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Andovar company is quite popular today, so we have seen many requests to review it. This Andovar Pte. Ltd. review investigates all spheres of the company’s action. Our review team has discovered their prices, services, and determined all the pros and cons of this company. Andovar offers localization services in more than 80 languages and has offices in six countries. The company deals with projects of any scale, and you can easily reach them in Miami, Kolkata, Budapest, Medellin, Singapore, Bangkok. For our review, our team searched for lots of information about Andovar online. There aren’t many customer reviews in the open access. That was another reason to start our Andovar review - read what we found below.

Services Offered

The company offers many services to its clients. Andovar localization services Pvt. Ltd. focuses on enterprise solutions, so it’s more business-aimed. They offer voice, media, and text services by 140 employees in all parts of the world.

Localization and Translation

Andovar offers a large scale of localization projects. First of all, they localize your documentation, which is useful for businesses that operate globally. They also provide digital solutions, like optical character recognition, terminology management, digital publishing. Apart from this, you can order best website translation services from native speakers. This service has localized for such businesses as Amway, Spotify, QNet, Airbnb, and other famous companies. If you are an IT company, you will find Andovar services useful, as they can localize your app or software.

Audio Solutions

Andovar creates subtitles and captions for your video, and provides professional voiceover and dubbing. They boast thousands of recorded hours, and they localize for every niche like games, TV, eLearning, marketing, etc. provides lip-sync, timed voiceover, as well as narration. Also, they offer data collection for AI and machine learning technologies. These train your technology to recognize audio data and interpret video information.

AI & Automation

Andovar has plenty of artificial intelligence technologies that collect your data on a grand scale. It tracks how users interact with your products and use them to increase profits. They have a bunch of machine translation technologies which has improved over time and become very accurate. They also provide automated subtitling for media and television applications. This option is great if you have a large volume of data to process. Also, Andovar helps you with eCommerce automation by storing your information in clouds. 

Our Order

Review team decided to order a mobile game localization. The game was small and easy to translate, and they were interested to see how the company will handle a small project. Andovar is one of many video game localization companies, so our reviewers wanted to see if it’s any good. They wanted to test many parameters. In our game, there were descriptions, buttons, blocks of text, and UI elements. That is why review experts decided to submit the game and then connect with our video game localization expert for review. 

Prices And Add-Ons

When we searched the website for Andovar reviews, we didn’t find any prices. In our experience, company doesn’t show prices when they are higher than marketing average. To get to know their prices, we had to apply for an order and fill a price quote. Our quote didn’t arrive very soon, so we think letting customers spend their time this way is not responsible. 

We have ordered a mobile game review, as it is a rapidly growing market worth billions of dollars. People eagerly play games on their smartphones, so it’s important to see how the company can localize such a project.  Price for our English to Japanese translation was $0.15 per word. This is quite expensive, considering that our language pair isn’t very rare. 

Quality of Andovar Translation Review

What Customers Say

Before telling what we found, we want to share the customer’s opinion. Most of the reviews we found were positive and customers often say they appreciate working with Andovar. Customers say you cannot get certified German translation services, but the localization is superb. Many of them say that the PM team is helpful and supportive. Surprisingly, we didn’t see any negative feedback. There were some, but it was on a limited-access site where you had to pay to read reviews.

Support Team

Our review team can say that the support team is great, as they contacted us pretty fast and answered all questions we had concerning their product. They could explain their prices, speed of delivery, and different kinds of services. That was great.


We received our order before the deadline. Most of their customers say that the service is extra fast. According to our reviews, the company did not break deadlines. They set a reasonable deadline for our work, so we were satisfied that our order did not arrive at the last minute.


Overall, translation quality was fine. The game text had some passages to translate, and they were okay. There were some minor punctuation as well as spelling errors. We did not like that because we think we could get a more accurate text for $0.15 a word. But we cannot say that translation was bad because there were no serious lexical or grammar mistakes. At the beginning of the review, we wondered is Andovar legit. Now we can surely say that they are.


Unfortunately, we weren’t satisfied with the localization we received. In our opinion, good localization makes text perfect for the target audience, which is Japanese people. Our expert native speaker noticed that button names or user interface elements didn’t sound good to them. They weren't great because Japanese people use other terms in these cases. That would disrupt feeling of a game and result in a lower ranking. Plus, our specialist noted that translation was rather plain. Everything was clear, but it did not appeal to the audience. For example, English proverbs or sayings weren’t localized well. This company just explained them in Japanese words, while they could be more creative about it. For our Andovar translation reviews, we got a plain translation instead of localization, so this company’s service is overpriced.

Pros & Cons

Andovar left us somewhat unsure. We cannot say that we liked or didn’t like them - the result was rather ambiguous. Here are their pros & cons to help you make your opinion.


  • A modern, engaging website

  • Great support team

  • Fast delivery

  • Many services & industries

  • Good translation


  • Overpriced services

  • Failed localization

  • No information about prices on website

Andovar Review Summary

Overall, our impression of Andovar is mixed. They definitely have positive sides. One of them is their support, who was quick and helpful. Also, they have many languages to choose from and many global offices that you can visit. Andovar doesn’t go over deadlines. Also, they have plenty of services, such as translation, localization, video subtitling, voiceover, machine-based solutions. 

Still, we were disappointed with their prices. First, they don’t have a list of prices on their website, which is inconvenient. Second, you will end up paying a lot for your translation. While their plain translation is fine, localization isn’t good enough. It is rather emotionless and doesn’t appeal well to target audience. Andovar Pte. Ltd. says its main service is localization, but we think that to say so, services should be better than they are now.


do not recommend


I was looking for a translation site to help me translate my transcript (which is in spanish), to English and I got them. Honestly, they did pretty well. I wasn’t pleased with the fee they charged though. It's just too much for me.


they respond immediately. And honestly, I was really pleased with their translation. I just feel they shouldn’t have to charge that much from their customers.

Tate Shepherd

I can't continue spending so much money on your services and not reaping the reward. It's just not fair.


our products were made available for Spanish natives and it was possible through them.


used it once, won't do that again


they are very responsive and fast. The quality they produce is just not always great. I've hired them 3 times now and it's still the same story.


We've been using them for our business needs but they've not been at it for quite some time now..


Encouraged by your charges

Tierney Lowery

I don’t trust them no more. They aren't reliable.

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