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Detailed Rev Transcription Review

Over a few months, we have received many requests to do a Rev transcription review. This company is based in Austin and has a San Francisco office. This agency focuses on transcription services for individuals and enterprises. Rev was founded back in 2010 and boasts a 99% accuracy rate.

Rev has a wide portfolio of famous customers who have used its transcription services and reviews online. Also, Rev mentions having more than 50,000 freelancers and over 170.000 customers in total. According to onsite info, they are AI-powered, but also have human experts to check the quality of translation.

Still, Rev translation reviews are pretty mixed, with some reviews saying that the company provides automated translations that no one understands. Still, others praise the service for being great for business, for example, by helping with online interviews and saving lots of time with their accurate subtitles. After a quick research, our expert review team was genuinely interested to make our conclusions with Rev as their customer feedback is very, very different.

Services Offered at Rev Translation

This company offers translation, captions, automated transcription, live Zoom captions, and foreign subtitles for all your needs. They vary greatly, and the customer can find all kind of services that fit their timeframe and budget:

  • Audio and video transcription by human professionals

  • Rough draft with machine-generated transcript

  • Captions for videos

  • Foreign subtitles for your videos

  • Live captions for Zoom with the help of an automatic tool

For enterprise clients, the company offers speech-to-text tools that ensure a better workflow. These tools help to optimize content for reach and accessibility, build custom solutions for companies, and add captions to nearly all spheres of company operation.

There aren’t many languages to choose from in translation, as this company allows foreign subtitles in Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. These might be the most popular languages up to date, but if you search for a more “exotic” language, you won’t find them among 15 available ones. You may opt Chinese business translation services or order captions in Turkish. Still, you’ll have to search elsewhere for languages such as Ukrainian or Swahili.

To test this service, our review team decided to order transcription services for our audio. This company can help to transcribe it to text, so they thought that checking the accuracy of the final text will be the best chance to evaluate Rev.

Prices And Add-Ons

The prices for different types of projects vary greatly depending on the machine or human transcription. They are available on the website of Rev transcription services. The first thing that you see when you enter their website are the prices. You can calculate the price of the order via a special form at the bottom of the main page, which is convenient. Our review experts liked that the company is so upfront with its pricing.

For human transcription or captioning, you would have to pay $1.25 per minute. At the same time, while a rough, machine-generated draft will cost you just 25 cents per minute. Foreign subtitle will be from $3 to $7 per minute, depending on the target language. Finally, automatic Zoom live captions will be $20 per host.

If you wonder what is 's speed of delivery, we have good news. This company guarantees a 12-hour deadline for all orders. If your audio or film has multiple speakers, you don’t have to pay an additional price. Even if people in the audio speak difficult accents, service will not charge extra.

There is a rush option which allows you to get your file 5 times faster. Prices get $1/min higher, but you don’t pay for audio difficulty or specialized terminology. You can’t get the best document translation services at Rev. Still, one can enjoy fast delivery and good work.

Overall, Rev has an average market price. As our order, review team sent a business meeting for transcription. They paid $62.5 for our 50-minute video which is a reasonable price. Fortunately, there is no fixed hourly pay, so you can pay exactly what you get to.

Transcription Quality

Our reviewers found overall Rev quality is good. Below, they elaborate on all things they liked and disliked most.

To understand is Rev legit, we browsed through customer reviews. Many of them state that transcriptions and captions are good but not error-free. It seems that when you are paying for human assistance, it is still mostly machine-generated. There is indeed some human proofreading, but don't expect high quality at all times.

As for our project, its accuracy wasn’t 100%. Our file contained various accents and industry jargon, and there were mistakes in these areas. This company promises to deal with both of those issues, but we wouldn’t say they do it perfectly. The semi-decent transcription we’ve got was fine, and we made minimum corrections ourselves. For such audios, we recommend using specialized technical manual translation services who know your industry. This will guarantee a much better result.

Plus, the stated 12-hour figure for orders is just an estimate. When our reviewers placed our project, they were told to expect it in a 17-hour timeframe. It came a bit later, which was fine but a bit unpleasant. It seems that to get a fast, timely transcription, you should pay an extra rush fee.

Pros & Cons of Transcription


  • Clear, convenient site

  • Upfront pricing

  • Affordable rates per minute

  • Correct delivery time estimates


  • Orders may be late

  • Translation services aren’t perfect

  • Mistakes in transcription if speakers have accents or industry-specific speech

When we ordered, we liked a clear system of a site and an easy process. Also, prices and services were easy to find. However, we found that delivery time in Rev translations is different than advertised. Also, we didn’t like mistakes in our order that signify a lack of human proofreading.

Bottom Line is a service that is already 10 years on the market. In the past, they offered documents translation services, but now, their specialization shifted to transcription. They have quite a few famous clients and complete transcription projects for big enterprises.

Still, there are some problematic areas in Rev certified translation. Customers who ordered transcription mention that it isn’t 100% accurate and lacks human proofreading. Still, you can expect a good transcription only if you have a clear, good quality, medium difficulty transcription.

According to customer reviews, the service suits medium-difficulty transcriptions very well. They are easy to do, and Rev handles them very well. Transcription is quite fast, although the speed may vary depending on the length of an audio or type of order. Hiring best Latin translator or Malaysian native speaker is impossible, as there are only the most widespread languages. The site, add-ons, prices, and policies are above expectations - they are excellent. You won’t spend a fortune on your 60-minute video, and transcription will turn out pretty fast.

When the review team placed our order at Rev translation services, they saw that the text was partly machine-generated, so our reviewers felt it lacks more human proofreading. There were some industry-specific words that the transcriber might not know about, but sometimes, mistakes were in usual words. Plus, we expected a bit faster delivery, because the company site promises the moon when it comes to speed. If you need your transcription within a certain time, it’s better to order rush service option for a higher price. As a summary of our review, TranslationReport suggest thinking twice before ordering any project at Rev.


Great service and timely delivery. The best part about this company is that they name the price right away, so there are no unexpected costs. I needed a translation in French and my business partner was satisfied with an agreement that I gave her. The prices are mostly acceptable, considering that they approach native speakers.

Joseph Dodds

Mostly good, except that they do not provide certifications of their experts, which is crucial when you work with an official document or technical translation.


I approached the company with a poetry translation from Arabic to Spanish for a college history project. The final result was quite good and the document was delivered on time. There were some formatting mistakes that I thought could be avoided but other than that, it's perfect.

Susanna Richards

They are quick and accurate. Their translators always listen and are ready to make changes if need be. I highly rate their service. It is simply the best I've seen.


Really love their rate, it's so affordable. I got my financial documents translated and I didn’t even have to spend much and it's all thanks to them.


I just wanted to write a few words about this translation service. They did a great job with my materials, no problems at all. The translations were accurate and they didn't keep me waiting forever. As for the price, it's average. If you are looking for a reliable option, give them a chance.


Fast turnaround time and excellent customer support is all about them!


I received a flawless translation that exceeded my expectations!


The transcription service provided a timely and efficient transcription that met my basic needs.


The customer service of the translation service was adequate.

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