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Tomedes isn’t a very large firm, but it’s been functioning since 2007 and during these years, it has served a big number of clients worldwide. The Tomedes reviews are mixed, so we decided to explore its services ourselves to draw objective and independent conclusions. We asked for a translation of a Chinese financial text into Italian. We assessed the way Tomedes operates before, during, and after the order was submitted. It helped us form a wholesome and fact-based opinion about its credibility. Get all the information in our review of Tomodes.

What is Offered by Tomedes Service

This translation company specializes in more than 90 languages. Such focus is wide enough for a company of its size, and it’s good for its clients because they can ask for help with even rare linguistic pairs. Its central industries involve military, government, healthcare, gaming, high-tech, as well as banking sectors (but there are more than you can check via the firm’s website). As for services, Tomedes provides significant coverage you could choose from. Here are the major options you might be interested in.

  • Translation and transcription. You could get documents, websites, videos, or audios transcribed as well as translated here.  
  • Localization. If your project has many cultural peculiarities that need careful adaptation to a target audience’s mindset, Tomedes could help.
  • Proofreading. If you already ordered a translation from somewhere and it happened to be flawed, you could ask Tomedes’ professionals for editing as well as proofreading.  
  • Interpretation. To get oral translators, you could fill in an order form and ask for a free quote.
  • Content writing. If you need something written, Tomedes provides online assistance.

The Pricing Options You Have

Tomedes has a section where it explains the basics of translation costs, but no specific numbers are provided. This is a drawback that disappointed us because we think that all interested potential customers must be aware of how much they’re going to pay. Sure, the prices differ in terms of language pairs, deadlines, and project size, but there are still approximate numbers that should be shared. Based on our test, Tomedes’ average price is $0.10 for one word of translations. It’s a medium-cost that can be classified as affordable.

The Translation Quality Factor

This agency has support operators working 24/7, which we appreciated. We contacted them during the night, but unfortunately, communication wasn’t great. Our operator made mistakes and came across as clueless and almost rude. It was clear that English wasn’t their first language, and because of that, we had to repeat our questions several times in different variations.

After our order was finally placed, we started to wait. The document was submitted on time, but its quality left a lot to be desired. At least several pages had clear traces of machine work. The formulas weren’t formatted correctly, so the layout didn’t resemble the original we’ve submitted. Of course, a human factor is understandable, but we expected much more from a firm with such experience. The meanings in the remaining part of the file were maintained and the language felt natural, though, so it looks like two different people worked on our order without their results being checked.

Testing Workflow & Attitude

Tomedes has acceptable prices along with a wide range of services. Many people will find it useful, but the quality of its actual work remains ambiguous. It’s clear that this firm has some top employees, but others evidently lack professionalism. Their efforts aren’t synchronized — this was reflected in the document we received. So by hiring it, you’re risking since there is no guarantee a professional is going to take your order on.

Our Final Rating

Despite the initial positive impression, we were left mostly disappointed with Tomedes’ services. The faulty communication made it look amateurish, and having our work split between two translators with such different knowledge levels was a bad decision. The company might regain its credibility in the eyes of the customers, but as of now, it cannot be viewed as one of the best firms. Based on our Tomodes review, we can give it 3 stars only.


Working with this company is a matter of pure lack. I approached them for two different languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and the results were totally opposite. If you have luck working with an expert, you receive good results, yet if your assistant lacks experience, there will be serious issues.


I rate their turnaround, they get things done pretty fast.


Decent job done no complaints

August S.

Gave them some documents totaling around 1200 pages. I was told I’ll be getting it after 4 days. They sent my documents after 2weeks. They’re so unreliable.

Terry Crew

I didn’t know they only deliver documents digitally. I needed hard and authentic copies for my application and now I will have to spend extra cash to get it. not pleased at all. I wish I could get a refund because I won't be using the digital document


Seriously, this translation service needs to improve their work. The quality of translations is very poor and they missed important details. You can't rely on them.


The translation performed by this service lacked attention to detail, with numerous spelling and grammatical errors


I felt like I was overcharged for a subpar translation.


The pricing was exorbitant for the quality of service provided.


I think I'll go to another service... I'm tired of waiting for my order...

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