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What Is Included In This DayTranslations Review? 

The translation company DayTranslations has been developing at a fast pace recently, providing an increasing number of clients with various translation services. As the attention to it keeps growing, we’ve begun to receive more and more requests from people who’d like to make sure they can trust this firm. That’s why we launched our experiment, posing as customers, and investigating the following issues for an honest DayTranslations Review:

  • Customer support: how quick and polite they are.
  • User-friendly and sufficiently informative website.
  • How the price compares to the market average.
  • Order delivery: timeliness, accuracy, and quality
  • Presence of the after-care package.

The List of Services You Can Approach

We were impressed by the variety of services DayTranslations offers. It covers all possible industries, from business and legal to automotive and medical translation services. You can order simple or certified translation, hire an interpreter, localize a document, or ask for transcription. Multiple languages are covered, Mandarin Chinese and rare ones included, so DayTranslations’ specialists will be likely to help you with anything you require.  Confidentiality is guaranteed along with a revision option in case someone mistranslated parts of your document, so your money is protected.

Learning About The Prices

The pricing system is absent from the company’s website, which damaged our positive impression a bit. This is the aspect that every customer is primarily interested in because even if the services are the best in the world if you can’t afford them, what’s the point? DayTranslations informs that they offer a 5% discount for all services, but it’s unclear what the minimal price even is. We learned about it only as we were replacing our order.

So, we ordered a translation of a social media profile for personal purposes. It had 600 words in it, which equals 2 pages. We had to pay $0.13 for one word, or $78 for the entire profile. It’s somewhat expensive, so we had to place a review of DayTranslations on a list with higher-than-average prices. Additional costs might be applied for shipping of hard copies, notarization, or other services you ordered — nothing hidden, though.

Do They Guarantee Quality of Translations? 

As you probably know, we have a team of experts we start who help us analyze whether the translations we receive are accurate. In the case of DayTranslations, we were mostly pleased. The file was delivered perfectly on time, and it was easy to download it. It’s evident that the work itself was done by human translators because there was no sense of awkwardness present, which is glaring evidence of machine work. The only problem was that some of the jokes we deliberately placed in a profile felt lifeless after being translated. Sure, we didn’t ask for localization in particular, but every professional must be capable of feeling the text they’re working with. We don’t think several sentences warrant ordering adaptation as a separate service, so this was a negative aspect of DayTranslations’ operations that we’ve faced.  

What are Pros and Cons to Consider?

Advantages: DayTranslations support representatives are online 24/7. They were polite and helpful. They answered all questions comprehensively, with the question about the price being the only exception. The deadline was maintained, the translated text was of high quality, and the revision option was available.

Disadvantages: the information about the price is guarded heavily, which is bewildering because sooner or later, the person proceeding with the order is going to find out what it is. Such a policy creates tension and hesitancy. It also contributes to additional stress since no one wants to lose their time on placing an order just to realize they cannot afford to pay for it. Also, our translator failed to convey the jokes properly, though we expected the humor to be preserved.    

Summing Things Up

DayTranslations is definitely among the best translation websites in this industry. Most reviews about it are positive and our experience echoes them for the most part. There are lots of services and languages to choose from; support is steady and helpful, and quality itself is satisfying. Since there are several drawbacks, such as the high price that is hidden from view, we give this firm 4 sound stars.

Ryan Hogue

Great customer support and high-quality translation work! The document was delivered on time and had original format kept, including a business company's background. The native speaker at our partner's company was pleased with our translation, which is the best recommendation.


Apart from the shady pricing method, Day Translations is a decent company that provides accurate translation even for urgent orders.


I placed a three-page paper and did not know the final price. Once I received the translation, I had to pay three times more than I thought. Although I received a quality translation, my impression is rather mixed.


I needed to translate my college documents from Italian to English and they came through.


I sent in two letters of recommendation to be translated from Spanish to English and they did an impeccable job top marks for that

A. Kling

Great customer service!


Without a doubt, this translation service did its job. They provided me with translations that were top notch and the turnaround time was decent. Not the cheapest option, but you get what you pay for. Overall, I would say they are a solid choice.


The translation service provided a timely response to my inquiry and promptly provided a quote for the translation project.


The pricing of the service was neither exorbitant nor exceptionally low, and seemed to reflect the quality of the service provided.


The translated document was delivered on time and without any issues.

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