we did find that they have translators working in a variety of industries. These include engineering, education, web design, ecommerce, software and app localization services, etc. In our case, we had some employee profiles to translate from English into French.

Speaking of limitations, when we placed our order, we were able to select English as the root language. Then we had the option of selecting many target languages. However, we tried selecting a language other than English for the root language, and were only able to select English as the target language. Ultimately, the language options are fairly limited overall.

Learning About Gengo Prices & Features

Because ours was a business translation, we were charged 12 cents for each word. When we compare that to other translation services, that cost is somewhat higher than average. However, if the quality is of the translation is decent, that’s hardly an exorbitant price. Add-ons are available. However, because pricing on them is not clear and upfront we decided to take a pass.

Do They Provide Expected Quality?

Unfortunately, there were several errors in the employee profiles we had translated. Things such as position, experience, degrees held, and other information were widely  misinterpreted. Many others who have used and reviewed this translation company made note that it appears that the crowdsourcing model is simply being used so poorly with little quality assurance or screening of translators. In this case, the poor translation would mean additional work and frustration.

Now, consider the potential impact of a translation that is done poorly for something like medication instructions, manufacturing specifications, or a safety  manual. That could prove absolutely disastrous. We were very grateful that our translation was for informational and review purposes only.

Pros & Cons of Dealing With Gengo

We have compiled a quick and easy to consume list of pros and cons for our audience to consider.


  • Prices Are Provided Upfront
  • Easy to Place an Order
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Well Designed Website


  • Limited Languages
  • Minimal Services Offered
  • Very Low Quality Translations
  • Pricing is Too High

Summing Things Up

Ultimately, Gengo translation is not one of the best translation companies we can recommend. To begin, their prices are simply too high. In addition to this, the crowd source model clearly leads to unpredictable results and quality issues. This seems to be an experiment gone bad. Please consider one of the other translation services reviews Translation Report has to offer you.


I'm a freelance translator and I work for quite a lot. They offer really good salary and full support, so it's great to work with them!


Gengo can't be beaten for the quality of video games localization. Yes, it's quite pricey, yet it delivers good quality and has a friendly customer service that actually listens to your concerns! The high price really paid off as they checked the final result with us.


Unfortunately, their language options are limited and prices are higher than average but what they do - they do well! I worked with a freelance translator and there were some minor mistakes that my business partner could spot. Still, I received my translation in 11 hours, which was a life-saver!


Speaking of quality work, no one does that better than them. The level of accuracy on their work is always top notch.


100% quality work


Do you guys have Forrest Gump? I have never received such fast and accurate translations. It's incredible, a first-class service!


The customer service was top-notch. I received prompt and helpful responses to all of my questions and concerns.


Affordable pricing for high-quality work.


Easy to work with and great communication.


I got a very high quality translation from these guys

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