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The Background Used for Our Review

This site translates to business industries and has a wide range of products designed to help companies. They have extensive AI tools that help corporate customers operate worldwide. Translated is famous for helping many global companies translate to an international audience. It offers translation to 40 industries in 177 languages and supports 71 file formats. Although the prices of the company are rather high, the quality is worth noting.

We wrote this review of Translated to inform you about the best features, services, and qualities of the company. This firm caught our attention through many requests which we received recently. This service has a massive 4.5 stars out of 5 according to customer opinion, so we were interested to investigate this company and their options. 

From a glance, we saw that this translation company gives many services to a great number of languages. Some of the providing companies used their services, among them Airbnb, IBM, and Google. Our initial impression was great, but still, we were as unbiased as possible throughout our review. Thus, we carefully estimated all the areas of the company’s operation like the website, pricing, quality, and customer support.

The Translation Services Options Offered

The company promises human translation which combines translators’ creativity and machine intelligence speed. It offers many kinds of translation in different industries. They provide business, marketing, as well as technical translations services. As for enterprise solutions, Translated offers both automated transactional services and fully managed translation. Developer tools are also available, as the company provides content localization and extraction from more than 71 file formats. They translate websites, manuals, software, and documents to more than 177 languages in 40 areas. 

Prices, Quotes and Add-Ons

The company site doesn’t show prices directly, but there is a convenient option of price calculation along with an instant quote. We calculated the price of a usual human translated document from English to Japanese. In our case, the cost was around $0,17, which is rather high. Some language options like English to Spanish translation services will cost as much as $0,13-0,14 per word. Overall, the price is calculated based on word count, language pair, urgency, and industry.

Testing Speed and Accuracy of Translated Service

In the course of our Translated review, we saw a pretty pleasant picture in nearly all the spheres of company operation. First of all, we liked a clear and intuitively understood website. We could find all important options like phone number, email, online quote form, etc. When we applied for translation, we had a rather quick response. As for order placement, the company supports many forms of payment, so we were pleased to find the most convenient one for us.

For our test-drive, we decided to translate a personal letter to Japanese. The translation services of this company were accurate without grammar or lexical mistakes. As for the time of delivery, it was average. We received our document on a due date, so the service was neither fast nor slow.

Good VS Bad Aspects

Generally, we can say that the company has more positive than negative traits. If you did not have time to read the whole review, we summarized our main points here:


  • Convenient website 

  • Free quote and price calculation options

  • Accurate professional translation


  • Expensive service

We would like to add that generally, we saw no other disadvantages than high prices. Still, for those who have an urgent document, it’s better to choose services with more speedy translators. 

Our Analysis Verdict

Our review of Translated showed that this service is close to our criteria of best translation site. It has many endorsements from past clients who are famous worldwide companies. Perhaps, that’s why the service is so costly. The only major disadvantage is the high price of that would not fit all. 

In general, we recommend this service for personal translation. Our chosen language pair was English to Japanese which is a pretty complicated language, but the company did a great job. Reviews by other customers were also great, so we think that it is a worthy company. Specifically, if you need automation translation tools for your business, we guess this is the right place if you agree to pay big money. Therefore, based on our review, the final mark is 4 out of 5 stars.


No direct price shown when you order, which is not good for an expensive service. Using Icelandic-English pair, I did not expect to pay so much even though I requested a rare language. Another negative point is that my industry or translation field has been charged incorrectly.


Offering 177 languages and translators in numerous scientific fields, this company has assisted me with Data Engineering translation. The final result had all the terms in place and it shows that they have prior experience in translation of manuals and software.


We needed a translation service for our website. It was available in just English, now it’s available in 9 other languages. They did a prefect job.


I’ve never had any complaint on the services they offer. Quality work all round.

E. E.

Stellar quality. What more can I ask for. They delivered on time with high accuracy.


The translation service provided accurate translations of my documents, but I would have liked the translation to be delivered faster.


The range of languages offered by the service was adequate, but not really complete as I thought


The customer service at the service was polite and responsive, but I didn't like that they took a long time to translate my documents.


I wanted to leave a positive comment, but because you gave me the translation with a delay I cannot do that


The guys from the service managed to translate to Polish

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