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The Company's Background has a website that describes all of its serves developed over, so it states, 30 years in the business. We have conducted this review based upon requests of several of our site users. In doing this, we have used the same criteria that we do for all best website translation services reviews, including services offered, language pairings, pricing, and customer reviews. As well, we placed an order for a blog post translation, in order to evaluate quality first-hand. The following summary is the result.

The Services You Can Consider

Dynamic Language offers a wide array of services: translation, localization, interpretation, transcription, cultural consulting, e-learning, graphic design, voice-over narratives, and machine translation. This is such a wide range, we wonder how many translators they have on staff. Unfortunately, the website does not provide us with an answer.

In terms of languages, the site offers 150 languages and dialects, including professional Latin translation, and serves almost every industry and economic sector.

Prices Policy and Add-Ons

There is no pricing chart or list of prices on the website. customers who are considering using services must complete an order form and get a quote from the company before going ahead with an order. There do not appear to be any add-ons such as discounts for complex or lengthy orders.

Our 650-word blog post was priced at $75.00 which is just a bit above average for the industry.

Evaluating Translation Quality

To determine actual quality, we check customer reviews we find on the web and evaluate the document we order.

Many customers indicated that they were suspicious that perhaps only machine translation was used for their orders. Nuances and humor were not well done, and there were phrases and terminology that were “off” somewhat.

The blog post we ordered also contained humor, and we were disappointed in the results. It was an English to Mandarin translation, and the humor was lost in the translation, as explained to us by a Mandarin expert who reviewed the piece.

Our Final Considerations

This company has been in business for a long time. Our suspicion is that it may conduct more machine translation than it does human. While machine translations are certainly improving, they cannot yet replace the “human touch” especially for culture uniqueness and for humor. This is disappointing.

It is also disappointing that potential customers are not provided with at least estimated pricing before they enter the process of an actual order. Some documents for translation contain very private and/or confidential information, especially proprietary information of companies, and customers are hesitant to upload those documents in order to get a pricing quote. While the company does have a Privacy Policy, it is still always a concern for confidential information to be “out there.”

Our other concern is that the company may be spreading itself a bit “thin,” offering such a huge array of translation services. And for an individual to come on board as a translator seems to require only the submission of an application and a resume or CV. There should be a more rigorous employment process.

In sum, our review has resulted in an overall rating of “Fair.”


I guess this place needs extremely fast and dynamic change for itself. Where is that expert approach? Where is that wide range of translation services? Where is that nice price? Pf. What a waste indeed

Jo Lanham

Unfortunately, this service is very far from being dynamic because they cannot deliver the translation on time and use things like Google Translate since I receive similar results. Disappointed!


They don’t charge much, the quality is not too great though.


I hate to be critical, but they translated my documents to a language different from the one I asked. I couldn’t make the deadline for submission because of their howler.

Aasiyah Pennington

So many errors found in the translated documents. There were few mistranslation and punctuation errors. It was a simple translation from English to French and they failed.


Not useful. They cannot make professional translation on time. Waste of everything!


They are unprofessional and completely unreliable. I don't recommend it.


The translated document contained numerous errors and grammatical typos, making it difficult to read.


I feel nothing but pity for them.


i thought i was getting real translators but they all fake.

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