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Rev Transcription Company

Today, we present you with our Rev review, a transcription service that caught the attention of many readers of our site. This service promises fast, on-demand, and high-quality service for many industries. We have reviewed this firm with the help of our unchanging criteria which concern all areas of activity. 

First of all, we always check the company’s website for information about prices, available languages, policies, etc. Next, we read customer reviews to find out feedback about the company’s work. We compare their prices with the average market ones and test-drive the service. When we receive the document, a quality specialist carefully goes through the paper to check its accuracy. Also, we analyze customer support and order placement process to find out about customer service.

Quick Review of Services

This company specializes in audio and video transcription, as well as captions, and foreign subtitles. There exists an option of automated machine-generated transcription which has 80% accuracy for those who value great price. The company also provides live captions for Zoom which is high-demand for companies who frequently do conference calls.

The site can process many languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. The turnaround time is rather quick, from 12 to 24 hours depending on the type of work. We decided to test the company’s foreign subtitles translation services from English to Arabic.

Average Prices

The company calculates its price depending on minutes starting from $1.25 per minute. Affordable rough draft machine option counts 25¢ per minute which is one of the best options for machine transcription. Foreign subtitles start from $3 per minute which is just right for the translation niche. Also, price depends on the translation language.

We were pleased to see the transparency of the company’s pricing which we got straightaway on the landing page. Our review of Rev showed that the prices are average for the market.

Accuracy and Speed of Translation

When we handed our document to an Arabic native translator, they were satisfied with the quality of the final result. The main points were rendered correctly. There were several insufficient grammar mistakes but overall, the result was just as expected. 

We cannot say anything bad or good about the translation speed. Our project was turned in on time, so the translation company met the deadline that we set. Thus, we can surely say that our test-drive was successful.

Positives and Negatives

During our investigation, we got the impression that the positives surely outweigh the negatives that this company has. We received a top-quality translation that was delivered on time, and we overall have a good impression of the service.


  • Convenient site

  • Transparent pricing

  • Accurate professional translation

  • Timely delivery


  • No price quote

  • No certifications

When we wanted to have a quick price quote online for the chosen language, we could not find this option on the company’s website. However, we understand that pay transparency was designed for the customer to check the price themselves. Another point that surprised us was the absence of certifications which we see as a major disadvantage. Our review of Rev showed that these are the only negative points.

Our Summary

By and large, we were satisfied with the company’s service. We received a document translated by a human expert who carefully worked on our order. The customer support was quick and professional. We received our order on time with considerable quality. Nearly half of customer reviews were negative, but we had a positive experience with the service. Surely, we can also recommend this company’s translation services. However, they have a rather limited range of translation options . Rev specializes only on video and audio transcription, captions, and translation. If you need a certified service, you will have to search the best document translation services elsewhere. Therefore, our final mark is 4 out of 5.

Mostly good, except that they do not provide certifications of their experts, which is crucial when you work with an official document or technical translation.

Great service and timely delivery. The best part about this company is that they name the price right away, so there are no unexpected costs. I needed a translation in French and my business partner was satisfied with an agreement that I gave her. The prices are mostly acceptable, considering that they approach native speakers.

I approached the company with a poetry translation from Arabic to Spanish for a college history project. The final result was quite good and the document was delivered on time. There were some formatting mistakes that I thought could be avoided but other than that, it's perfect.


Good French translation services for those who plan to travel or study abroad!


Good French translation services for those who plan to travel or study abroad!

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