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Read Reviews of the Best Business Translation Services

Best business translation services are in need in many cases. Each company or a businessperson can decide to go global. To reach a broader audience, we need to speak their language. That is why best business translation services are always in need. Top companies order such services for their vital files such as annual reports, legal files, employee handbooks, websites, and much more. Some companies think they can go with Google translation, but in fact, this is wrong. Best business translation companies carefully choose words and raise your sales because people prefer to buy in their native language. Still, how to find the best company? Read our top 5 companies review below.

Reviews of Best Business Document Translation Services

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.06

TheWordPoint is best without a doubt. It provides a certified business translation in many languages, so you can pick any language pair. Professionals of these localization services complete not just plain translation but also high-quality service for complicated documents. With reasonable prices and high-accuracy texts, this company takes first place on our list.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.13

This service provides both regular and urgent delivery, so you might turn to them if you need a speedy localization. They have the best business translators of videos and documents in many languages. Prices are average, so you can save a bit of money when you order from this agency.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.15

TransPerfect offers a wide range of services for business industry. They do the best business document localization. They use both human and machine work to provide better immigration services for everyone. Their delivery time is amazing, but there are slightly higher prices. There are many best business translation experts and available languages, so you can rely on them to do your project.

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.1

If you need your business contract and employee manuals really fast, this service might help you. They are the best choice if you are on a tight schedule and need an urgent translation. They have relatively low prices, so they’re good for a project of any scale. They can even deliver on the same day if you wish so!

Delivery: Regular, Urgent

Price per word from: $ 0.09

This agency hires many freelancers, so you can find a web localization expert or a marketing expert for the best business documents. This is a great place to get a manual translation, but if you want professional Latin services for all of your documents, you might want a more unified approach. Prices, many languages, and great support are some of other benefits of this agency.

Our Evaluation Criteria for Best Business Services Reviews

When we prepare our review, we do a lot to estimate the best companies. We have a whole procedure of evaluation - here is what we pay attention to.

  1. Company background. We searched the service’s website and the Internet to see all info about it. We think that potential customers should know nearly everything about the business language translator companies which they want to hire.

  2. Customer reviews. This is a very important part. We search for real customer reviews to see what service other people got. This way, you can make your own conclusions based on our review and opinion of other customers.

  3. Prices. We look for prices on the website and always compare them with the average market ones. You should know whether the agency provides a pricey or affordable service to fit your budget.

  4. Support team. Before we place our order, we communicate with support team of the best SDS translation services to see if they are professional. They should be able to answer all questions and solve arising problems.

  5. Service speed. We patiently wait for our order and see if service delivers on time. Ideally, speed should be fast and deadlines should be met.

  6. Accuracy. This is the most important part. After the document arrives, we give it to a top linguistic expert. We choose native speakers who can see if our text looks good for them.

After we get a full picture of the service, we estimate each of our criteria and make our final verdict. After this, we choose the top companies that got the most points and present them in our review.

Types of Documents That Top Companies Translate

Business translation services operate many documents. Some of them are very popular and often get translated. If you decide to use one of the best companies help, pay attention if they handle following documents:

  • Company bylaws. This document is important for corporations, as most states require a written record of bylaws. These documents regulate the government of a service, its individual roles, business structures.

  • Meeting minutes. Many top business translation agencies document what happens at their main meetings. Main actions should be official and formal, so everyone knows about actions taken or decisions made. They should be detailed in case a dispute arrives.

  • Operating agreements. That file is important for LLC. If there are multiple members involved, this document regulates functional and financial decisions. This file is obligatory for companies with more than one member, so turn to a business translator if you have any.

  • Non-disclosure agreements. Certain information of a top service is always private. You don’t want others to see your financial records, new ideas, customer lists, etc. That is why services that work with non-disclosure agreements should have strong privacy policies.

  • Employment agreement. The immigration translation services should regulate its expectations of employees and obligations. Not every company has such agreements, but when agencies want to retain employees, such documents might be useful.

  • Business plan. This file is necessary if you want to sell your business or seek financing. It provides clear information on your business opportunity, so its translation in professional business translation services is a must-have.

  • Memorandum of understanding. Some top companies have these memorandums that document any important conversation and decision with partners, suppliers, etc. It is not legally binding, but if you start a business in another country, they might help you lay out terms of your projects with the other party abroad.

  • Online terms of use. Every website should have these. This page helps the top business translation agency limit their liability. It protects you from errors in content and information in hyperlinks on your website. This one is essential to translate.

  • Online privacy policy. Many websites now gather information from website visitors or customers. That might be geolocation, email address, etc. In this case, companies post their privacy policy concerning this information.

  • Apostille. If a business is involved in international operations, they need an apostille. This is the origin of a file, such as an article of incorporation, which people will use in another country.

Choose Top Translation Services for Business Attentively

Quality control. If you want to receive high-quality files, be sure to check if the company checks their quality. If there is a good quality checking system, there is more chance that there are no mistakes and the order comes in time. Also, make sure that there are specialists in your field of knowledge to ensure greater accuracy. Especially, if your language pair is rare or old, like Latin. Aim for professional Latin translation services.

Human translation or machine. Machines are very smart today, but they don’t fit for business language translation. These files have many important details, nuances, and often contain numbers. A machine can mess up these details. Human specialists produce much better documents that are more accurate and well-proofread.

Prices. Some companies charge much higher than the others. Still, our reviews show that a high price doesn’t always mean quality. Choose a company with moderate pricing.

Case studies. You can never be sure that the company will do its best without case studies. On the company’s site, check if they have testimonials from the other firms. Also, see if any of the case studies resemble your company’s case. If you like what the agency does, go for it.

Unbiased Reviews by TranslationReport

Best companies choose top business translation services. They do it for a reason. If you want to impress your foreign partners or customers, you should be familiar with their language. Translate contracts, bylaws, privacy policies, or memorandums of understanding to make sure that your partners know about your plans. To get to know more about the best translation companies like best legal translation services or top Arabic translation services read our reviews at TranslationReport and get a detailed overview of the companies that are interesting for you.