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What Guided Our Assessment Criteria?

Ulatus is an experienced translation company that specializes in Asian languages in particular. It has been founded back in 2005, so by now, it’s been operating for fifteen long years. It has more than 3000 professional translators that are ready to take on even the most challenging and urgent projects. Market reviews about it are mostly favorable, so we decided to test it ourselves. Since we want to provide you with a true Review, we’ve analyzed the top five relevant aspects of this agency’s operations. They include communication, prices, service quality, refunds, as well as revisions. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

The List of Translation Services

The range of Ulatus’ services is pretty diverse. It offers translation, transcription, editing, and localization in numerous spheres. Whether you have a small task or a large document, you’ll find assistance here because of the translators of this company range from book to video game and script experts with long years of practical experience. Ulatus supports 11 specific industries, with the most demanded ones entailing healthcare, finance, education, legal and academic sectors. At the same time, it covers 50+ languages, despite the focus on Japanese, which isn’t as good as it could be. Considering that it has been functioning for 15 years, we expected Ulatus to have grown enough to serve a bigger number of languages. Still, unless you have a rare kind of task, you will likely find an appropriate expert here.

Are They Affordable? Discovering The Prices

The first major problem we faced was with prices. There is no information available, so to find out, you’ll have to order an online quote and provide details about your project. This is time-consuming and not everyone is willing to cooperate with a firm that hides such crucial info. But since our goal was to perform an analysis for honest review, we proceeded with order placement. The price we had to pay for a business brochure was $0.17 for one word, which is higher than normal. There were no hidden costs, though, and the company’s representative explained clearly what factors affect the final price.

Ulatus's Performance Test

Our business translation arrived with a delay. We settled on an average deadline recommended by Ulatus itself, but it still turned out to be late, which disappointed us and made us wary. For a price like this, we expected timely delivery. Sure, the delay wasn’t that long, the brochure was submitted an hour later, but it’s unprofessional behavior, especially considering the project was small and we gave translators more than enough time to complete it.  

Translation services turned out to be accurate. It’s clear that no machine work was involved, and all definitions were conveyed correctly. We found several minor typos and asked for a revision, but while we were granted it, we had to wait for several more days. All in all, though, we remained pleased.

The Important Aspects to Consider

Ulatus uses only human translators. The quality of their work is satisfactory, and a variety of services makes the firm universal as well as trustworthy since, during the years of its operations, it helped hundreds of thousands of customers. But there are five main disadvantages we’ve identified. 

  • It takes time and effort to get a price and understand if you can afford it.
  • Professional translation services price is much higher than the market average.
  • Late delivery.
  • Long revision despite the small volume of a project.
  • Insufficient number of languages covered.

Our Final Considerations

Ulatus is a company with a strong reputation, and while it’s not the best in the market, it could become a good assistant for you. It has many disadvantages, but only two of them are major: the delays in deadlines and prices that the company refuses to disclose on its site. Everything else can be easily dismissed since the quality of translation is high. The operators were very helpful, and though the site doesn’t have a clear layout, we didn’t face troubles with figuring out how to place an order as well as attach all the needed files. Hence, we give Ulatus 4 stars of quality. 


My Psychology-related paper was delivered late, which has failed my college oral presentation. The paper had to keep within original formatting. The translation itself was good, yet these two factors made me feel disappointed.


Excellent marketing translation. I had to provide analysis for Italian customers and the translated paper has been of great help. Excellent customer service!


I was given a discount and I loved it. I was really pleased with their services and the work they did.

S-L Hutchings

Fantastic job done on my papers. Fast turnaround


Top marks for their quality work. They did an impeccable job on my documents. Many thanks :)


They did their job, no frills. The translations were of high quality, and the delivery went smoothly. It's not the flashiest service, but it gets the job done.


The turnaround time was acceptable, but the translation itself did not quite meet my expectations.


I received my translation today and I can say that it was mostly accurate, although there were a few minor errors and omissions.


there were grammatical errors in the translation


they tookl longer to translate than they had agreed to and I didn't follow up on it in time

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