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New brand, old people — our GetBlend review is a result of numerous requests we got from our readers. Some wanted us to research this seemingly new company while others were interested in OneHourTranslation. We combined these inquiries into one as GetBland used to work under OneHourTranslation domain. It underwent a rebranding, so now it has a new name and a new website. It has a moving design, which is unusual for platforms like this. We weren’t sure what to think of it: on the one hand, it looks catchy, but on the other, it’s distracting and even overwhelming.

In its original form, Get Bland appeared in 2008. 14 years of translating experience are impressive, and we were excited to find out more. This language company has 6 offices all over the world, with the main one in Israel. This is a good sign, but we didn’t manage to find any confirmation as there is no specific address or even a phone number on the website. The agency focuses on translations and localizations. A surprising thing is, that its online presence is next to non-existent. We found only several reviews, most of them negative and coming from translators. It seems like they have a lot of criticism about the company’s policies. But we wanted to discover how good its translation is, so we went ahead with our explorations.

GetBlend Review: What Services Can Clients Order?

The majority of the best translation companies have multiple employees. GetBland has 25K translators working for it. They specialize in 120 languages and cover about 3200 language pairs. These are pleasing results because they mean that customers aren’t going to wait long before managers find an expert for their project. Here are the services you could order:

  • Translation. We found no information on certified translation and no reviews mention it. But the company still offers translation in diverse directions. You could ask for a project in online gaming, eLearning, life science, digital media, and other spheres. This isn’t as many industries as we expected, but it is satisfying enough.
  • Localization. Clients could hire video game localization services for their project or ask these translators to adapt their app & software. GetBland has a team of professional localizers.
  • Voice over. Clients who need to add voice to their videos are in luck because this agency has this service.
  • Staffing & Marketing solutions. makes a great offer to its business segment of customers. If you are opening a new agency or its branch and are in need of qualified personnel, it’ll help you find them. It could also launch your marketing campaigns on a global level.

For obvious purposes, we couldn’t test how well the last service functions. We placed an order for a life science project: it had 10 pages and we expected it in three weeks. Managers agreed that our terms are acceptable. The waiting phase began.

How Much Would You Have to Pay for Your Translation?

No Get Blend reviews talk about prices and no wonder why. No information about it is present on the company’s website. Our team considers this a red flag. Respectable services have nothing to hide — they publish their costs openly and let customers decide if they could afford them. Of course, each project has a unique price, but the approximate initial quote can already say a lot.

Because of this, we cannot tell you about average prices at GetBlend, but we can share our own. We paid $0.16 for one word. This is too much for a project of our caliber. This company definitely overcharges its customers. Discounts might be present, but you have to discuss them personally with managers.

Quality Dissected: Is It Really Worth It?

The fact that we found mostly negative GetBlend reviews concerned us. They specifically mentioned how quality changed for the worse after 2020, and we had no idea what to expect. After three weeks passed, we received our translation. Translators finished it on time, and we liked this a lot — punctuality means a lot. But after our experts started analyzing quality, they were taken aback. Some parts of the original content were missing. Some sentences weren’t translated — one of them remained in its initial form right in the middle of our document. Content had errors in several ways at once: grammar was weak, links were awkward, and some terms were misinterpreted. Our disappointment was huge: we paid a lot for this work and it was unacceptable. It was clear that someone entirely unprofessional translated it.

For review, we tried to speak with managers and arrange a revision. We faced a real fight here: they waited for hours before replying, gave generic answers, asked us to wait, and redirected us to other people. When they finally agreed to revise the project, we were frustrated and upset. If we had a tight deadline, we would be hopelessly late. After revision, nothing changed much. The text was proofread, but other major mistakes remained. This quality was much below our expectations.

Let’s Summarize Our GetBlend Review

What can we say after our review? GetBlend has positive and negative sides. We’re going to list them below, and you decide what is more important.


  • Great experience. This translation company has been around for more than a decade. It has famous companies like Payoneer and iHerb among its clients.
  • Unique services. GetBlend won’t provide you with immigration translation services as it doesn’t list certified work among its options, but it could hire personnel for you and market you across global platforms.
  • Many translators. 25K translators are a part of GetBlend, and they could accept your project quickly.


  • High prices. In our review of GetBlend, we discovered that the company charges overly high prices for its translation. Discounts are small and they aren’t always available.
  • Bad quality. The quality of our translation was terrible. We can’t find any other fitting word. It was completely unprofessional and badly done, with mistakes practically in every sentence.
  • Few reviews. Only some reviews are present online, and they are largely negative. Clients are not pleased and translators are upset because of low payment and unfair treatment.
  • Revisions not working. Even if translators failed to do a good job, correcting your project might take a while, and there is no guarantee they’ll improve it.

Presenting Our Judgment is it reliable? Not in our experience. We gave it 3.5 because its translators failed our project and managers didn’t do much to improve it. Prices are too high and they don’t meet quality criteria. There are many languages on offer, but services are limited, though some of them are useful for businessmen. We cannot recommend this translation company after its rebranding. If you need something as unique as the best Latin translator or certified translation services, search our platform — we have enough reviews to satisfy everyone.


This translation site has no phone number and communication via email takes much time! The company has like 5 offices all over the world and no phone number to call to. Funny thing.


The worst company I have worked with they kicked out all old translators, and downgraded them from platinum levels to silver levels to save money.
There is no respect at all..

Steve Tucker

I wouldn't say the service is the worst. They have errors in their work, but who doesn't have them, you better tell me.

Junaid Patrick

The translation was a little weak... I don't know what that has to do with... Maybe it was just my "luck".


The quality of translation for any legal documents is simply abysmal. The translation is very inattentive and inaccurate. I do not recommend this service to anyone.


I contacted them 2 times to redo the translation, which was far from the original, and they couldn't fix it..


They have unreliable translation memory tools, which leads to repetition of errors.


Insufficient proofreading and very glaring translation errors. I won't use them again.


I got the impression that the translation service relied too much on automated tools and did not provide adequate human oversight or quality control.


Although the company claims to offer translation services for a wide range of industries, it clearly lacked expertise in my particular field, resulting in several errors.

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