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What Made Us Choose JR Language For Our Review 

JR Language has been founded in 2006, and since then, it has acquired a solid reputation as one of the best professional translation services in the US. But in the last few years, the attention to it dropped, so we decided to investigate to find out whether the reason lies in deteriorating quality or something else. We contacted this service with a request to translate a business-oriented text from English to Chinese. Our findings are presented below in a review of JR Language.

The Range of Language Services

JR Language provides translation services in more than 100 languages, so as a client, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. There are many industries covered, with the most major ones including healthcare, marketing, business, law, education, and IT. The types of services differ a lot, which became a pleasant surprise for us. You can order: 

  • Commercial or certified translation. The latter ranges from birth or marriage certificates to academic transcripts, diplomas, and certified immigration translation services.
  • Localization. It’s a professional adaptation of a text that considers context heavily, making sure humor remains humorous, no cultural sensibilities are offended, the terms correspond to their actual foreign definitions, etc.
  • Interpretation. You could ask for a remote or simultaneous one — all options are available. Even phone interpretation could be provided if you asked for it.
  • Voice-over & dubbing services. If you need audio translations, subtitles, or dubbing, you’ll find assistance here.

Prices and Things to Consider

The site doesn’t provide any specific information about the prices for commercial translations. We can only determine them based on our own experience. Our text fell within the marketing sector and we paid $0.16 for a word. JR Language shares details about the costs of its certified services, though: overall, such work is worth $0.19/word. These numbers place this translation company in a more expensive category, so be sure you can afford it before considering placing an order. There are some additional costs you might encounter, but they are all indicated on JR Language’s website, so you won’t be taken aback. Notarization costs an additional $10 for a page. To have your order completed within 24 hours, you’ll have to pay $20 more for every page.  

Quality of Translation Assistance

Talking to JR Language’s representatives was a pleasure — the only thing we disliked was how they were offline when we tried to contact them for the first time. People tend to need help 24/7 because they all live in different time zones, so we believe someone should always be online. After placing an order, we were asked a few additional questions, which pleased us because it proved the professional approach the translators working for this company apply.

The text itself arrived just by our deadline. Chinese is a tricky language that few people manage to master properly, yet we remained satisfied with the quality we’ve received. It wasn’t top-notch, there were some errors, but the human factor is an inevitable part of such services, so it didn’t damage our perception much.  

Positive VS Negative Aspects Reviewed

Like almost every company, JR Language has both advantages and disadvantages. Its prices are too high in comparison to the market average and its support doesn’t operate 24/7. The text we got could do with some polishing, especially for such a price. On the other hand, communication was flawless, most pricing details were provided in advance, and there was a huge number of services offered; most importantly, our translation was accurate. It’s clear that advantages surpass the disadvantages here.

Our Final Remarks

If you are searching for a firm that doesn’t practice machine translation and which could meet any of your needs, JR Language might be a great option. It has its drawbacks, such as prices that are on a more expensive side, the lack of constant communication, as well as the lack of editing, but all in all, it ensures an acceptable level of quality. The reviews on it are mostly positive, so while the number of its customers seems to be dropping, it’s not because of unprofessionalism. We give it 4 stars and hope that our JR Language review was useful for you.


If a company offers urgent translation help, it is supposed to mean that their support works 24/7, which is not the case. Their prices are quite high compared to other similar services, so at least some care is to be expected. Sadly, not the case here.


Excellent for commercial translations. The only negative part is pricing, which is higher than average.

Cary Wright

After a brief conversation with their support team and additional clarification with a chosen translator, I realized that I am dealing with a serious company. The final document was excellent and has met my business project expectations. Great quality is all that matters at the end of the day!


Top marks for their level of accuracy.


They did not disappoint. I needed the job to be done as soon as possible and they delivered.


The translators demonstrated a good understanding of the source and target languages.


They asked for more time to translate, but I wasn't very happy with that.


This is okay. I'm pleased!!!


Even if you give them half the time you should they will still meet up… they are super fast with their work


This is one top translation brand

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