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Overview of GTS Translation Profile 

GTS Translation is a service that has more than 15 years of experience in the market. It maintains long-term cooperation with professional translators who assist it in meeting the diverse needs of its clients. In addition, it has received ATA accreditation, which gives people some extra confidence about the level of its operations. There are plenty of reviews on this translation company available online, but some of you contacted us and expressed your doubts about their authenticity. We decided to launch our independent analysis and find an answer to the question, how well do GTS Translation cope with its responsibilities? We’ve tested the quality of its communication and the user-friendliness of its site; checked prices, evaluated the translation quality, and completed an honest review of GTS Translation.

What Services Do They Offer? 

Despite its long years of work, GTS Translation remains focused solely on translations. On the one hand, it’s good because it’s easier to provide excellence in one narrow sphere than try to succeed everywhere at once, but on the other hand, many people in need of localization or interpretation are bound to be disappointed. There are also only 11 languages covered, which removes rare pairs from the equation. These facts mean that only some individuals will find translation services of this agency useful. At the same time, those who do can choose from a range of different options.

GTS Translation has specialists in various industries. Marketing, business, legal, medical, engineering, and financial sectors are served, among several others. There is also certification available, so if you need to build contact with international legal bodies, GTS Translation will be able to help out.

Estimating The Prices

Info about pricing isn’t immediately visible, but if you check the offered links on the bottom of the page, you’ll see them. GTS claims that its costs start at $0.07 for one word of content. It’s a pretty low price, but you’re unlikely to get it because every even remotely specialized text costs $0.10. Legal, technical, and medical translations are more expensive, starting with $0.14 per word. Based on this, we can conclude that the prices fall into an average layer. Our medical text was translated into Russian for $0.15/word.

The Expert Analysis of Quality

On its website, GTS Translation claims that it’s online 24/7, but it wasn’t the case with us. When we wanted to contact the operators, the machine asked us to leave our data, warning us that the company is currently offline. Bewildered, we tried to request a free quote, but we had to wait for hours before someone contacted us. This didn’t leave us with the best impression. 

Our deadline stood at 2 weeks, but the work wasn’t submitted on time. The difference was small, the delay took about 40 minutes only, but it’s still a bad sign because sometimes, urgency is everything. The translation itself left us unenthusiastic. It was evidently done by a human specialist who knows Russian well, but their knowledge of French (our original requested language) was very mediocre. Several large mistranslations twisted the text and mixed up medical definitions that have absolutely different meanings. Several keywords were lost, and even though the firm guarantees proofreading for each order, we didn’t see evidence of it.

The Positive & Negative Sides Reviewed

GTS Translation is certainly a notable firm in the translation market, and it has both pros and cons.


  • Experience
  • Affordable prices
  • Certification available


  • Narrow focus in terms of services and languages covered
  • Support isn’t available 24/7
  • Mediocre translations
  • Possible failure to meet deadlines

Our Final Conclusion

If you’re looking for the best certified translation services, you will likely see GTS somewhere at the top of the search. But to ensure 100% quality and eliminate any chance of being let down, we suggest you try looking further. Our experience wasn’t satisfactory, which reinforces the concerns our visitors have been raising. If we had to choose one word to characterize our impression, it would be “lukewarm”. Because of this, we can give GTS Translation only 3 stars and hope that other clients will have a better experience.


It must have been pure luck since I only needed to translate a marriage certificate. Looking for certified translation, this company has met my request and was affordable. The only concern is the lack of support, which is not good if you need something urgent.


Requesting localization service from the GTS Translation company, we have received an odd request to leave our contact information since there was no human response. The result was a poor translation that was four hours late. The translator did not care about cultural differences and did not ask any questions, which has left us puzzled.

Collete Li

It’s pretty hard to look past the quality they offer, it’s really good. They have quick delivery too.

Lina Ray

the result I got was perfect. I was assured top quality, and that was exactly what they delivered. The fee they charged was also very fair. I really enjoyed using their services.

Gerard Brewer

had them translate some Spanish documents for my wife. But I wasn’t too pleased with their services.the work was delayed severally and they gave series of excuses that didn’t make any sense to me. I got the documents 5 days after the agreed deadline date. really disappointing


I'm sorry, but this translation service is a disgrace. They messed up the formatting and missed important information.


They don't keep their promises.


I wanted a fast, high-quality translation, but it's the opposite


I love them but they delay me a lot. I hate that part about them.


it's hard dealing with an agency that doesn’t respect clients…

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